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Writing wrongs.

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I wanna see Sunbutt's reaction to this sort of thing.

Wait if they had boring none employable sex to make maud... What kind of sex did they have to make pinkie?:rainbowhuh:

Pretty sure canonically, Limestone is the oldest, followed by Maud, then Pinkie and Marble as twins.
This being the case. 9459188
Their self-hatred is what gave their first foal, Lime, her bad attitude.
The second time, they were more accepting of the act, and felt no emotion good or bad, hence getting stoic Maud.
The third time, however, was the first time they made love, enjoying the act and knowing what it would bring (another child) this is why they got happy Pinkie Pie, but also meek and shy Marble to represent their secret shame in their pleasure.

Whoops, I just assumed Maud was the oldest. Well, now I feel silly.

I’ve been waiting for this fic to exist for a long time. It’s a really great idea and I hope you continue it, if only because there are so many places it can go.

While I can imagine that they have sex like this in some way, I do believe that they are indeed in love with each other. Choosing stone or not, I think their relationship is still based on love.

9459300 As a Limestone fan, I like the implication that she must have been a product of immaculate conception :trollestia:

"Dear, this apple cider has gone bad."
"Well, we mustn't throw it out...surely it hasn't gone too bad, let me give it a taste."

Meanwhile Celestia's having a twelve pony orgy in the Throneroom....

well... this was... something different? but i liked it. :)

Damn it ... But it's not so bad. Size really sad, too small. I would like to read more about detailed stories. With more elaboration, a description of both actions and feelings. It is interesting and very exciting to read about the family Rock's in this vein. And not in a hyperbolic manner. No seriously, it's Puritans! How do you think they should make foals? "Oh yes, it's so cool, cum in me!", "Oh yes! I'm already close! Get it!" Well, it's funny ... Maybe I'm weird. But in relation to the Rock's family, it’s like fucking amuses me. Here, though, the concept is interesting. And not a template that has already been specifically fucked up.

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