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Biggest Warning I can ever give you.

Never go to a convention. Ever.
Or If you do, Stay away from the Stall with amazingly high quality items with a creepy man behind the counter.

That's how I got sent here.

Regarding Crossovers: I am willing to do them, but I would prefer to have some time to read your story first so I can see if it can reasonably work. If you are interested, Please PM me.

12:05 PM CST February 23 2016: Featured once more! You guys are awsome.

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Comments ( 38 )

Final fantasy Tactics Advance 2 crossover nice :D

Gosh dang.
I added this to my favorites and didn't even bother to read it. Hot damn am I excited, just from reading that first chapter.

Well, it's good but needs some work. For instance you keep using you're. You're is you are, shortened, and therefore is not the correct spelling every time.

I like it Only read the first chapter but can't wait the read the others

Wait this is an update I thought the story was dead it was too short though good job by the way


Yes. This is an Update.

I'm Rewriting it as we speak.

And Life completely decimated my ability to write this last year, so actually dead? well.. It was for a while.


That is the actual Illua character, who I used as reference for powers, abilities, and basic appearance.

Happy to see this back looking forward to rereading 👍

First, glad to have you back and that you are doing well now, I hope.
But, being a bit of a perfectionist:

I smiled softly. the first thing to talk with me wasn't completely freaked. "No.. and its pronounced Ee-Loo-uh. Illua." I made Butter Cream mimic me, correcting her. "I am a human as I said, and I'm not from here." I thought that would be obvious. "So you humans don't live in the Everfree? I mean, we have some really strange stuff in here." She asked. "No, we don't. The best way to explain it is that I'm from another world."

If you look up the japanese pronunciation you will find that it ends with an 'a' or rather an "ah" sound.

Second, for my own understanding:

"700 AD, After Discord, if you don't know who he is."

So after your timeline, Discord happened 5 years before Nightmare Moon?


Thank you for the Japanese pronunciation lesson! I was working off the american one as its the only one I ever seem to encounter.

And Yes, Discord was defeated 5 years before The Nightmare took complete control of Luna. There's more to it that I'm actually fiddling with in a second story I haven't published quite yet as I have been wanting to rewrite this for a while.

Glad to have this coming back!

Keep pushing on where the next button should be, but it's not appearing.


Working on that. Give me a bit and your next button should appear in the next few days

Hm... not bad! I'm liking this so far, lets see where you take this.

What about the rest of us? :pinkiesad2: I want to know what happens next too!

Really liking this story so far, looking forward to seeing where you take it and how. :twilightsmile:

Working on it still.

Still going through Rehab.

Awesome ^^:pinkiehappy:

:pinkiegasp:Oh god I'm SO SORRY! I didn't know :pinkiesad2:

No plan survives contact with the Pinky.

This seems more rushed and less detailed than it was before.


As of when I posted it, I was trying to finish it before rehab.

Currently fixing the errors and detailing issues I had.

Also, This is actually longer than it was originally by over 600 character <.<;;;

Wonder how Celestia is gonna blow this out of proportions.

Probably to the Moon and Back.

Shut up Nyx.

She has a point. Also rehab does suck!

Princess Celestia, Solar Diarch, She Who Raises the Sun, The Golden Shower.

Golden Shower? GOLDEN SHOWER?! WTF Celly!?

Pinkie looked at Rarity with an odd deadpan. “Really? With the amount of villains that have not only gone into the Everfree to hide or plan, but then have emerged from them with the intent of taking over Ponyville as a base for their political machinations, I figured it would’ve cropped up between Nightmare Moon and Tirek.” She remarked before giggling. “But then again, we never have the hoof up to have this kind of combo to actually show up, so who knows~!” she cartwheeled ahead of the group, leaving the other five perplexed.

Welp,She's not wrong

I know I'm two or three years late, but you might want to include a status in the description about cross-overs so you don't get questions/PMS about it.

And I'm late to respond!

I just completed my Rehab completely, So I'm finally working on the next chapter!


Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced 2: Grimoire of the Rift.

You really need an editor. The previous version of this story had little to no mistakes, and yet now it's pretty much a jumbled mess. I'd recommend either getting an editor or doing more research on English and writing.


At one point, I did have an editor. however, when I went into rehab, I lost said editor.

that being said, I'm still on pain medication as I'm writing.

I know there's a lot of issues, and and All I can really do is fix them as they get pointed out cause I'm not catching them for some reason.

8888798 Fair enough. Had I the time, I would offer to be your new editor, but I do not have the time, I'm afraid.

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