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This story is a sequel to Big Spoon

With Applejack and Twilight's anniversary soon approaching, Applejack decides to surprise her by learning how to preen wings.

Thankfully, after some strategic bribes, Rainbow Dash is more than willing to swallow her pride and help.

Though Rainbow does warn her that things could get... intimate.

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An entry to Krazy's Appledash Event!

Proofread by my ever astute boyfriend RoMS, who is the most goodest proofreader in the wolrd. And no he doesn't proofread my descriptions.

Cover Art by Anhell Mortem. So many thanks to her for allowing me to use this piece.

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I really loved this one, especially how you explored both an interesting speculative/cultural thing but also a dynamic between two characters in a way that felt really vibrant and believable.

Oh man. Here I was, ready for some cute/loving TwiJack right at the end and you pulled the rug right out from under me. You got me so good. :rainbowlaugh: Your Applejack and Rainbow Dash are just so perfect—from the playfulness to the awkwardness, it's clear they're really great friends. And the preening? You did such a great job with it. Overall, I just loved every bit of this story and can't stop smiling about it. It's a favorite for sure!

You two are too kind, thank you so much for the nice comments.

This was really cute! There were some great Applejack and Rainbow interactions, a nice Granny Smith cameo, and of course that ending.

Oh no! Poor Applejack. :applejackconfused::twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh:

“I swear to the gods, sugarcube, I am going to bap the horniness out of you some day,” Applejack murmured.


One part raunchy, two parts cute and a heaping sprinkling of funny to top it all off. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. And that ending... Oh BOY! :rainbowlaugh:

Best laid plans of mice and mares.

the pegasus side of her affliction

That's a very interesting way for AJ to look at the situation. The alicorn adjustment period can make for some engaging drama, but treating it like a chronic disease Twilight's learning to live with? Well, the good news is it isn't lethal. (The bad news is that it isn't ever lethal.)

It's weird to think of Fluttershy as a gossipmonger, but I suppose even she feels the need to fill the silence during those spa sessions with Rarity.

“You are utterly unbelievable, sugarcube.”
“Yeah I’m pretty great,” Rainbow said.

Applejack/Dash interaction in a nutshell.

Anyways the feathers you want to preen are usually a little duller, not quite grey but you can tell that they will be in a few weeks time.

Derpy has an unenviable task ahead of her whenever she preens.

Magnificent blend of character interaction, biology, awkwardness, and a flawlessly delivered punchline. Thank you for it.

communication is king xDD
can we please have a chapter where AJ tells RD what happend during the date lol

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