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This story is a sequel to Walk in the Darkness

Rarity wishes to learn how to properly fight. Twilight seems opposed since Rarity won't give her the real reason behind her wishes.

Maybe it's frivolous, maybe it's a little deeper.

Artwork by Earthsong9405

Inspired by the Bodyguard!AU Series, based on Earthsong9405's AU where Twilight is the bodyguard to a "Princess/Queen Rarity".

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 11 )

Good story, I hope you make more sequels. Maybe a flirtatious traing/fighting seen.

Lovely. And yes, never underestimate the combination of telekinesis and a sewing needle. Horrible.

Two assassinations in as many weeks. Whoever is after her is really serious.

I wonder about the role of Sunset in this AU, they seem on good terms at least.

Beautiful AU, and a worthy addition to it. You've really captured Twilight and Rarity's characterizations here, and I appreciate the Sunset cameo.

Great job with this story, love how you write Rarity and Twilight. And I understood those references. Since I have Fire Emblem on the mind, clearly Twilight needs to knock enemies to 1 HP so Rarity can make the kill and get the experience.

How many did you catch?

You made Rainbow Dash Sweetie's bodyguard.


Adorable Rarilight Story.

Well, Rares did account for herself well enough. One of the first things they teach you when you learn to fight is to not panic. Rares did panic a little, but kept a clear enough head to find a way out, so Twi's not going to have to start from zero.

I don't think I've ever seen Sunny included in this verse before. Nice touch making her a support to Twi's tank. Since its a RariLight AU, I assume Twi and Sunny are just good friends / comrades in arms here, since Sunny used a pretty familiar nickname.

This was short but sweet. Kudos, Rose Quill.

I imagine most assassins and kidnappers would take jobs with a grain of salt after what happened to this one.

This is my absolute favorite au, and I love seeing the places people go with it.

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