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Try to guess this reference kids:ajsmug:

One showing later...

"Excuse me, the shows over."

"...I'm stuck in the chair."

A very high society kinky kind of story. I loved it. :raritystarry:

Gara, will you teach me your ways

Oh the depraved thoughts that too much money can bear.

That's my secret cap, i'm always horny.

Fleur grimaced, knowing full well Cadance wouldn’t let this little offense go. Rarity was a lot of things. She was a whore, a pet, a slut, a toy, but someone worthy of having this level of respect? No, no, no that simply wouldn’t do. This thing would need to be reminded of her place.

You write some mean doms
I love it

Holy shit. That was incredible. Everything I ever wanted out of a dynamic like this. The competition, the exhibitionism, the atmosphere and wonderful use of the performance on the stage in the sex scene. I would buy a book with stories like this without hesitation.

I haven't started reading yet, will here in a few minutes, but the cover art appears to be backward for the pairing? I'm guessing that the cover art was made specifically for the story? If so, the collar and key are quite backward. Owners hold the property's keys. But maybe there's a thing in the story I need to read for additional context..

Cover art was actually not made for the fic, I just chose it because it fit the general theme and I really liked it. Plus, Cadance might be collared but she totally looks like she's in control.

Man this was soooo good, makes me wanna see more from this trio, or many a story of Shining and his group maybe

Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Cadance's mean streak makes my inner sadist sing a happy song.


The Critic

It stinks!

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