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Damn, this was intense. I absolutely loved the banter between Rarity and Fancy as they faded in and out of character, and the sex was, as usual, very, very hot. My only regret is that this isn't longer.

I actually really enjoyed the mundanity in the background of this one: the idea of Fancy biding his time in the other room while Rarity gets ready, doing everything intentionally slow to give Rarity time, or the party guests meandering around, trying to have conversations about nothing for a few minutes before approaching her. Don't get me wrong, the sex was also fantastically written, but kink fics that make a point of showing how silly roleplay can be always appeal to me.

Though, she couldn’t recall a single story where the villain won in the end, ensuring the fair maiden such a ghastly fate.

This is something I've found, too; outside of a mere handful of stories, the majority of them are either left perpetually incomplete or feature the enslaving force being routed and order restored.
Sometimes, I like to read a good so-called "Bad Ending" Fall of Equestria 'fic, where the caribou reign supreme and put mares into demeaning and sexually-gratifying situations. Sometimes, I like to read stories where bandits capture Lucina and mould the future Princess of Ylisse into a mere plaything. Sometimes, I like to read King of Ponyville or similar stories, to release some pent-up frustration and dissatisfaction with the real world.

Sure, I also read consensual 'fics at times, but they're often not nearly as welcoming as a well-written non-con.


That spell! <3


Great. Now I have to do the thing.

The following didn't fit with my earlier silliness, so they get a separate comment.

...pressed down upon her carotid arteries...the creeping high of asphyxiation...her asphyxiated complexion.

Actually cutting off the flow of the carotid artery doesn't affect one's ability to breath. It makes one feel lightheaded as if they're being suffocated and then likewise leads to unconsciousness, while the victim is still perfectly able to breath. It doesn't restrict airflow; it restricts bloodflow to the brain.

a cock wedged in her windpipe

a stallion was doing his best to impregnate her windpipe...Her throat was crammed full of his erection. She could feel it twitch and shudder as his orgasm came forth


Okay, that is a terrible fate to imagine. Especially with the one bit I picked out where Fire Streak was 'attempting to impregnate Rarity's windpipe', and then without change of depth, position, or angle or thrusting, came inside her mouth. That leads to what's called 'drowning in cum', and I mean that literally and not as dirty talk. You don't do that to anyone who isn't immortal, and even then you shouldn't without definitive and unwavering consent from your undying submissive. That kills anyone who has the physical limitations of a traditional mortal, and is perhaps the quickest way to get your hypothetical kinky immortal girlfriend absolutely livid with you outside of going a round with that cute slut of a fallen angel down the way. You know, the one who goes out in shoulder gloves, thigh high boots, skimpy bra and tight thong all of erotically gleaming leather, and all the while making a show of splaying the beautiful ebon feathers of her majestic wings, for no other reason than 'who's gonna stop her'?

...Heh. I dunno what you're talking about. I don't have a delightfully rebellious little supernatural being with a cute butt for a neighbor. No seriously, I don't. Anyway, the word you're looking for is esophagus. You don't replace esophagus with windpipe when trying not to be technical, the windpipe is already a casual term for the trachea, which is most certainly not the esophagus. If you want to say that someone's dick is in another someone's esophagus, you say throat.

1) What would be a better word to describe what she's feeling than asphyxiation?
2) Windpipe is just a sexier phrase than esophagus.

Sometimes a girl just wants to binge some extremely unsavoury porn.

If I could count the amount of times someone on here writes something physically inaccurate... well, I'd be going on a crusade against all the cum inflation, hyper, size difference, and a good chunk of vanilla porn too.

1) Asphyxiation still works given that where it counts there's no difference. I was talking about how Fancy told Rarity to take a deep breath and how after Fancy's grip on the blood vessel in question let up Rarity was heaving breaths like she had been unable to breathe. Constricting the carotid artery asphyxiates the brain, so you'd feel lightheaded and like your head was swimming and whatnot. However, you wouldn't need to catch your breath afterward because your lung function is in no way impaired as a part of that kind of asphyxiation. The feeling of being asphyxiated would go away on its own when blood flow was restored. That being said, cutting off blood flow to the brain brings about the dangerous effects of asphyxiation on the brain much faster than stopping a person's ability to breathe. It's much more direct after all. Even if you suddenly can't breathe, the body still has oxygenated blood to circulate so you have more time to remedy the problem.

2) It is? I don't see it. I read that someone is having their windpipe plowed by a dick and cum into and I just wince while my main unspoken thought is 'she's dead Jim'. I find it so much hotter to read that someone is having their throat plowed like it's a fleshlight. There's still the asphyxiation and involuntary reactions like gagging, sputtering, and choking because the windpipe is being blocked simply by the dick passing over the flap thing that blocks off the windpipe when you swallow so it can't open up even if there's empty space in your mouth to the sides of the dick. Plus a cock thick enough to make the throat bulge would be squeezing the windpipe shut through the esophageal wall simply by proxy.

I can attest to that, gender aside. Sometimes I just get me a grim boner. No explaining it, just happens.

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