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That was breathtaking and exquisite. Fancy and Fleur are such a delightful duo, and they play off Rarity so well. Lovely work.

They really do. It's the characters that honestly make the story for me, not the sex itself. I could care less about the sex if the characters involved in it were dull as boards.

At its most basic, it's japanese rope bondage. However, to just call it that and move on would be dreadfully underselling it. It's a very artistic take on bondage. If you've ever seen a picture of a woman with ropes crisscrossed across her torso front and back in a wide diamond weave, with an extension of that weave above the crisscrossing in front to accentuate the breasts, that's what we of the western world call a rope dress, and while it's become more mainstream in the bdsm scene, it originated as a shibari technique. In fact it's the technique most often associated with the term 'shibari', especially among the uninitiated.

It's not often I say this, but SEQUEL! In fact, make it a trilogy at least. Sequel introducing Twilight to the BDSM scene, and a third story with Twilight going to a club, following Luna's example and attending under an assumed identity, either Slave if she ends up being submissive, otherwise Mistress Eventide Glitz. A name that's a parallel to her own, and either will have her instantly recognized as Twilight which is fine because apparently everyone in the scene knows Luna attends such establishments in disguise, or it won't automatically out her because Starlight Glimmer is a her own pony but her name is a parallel to Twilight's.

To any who know of the video in question, yes I did take the name Eventide Glitz from whichever of the videos Joshua Burner/Joshscorcher/The Fiery Joker/Firebrand was at least a part of about the Season 5 premiere where he commented on how Starlight's name followed a trend started by Sunset, and what other names might come up if the trend continued (it didn't). It was not a coincidence.

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