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Therapeutic Processes goes SKREEEEEOhnk


Fluttershy asks Twilight what happens after death. Or if there is anything that occurs before life. The answer, it turns out, is complicated.

Inspired by a rather silly miscommunication between Krickis and I one morning.

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Congrats! You get a like.

Adorable story, and I’m delighted to have played a part in its inspiration :scootangel:

wow great little story, its a funny thing how inspiration can turn out right ^^

This barely went in any direction that I had anticipated! I really like how you carefully coaxed it out, quicker sometimes than others. Definitely up there in the cute factor as well!

I haven't even started to read it, but that's an extremely high like-to-view ratio (27-114) so I have very high expectations.

Buddha would like to know your location.

I'm not sure if you caught the references to buddhism that I tossed into here, or just enjoyed it because of the reincarnation theme. But I (think) that means you liked it, so thank you! ^-^


I can think of meeting worse folks on the other side

I liked it, emotionally and electronically with a thumbs up. Just memeing.

But could you point out which parts to look for Buddhist philosophy? I didn't really catch any overt references to Buddhism other than the reincarnation thing. But I'm definitely not an expert. I just know it started as an offshoot of Hinduism, focusing on bettering yourself and forsaking worldly pleasures throughout subsequent human reincarnations, until you eventually achieve enlightenment in Nirvana (unless Nirvana IS the state of enlightenment itself), as well as an Eightfold Path that you follow.

As a matter of fact, it felt more like Hinduism to me because it went from one species to another, but most people, including me, don't know specifically which one of the hundreds of Hindu gods is in charge of reincarnation, so I thought it would make a better joke to say Buddha.


The funny thing is, Siddharta Gautama was probably an atheist and didn´t believe or at least care much about the afterlife.

A very good and cute slice of life story imo. Like!

Sounds about right. I just remember the first part of his story.

He was a rich nobleman that had access to every pleasure money could buy, but he wasn't happy, so he said to himself, "I have everything money can buy, but I'm miserable. Maybe if I forsake my great wealth I'll find happiness." So he does that, he becomes poor, and even gives up food to the point that he's a stick figure, and he realizes, "FUCK! I'm still not happy!"

Then eventually that leads to a new religion. I forget how it gets there, but it does. Just a man and his pursuit of happiness.

For something inspired by a silly misunderstanding, this was pretty deep and emotional. o.o

Sure! There's a repeating pattern of references to 4 and 8 throughout the story, which references the 8 fold path to enlightenment, as well as the 4 Noble Truths (which in its self was referenced in the title of the book Fluttershy pokes at), and the 4 marks of Buddha's teachings. I'm not Buddhist, but I find the philosophy behind it very pretty, and it highly influenced the style of therapy I use with clients at work. Honestly, most of the references were just... kinda side stuff that I was pretty sure people wouldn't notice, but was kinda fun to toss in there to see if anyone did. XD

Oh, my! One of the best things I've read in some time, Pony or otherwise.

So you're a therapist and you use the same principles Buddhists use to let go of the world to help people let go of trauma? Is that what you're saying?

Not so much trauma, but definitely in some cases the thoughts and feelings that come up that are bothering them. Acceptance and commitment Therapy (ACT) doesn't so much focus on the elimination of difficult feelings as much as it does trying to be present in the moment. That can be really helpful for someone who does have a lot of trauma, as trauma has a way of developmentally locking us in a moment in the past, as opposed to the present. I view it as less letting go of those feelings, because while that can help it's not realistic for everyone, but more of learning to acknowledge the source of those feelings, and to try to move onward in spite of it all.

ACT really focuses on moving toward things that are valued by the client. What things have stopped as a result of the trauma/onset of depression/onset of anxiety. How can we look at those behaviours, open up to the experience of feeling them (no matter how unpleasant), sit with those feelings, and work toward fully accepting those feelings as part of life, as well as moving toward avoiding overreacting and avoiding situations that evoke those feelings. There's a concept in ACT of allowing things to flow over you. You acknowledge the feelings as they are, accept that they are unpleasant, but also remind yourself that such things are temporary. That in our fear of pain, often we end up holding on to the things that hurt us the most, and sometimes it's best to work toward remembering what we truly want in life, and let the things that block us from getting there go.

I find it to be a fascinating mix of Cognitive Behavioural therapy, the Zen aspects of Buddhism, and humanistic therapies like Roger's Person Centred Therapy. But... honestly though I think it also is only as effective as the therapist and the client's willingness to engage in it. And it doesn't work for everyone, which is why I tend to keep a whole mess of ideas to try to best allow people the space to heal. Cause really, of all the therapeutic modalities out there, the one that time and again shows to be the most effective is being an empathetic, non-judgemental listener. And that I can do for days.

That's really cool.

The reveal at the hospital felt electrifying. Not sure if it was due to the buildup, or the execution. But great tension at the moment of Redheart providing the other half of the puzzle. And definitely heartwarming overall.

Congratulations on hitting the top of the feature box with this. :)

Nurse/Shy is my new OTP! What a fantastic story!

The first thought that came to mind when reading the title was “we were bunnies once ... and young.”

I enjoyed this story. It is interesting that funny thing though is that I have had the song "love is a battlefield" stuck I my head ever since I read the title. :twilightblush:

OMG I was thinking the same thing.

Corejo asked if that was a reference to We Were Soldiers, and uh, I did not intend it this way but there we go. Actually this entire fic has been a lot of confusing messes that somehow made a story that people enjoy! XD

I saw your picture for your avatar and now I want to see if there's a story centered around that pictures idea. Princess Bride is one of my favorite love stories. :yay:

So... there's a little plot hole here that's common among pony fanfics involving nightmares, and that is the existence of Princess Luna. Why isn't she helping out here? It is quite literally her job to take care of nightmare-related issues like this.

Don't think I was ever a bunny.

Well, that's not a pair I've seen before.

Fascinating bit of reincarnation romance. The someone/somepony distinction was very cleverly done; I filled in the expected pronouns myself until Applejack pointed it out. The metaphysics and mystery were both engaging, and the story as a whole was a delight. Thank you for it.

This may be one of the best portrayals of reincarnation I've ever read, partially because you don't bother trying to make it something profound or even that meaningful, just them realizing that they carried something over from the lives of creatures that have died. Most people don't understand that reincarnation, in most mythoses, isn't so much about the person becoming another person, but parts of them, like their desires and their spirit and the good within them being passed onto another.

I kind of wonder if there's more that happens after this, but all in all, I think he is given a pretty complete portrayal of the concept, and it's worth thinking about.

Soon tea had become tea and supper. Then tea and supper and breakfast.

I love this line. It says so much, so quietly.

I tried really hard to make a lot of things just sort of... quiet I suppose in this.

Glad I finally got around to this. It was an interesting read, and just the right length. The ideas examined here are ones that can easily turn into a long and complicated story, but you explored them just enough for them to be a good framing device for character interactions. I might have wanted to see more of Redhearts reaction, but Fluttershys initial reveal was actually great.

The story itself evolves from intriguing to sweet. I find that after reading the story, the imagery of how Fluttershy and Readheart's previous incarnations died gives me an eerie feeling just when thinking about the title itself.
That may be due to the specifics of their previous deaths being unknown, but as animals in the wilderness, such a fate even in Equestria I guess oughtn't sound that unlikely.:ajsleepy:
Definitely makes me want to get around to reading that 'In Quiet Moments' (what a coincidence that it's by Krickis!)
I did feel that the relationship development between Fluttershy and Redheart was rather fast, but that was probably because I didn't see it coming, and my feelings may also be tied to having no exposure to Nurse Redheart in fanon. 'In Quiet Moments' may take care of that. Verreaux's comment certainly was helpful in seeing the narrative efficiency of the relationship's description.

... What does WWB stand for?

Krickis' story series is titled "Who We Become", and apparently she's been working on it for a while. It was just a really funny happenstance that I was this weird combination of sleep deprived and punch drunk, and... apparently that = creativity? I got nothin'.

Here's a link to the first story in the series, called the Looking Glass.

I highly recommend "In Quiet Moments". There's a reason why I suggested it for Seattle's Angels a while back.


Ohhhhh, right. Actually, I should've guessed that, Looking Glass is actually one of my favorite fics. As in it's literally in my Favorites. I need to get around to reading the rest of 'em.

That was cute. Have a fave.

Well, this is interesting. I feel some of the subtext went over my head, but this was an intriguing story with a sweet conclusion.

Cute, short and delightful. I may have been there for the inception, but seeing it played out is a wonderful treat. I honestly was expecting Twilight for some reason, but that doesn’t make any sense with the unfinished business part.

Interesting on a psychological (not to mention metaphysical) level, the story actually takes its time to get to the answers. And it feels natural, every character down to Flutter’s internal narrative.

Great story Heart!

Author Interviewer

Would It Matter If We Were Bunnies?

That went nowhere I expected it to. :D

Is Pinkie _also_ saying "someone" intentional? If so, I don't see it going anywhere.

Uh... that was... uh... totally Pinkie logic and not me confusing myself by having to switch back and forth between someone and somepony.

>.> <.< >.<*

Just read the story again, I think it needs a romance tag.

An unorthodox pairing and an unorthodox conceit, but I liked this!

Fluttershy worried that was one another one of her silly questions. Twilight was always dumbfounded at them, and it felt bad.

In just two sentences you managed to get into Fluttershy's head and communicate it to the reader better than I've anyone see do it at any length. And you keep it up from there. Bravo.

However, I am slightly... okay, not slightly, significantly miffed that instead of a reveal the story goes "and then, suddenly, shipping". Based on the RCL interview the explanation seems to be reincarnation, but it does not mesh particularly well with the presented evidence. Or maybe my idea of reincarnation is wrong - but that's exactly why the story needs an actual reveal!

I suppose this is excusable since this is a 2-hour writing exercise, and it can be argued that what actually happened is not the focus of the story, but I'm still miffed.

In retrospect, I should have probably fleshed that section out. One thing that I did remember from the few things I read were that sometimes feelings can follow through with reincarnation, and so I was kind of... banking on that a little bit as a wave of the hand. I... will own, however, that it was probably not the best writing choice on my part, and I'm sorry that was a little... upsetting.

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