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This story is a sequel to Succor

Princess Rarity has impressed upon her bodyguard Twilight that she needed to know how to fight.

She’s about to learn that she really doesn’t know what she’s getting into.

Art by Swordflash4

Proofread by Firimil and Gara the Aurthor

This story is part of the First and Only Raritwi Bomb. A week's worth of stories and art all centered around Rarity and Twilight. If you liked it, the previous story posted is Prise de Mare by Nonchalant, and you can find a master list of all Raritwi Bomb content Here.

Inspired by the Bodyguard!AU Series, based on Earthsong9405's AU where Twilight is the bodyguard to a "Princess/Queen Rarity".

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 36 )

Oh my goodness two bombfics in a row about Rarity with a sword. I think I may have died from RariTwi overdose and gone to heaven.

Twilight holding a book and sword is a wonderful aesthetic, and it's always lovely to see more BG!AU-type stuff. Rarity and Twilight's dynamics are wonderful as always, and it's good to see Rarity admit her feelings in this timelines. Definitely looking forward to more!

I will give this a read, later, when I have time. As a student of fencing, I'm always interested in seeing how people depict it in their stories.

Gotta love the Kakashi method of reading while fighting.

I enjoyed this, though I admit I got a bit distracted trying to figure out where this fit. Rarity being surprised Twilight knew she was interested in her confused me a bit.

And yes, more sword fights are always good.

Adorable. And nice to see more stories of this universe

I really like the AU that this is based on. Such fun.

Okay, so having read it, I give this a solid two thumbs up! Mentioning that Twilight is teaching her longsword at the beginning made it clear you’ve at least done some research on historical fencing, as did the “Capo Ferro” reference . . . although, that could also have been a Princess Bride reference, but I’ll choose to go with the first idea.

You didn’t go into a lot of detail as to what was actually going on which is generally for the best, especially if your knowledge is mostly scholarly, or only about some basics. Rarity’s tendency to throw out a lot of cuts with the rapier is . . . questionable. The rapier CAN cut, just not very effectively. If anything, the cuts should have been the feints, or thrown to draw Twilight into a bind from which she could perform a controlled thrust.

That said, Twilight’s admonishment to always make every strike one intended to injure or kill is spot on. If you offer no threat with your weapon, then your opponent can easily just walk through your defense and kill you in a moment.

I am also glad to see that the “Swords” were in fact wooden trainers with an illusion glamour on them, as otherwise that would have been my biggest gripe with this, although generally, historically, blunt steel was often preferred over wood, as it could be made more flexible, and lighter, both of which offer more safety when sparring.

Either way, and excellent story, an one that makes me want to read more tales from this universe! I shall be looking into it, soon! :raritywink:

Twilight moved her blade into a guard stance and nodded.And then brought her book up before her, turning another page.

Anyone else getting some serious Kakashi Sensei vibes offa this?

Loved it. But if the sword was wooden how did it pierce the book....?

I used to do reenactment combat quite a bit with a group in Britain and we'd start training with wood before graduating to blunt steel after several months, and I tended to find folks fought safer with steel than with wood. Amongst other things, a wooden sword is a fancy stick. A blunt steel sword is still a sword.

And, as I said, steel swords, like federschwert, can be made specifically for training to be overly flexible and balanced so that there's not much force behind the blade. Yes, they could still hurt you if you're not wearing any sort of protection, but not as badly as a wooden sword, which, as you said, is just a big stick, basically.

In the study of HEMA, most fechtbucher tend to show people training with federschwert style blunt training swords, rather than wood.

I think a spear – as shown in the cover, or is that a candle? :rainbowhuh: – would be better for Rarity.

Thrusting a long pointy thing at your enemy is so much easier than learning all the intricacies of the sword. In most cases, spears beat swords.

I'm not an expert, though.

That’s a basket-hilt rapier.

Spears are pretty nice but not the focus of this work.

Ah, that explains the, well, the basket hilt.

Twilight. Not.... uhm... Shining Armor? *Teaching her to use a weapon.

You're commenting on part of a RariTwi event and wondering why it's RariTwi. Does anybody have that video of Emperor Yoshiro from Command and Conquer?

Twilight never touched a sword. That's my issue. Not who ships who. This unicorn just isn't a 'physical' fighter.

Rarity, however, i actually could buy that she was willing to try something like fencing. She got the stance for it!https://i.ytimg.com/vi/ltWeTjRda-A/maxresdefault.jpg

I might be not clear enough, but good thing you went over the cliff with the little you got.
... perhaps add a song number to it?

You being wrong is integral to the AU explicitly in use here. You're basically complaining that the AU fic is an AU fic.

Wow. This is freakishly like my own experiences. :pinkiecrazy:
Nicely written, with some good edge of truth in it - both for the physical and emotional components. Upvote from me, no doubt.

Loved the story a lot!

Rarity and her love of glamour are precious... And some of it rubbed on her bodyguard, it seems. Reading a book while fencing...

For some reason, when I sat down to read it I thought that the name 'Tactics' was a reference to 'Ruroini Kenshin'.
The song.

Capo Farrier is a good style, but it translates poorly.

That's putting it mildly (I study various sources on Longsword and know a little bit of Capo Ferro's rapier style). The comment about the weight of swords isn't quite accurate: longswords and rapiers come in various lengths and can be very close in terms of total weight. The balance, however, would be drastically different.

Also, I wonder how magical grips on the weapon can be different for a unicorn... Lyra! You taught everypony your weird 'hand' spell, didn't ya?:trixieshiftright:

Rarity’s sword flashed out and soared at Twilight, making the bodyguard twist at the impact

Please, don't do this in real life, people! :flutterrage:

I won't call myself an 'expert' either, but I had some practice with these weapons. While the spear's advantage over any sword is obvious, it is also highly specific. Context is everything. The spear has a greater reach, but at certain range it becomes impossible to use, while a sword can still be effective. It is also much more unweildy (it's larger, after all) and easy to grab. That's why people often carried a polearm as a primary weapon and a sword as a secondary one.

Fiore de'i Liberi, italian master of arms, had this to say on the subject: "I am the sword, deadly against all weapons. Neither spear, nor poleaxe, nor dagger can prevail against me..." And he was not wrong! His manuscript is called 'Flos Duellatorum' (completed around 1409) and regarded as one of the most precious sources describing medieval martial arts.

Hello there, fellow fencer!
Hello. Aw, why did you stop?

You do it for her, that is to say, you do it for him.

Yeah. I mean, being long is good, but if the opponent manages to get up and close, well...

Having a secondary sword is kind of like having a pistol to your rifle.

Also, here I gift you with this flamboyant description of the spear by Antiquarian in his story 14th Century Friar in Celestia's Court:

Roundly ignoring him, Fritters held aloft his spear. “This, dear fillies and gentlecolt, is the Spear. Mother of Service Weapons, Bane of Duel-Wielding Edgelords, and Thwarter of the Rule of Cool. The First Lady of Fury. She is honest in her lethality, generous in her reach, kind to massed formations of friendlies, and loyal to those who master her arts; she never fails to bring me laughter when she bests the ornate blades of those foolish enough to challenge her, and her capacity for being a superior weapon in virtually any situation is nothing short of magical. She is, in truth, the Weapon of Harmony, the lost Seventh Element, the Alicorn Princess of Flank-Kicking.”

Applejack was so distracted by his display that she almost didn’t hear Song remark to Marble, “That last bit was new.” Marble nodded approvingly.

“This weapon,” continued Fritters, “Has been the mainstay battle weapon of virtually every professional army in the world since primitive ponies first discovered that pokey sticks make the bad things go away. It has maintained that title for the very simple reason that it works. Its flaws are few and its strengths are legion. Better still, one need not be a natural athlete or a highly trained professional to wield it effectively. A pony with a basic understanding of its utilities may hold his or her own against a far more skilled opponent armed with an inferior weapon.”

He swept the point of the spear in an arc, taking in all six trainees. “Each of you will choose a weapon today. Some of you may choose more than one. Whatever you choose, however, I will be instructing you in the Way of the Spear so that, should darkness fall upon you and the only light be the desperate hope thrust into your hooves by a long and sharpened pole, you will be able stand fast in the knowledge that you hold the greatest weapon ever crafted by sapient beings.” With that, he shouldered his beloved weapon. “Any questions?”

“Yeah,” snarked Rainbow Dash, “how long did it take you to come up with that speech?”

Right up there is the AU description, where Twilight is the bodyguard to a princess Rarity.

If Shining Armor is in this piece, he’d likely be the King’s guard.

Greetings! A student of Fiore, I see. I've been wanting to properly start studying his style, but I find myself often falling back on the German techniques I already know.

Left the country. And my local SCA refuses to practice with steel and there's not a HEMA group I was able to find this side of Toronto. I have a few friends who I spar with now and again and if I ever get a regular schedule again I'm going to start my own group. A better group! With Huskarls! And Mead!

I see. Sounds good. Best luck to you with that!

Twilight turned, and revealed the tip of the sword buried deep in the cover of her book.

Are they doing combat training with live weapons? I dont know much about martial arts, but i'm fairly certain you use blunted or padded weapons to spar, and only break out the real deal when you believe lives may be lost.


Having a secondary sword is kind of like having a pistol to your rifle.

That's a good analogy to make, but doesn't translate completely. This is a very nitpicky comment, so be warned.

Generally speaking, pistols are defensive weapons while rifles are offensive weapons. There are plenty of exceptions, like myself, who keeps a loaded AR-15 by my bedside, but this holds true as a general rule. People carry handguns when they aren't expecting a fight. This may sound strange but it generally holds up. Look at the two groups who most often carry handguns; professionals and citizens. Professionals include armed guards, military officers, and police. Two of them carry because there is an increased chance of them encountering a deadly force situation when compared to the average citizen, and one carries only because it is a requirement of his staton. On the average day, they won't need to so much as touch the gun. Armed citizens carry because there is a non-zero chance of getting into a deadly force encounter. Having a gun buys options.

Rifles, on the other hand, are generally offensive weapons. As my evidence, I point to every standardized military in existence. To scale back a bit, let's look at the US military. On duty, they carry an M4 rifle, with about a 14.5 inch barrel. These have been made by several companies over the years, such as Colt, Remington, and more recently FN Herstal, but they are expecting that they could be attacked or need to attack, so they carry rifles. In fact, most don't even carry pistols, because ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain. Outside of the military setting, we can look at the Tulsa, Oklahoma officer who stopped an active shooter with the rifle in his patrol car.

While I am not military, police, or guard, I do know the rationale behind this. Most of my firsthand experience comes from gaming, so take it for what it's worth. When I play games seriously, I almost never use my pistol. When I played Call of Duty or Rainbow Six, my pistol usually stayed in its holster, neglected. In games such as Insurgency or Tarkov, I often don't even carry a pistol at all, as the added weight and noise proves to be more detrimental to my survival.

So what's my point? I dunno. Guess I just wanted to talk about guns for a bit.


Oh, and you play Insurgency?

That was lovely! Just what I like!

9 of 10

In this story it's wooden wasters with some sort of charm casted on it.

But, to be fair: this cool, movie-like thing is actually plausible (I'm into HEMA and train reguralry with many different melee weapons). While steel swords for sparring should have a safe tip and a good flex in the blade, they can still puncture through fabric of out jackets when the thrust has enough strength behind it and the material is either of poor quality or is worn out. I also know a guy who got his hand punctured by a training sword (he ran himself into it).

P.S. Sharp swords may be used in training by advanced students, because there is no other way to learn how real weapons behave when blades bind against each other. They are for drills, not sparring, of course.

Author Interviewer

“I just got this one, too.”

Oh, you little shit. XD


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