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People rarely consider their actions, even less consider the consequences. Teenagers especially. So caught up in their own world with their friends, feelings, and social media that they forget to consider the effects they might have on others. A lie here. A shove there. A persons worst moments laid bare.

Being a Teacher-In-Training, one young woman sees it every day at Crystal Prep among the Students in her charge. Some have it worse than others, but so long as they have friends to pull them up again, it is alright in the end.

When asked to be a substitute at Canterlot High, she is eager to show everyone what she can do, yet she barely makes it through the doors before something feels wrong.

--- While not overtly dark, this story is rated Teen for implications, emotionally difficult and potentially upsetting content! Please take care! ---

My thanks to Between Lines and Scampy for being my Pre-Readers on this story!

Cover art kindly donated by Scampy!

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Even in death, Innocent Winds has a job. A Namer. She was given a name and lived her destiny. Now she chooses the names and destinies of others. It seems the name Twilight Sparkle will solve all her problems. No world altering, destiny changing, future Alicorns to be found here. Nope. Not one.

--- Rated Everyone, but there are a few brief dark lines! Please take care! ---

This facet of the FIM universe had been rolling around in my head for some time until the full idea hit me and I spent a solid twelve hours just writing this. Yes, it's strange. Yes, it is 'out there', but I still think it's enjoyable. So stick out your thumb and enjoy the ride.

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Ember has been Dragon Lord for six weeks, six weeks that have not gone smoothly.
Between her fathers anger and her kins belief that she is 'Undragonlike', Ember learns that there is one more task for her to cement her place as Dragon Lord - The Passage of Rite.

A test of leadership, knowledge, logical prowess and reasoning, the Passage is more than one Dragon can handle. But for better or worse, Ember will have to rely on the only two friends she has in this world: a baby dragon that can't fly and pony princess, or so she thought.

With the clock ticking, Ember must find friends, complete the passage and learn that dragons may not have been on the right track for hundreds of years.

Chapters (1)
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