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Writing wrongs.

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Damn Midnight. Calm your hair-trigger.

Midnight is a nerd

Man, Midnight Starfall sure is a slut.

While i enjoyed the first chapter i cant really say the same about this one. The cornerstone of BDSM is SSC, safe sane and consensual, which chapter one mostly adhered to. This on the other hand was clearly non-con (you might want to tag that) and had a very rapey feel to it, and "she started to enjoy it part way through" doesn't really change that. :pinkiesad2:

The above aside it was well written and i liked it up to the "luna the sex offender" part so definitively think i'l check out your other stuff. :twilightsmile:

Well, the idea was that Luna was using a punishment from a thousand years ago. Also, Midnight enjoyed it the entire time until she found out it wasn't a dream. The plan from the start had been to have Luna kind of use medieval style punishment and for Midnight to be convinced it was a dream. I guess it might technically be non-con, but to tag the whole story with it feels misleading, so I guess I can add it in spoilers in the description.

Also, I wouldn't really recommend most of what I write here, honestly. Most of it tends to be ridiculous stuff that I just want to get out of my head. This was kind of an exception as an offered request for a friend.

I liked this story, but personally I'd like to think that it was a fake newspaper in the second chapter.

I suppose that, even if it was a real paper, Luna apparently did not like that, as she would have known that there was a likely chance that Midnight would have felt terrible about being publicly humiliated like that.

Not the happiest of endings, I would say.

At least, depending on how society is/how it reacts to the whole situation, as well as how Midnight ultimately decides on how she feels about this.
But I think there's still a way to make a happy ending to this story. It involves debaucherous acts like this not being as "frowned upon" by society's normal standards, or Midnight settling in/accepting this whole situation, or some combination of the two.

Actually, given how midnight ends up at the end of chapter two, it's more than likely that the newspaper was actually faked, as a means of a warning, given Midnight's reaction. It's not too crazy to assume that Luna could print an image from her mind onto paper, and I would personally hope that Luna wouldnt be that cruel.

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