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Writing wrongs.

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This was interesting for sure i hope to see this keep going and to get more of this pairing.

Hillbe #2 · Sep 5th, 2019 · · 2 ·

:duck: So this is what becomes from a coupling of a mare and a dragon?
:twilightsheepish: Yes isn't fascinating?
:moustache: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzz
:raritycry: Spike wake up your Momma needs you!
:trollestia: You should of seen how much floor we had to replace in Twilights throne room. . . and a wall....
:facehoof: Dragon spooge = napalm ?

What's the source ID for the picture?

This was kinda a collaboration, so it hasn't been posted publicly yet, but I will include a derpi ID in the description if it does.

Cool and an interesting read but dragon ponies are not a thing anymore since the kirin are actually just a big middle finger from hasbro on the subject.

That's probably why Tianhuo is a longma, not a kirin

The magical "alt universe" button can fix anything. It's like flex tape for pony stories.

I guess I can accept this being another variation. Kirin are more like unicorns and longma could fill the pegasus gap... Can't think of a dragon hybrid that would fit earth ponies though...




The way I see it, the Longma is a more of a Chinese dragon horse while the Kirin is a Japanese one.

Actually Kirin are the result of chinese explorers traveling to africa, seeing a giraffe in the distance, and completely f***ing up on the report back in thinking they saw a draconic mythical creature. The story traveled to Japan later.

Well, longma in this story's context are a canon Them's Fightin' Herds race, as seen in the cover art, and also here:

Thems fightn' herds is not canon. Hasbro actually tried stopping it from being made with a cease and desist order.

I meant canon as in canon to the TFH universe, not MLP. It is a crossover, after all.

Updated, now has derpi id for the source image!

She's a half-dragon, half-horse hybrid creature

So she's a kirin?

That was quite fun. Hard to believe this hasn't been done before.

Longma are Dragons with equine characteristics, Kirin are unicorns with dragon characteristics.

Perhaps the simplest way to put it is that the Longma is a Dragon-Horse, while the kirin is more of a Dragon-Deer. Also the first time a Giraffe was taken to China they thought it was a a Kirin.

Any chance of a sequel? Like Rarity and Ember competing Tianhuo for Spike's affection and/or other TFH characters wanting Spike's D?

Nice!:moustache: Now that's how you seal a deal!:trollestia:

So... which one of them is the scaly Burlasconi in this scenario:rainbowhuh:

a similar scenario to the platypus then?

Platypus was properly identified. Scholars just refused to believe something so bizzare could exist despite evidence. Kirin was just a case of mistaken identity.

I... want a full story out of this. I think it'd be interesting to see how their relationship develops. (I know she said it was strictly for diplomatic reasons, but she also hasn't tried him in his Dragon Greed Bigified state. Try saying it's "diplomatic" after he rams THAT down your rump Tian.)

Way late... a dragon-horse/pony hybrid could very likely be a Wyrm, as some mythos believes Wyrms are dragons that don't possess wings or the ability to fly but they are much faster on foot than either dragon or horse and can breath the element associated with their dragon parent. Other mythos do believe the Wyrm is merely a flightless dragon that looks like a snake with horns. I like the Wyrm being a Dragon/Pony hybrid better myself. Another one, I believe is much more obscure and doesn't have a typical "name" like a species name, but they're basically Drakes. Dragon Horses that don't have wings, breath the element associated with the region they grew up in, and can outrun flying dragons.

I can understand why negotiations usually go so well. At least, for the country that sends it's ambassador to the other.

Wonder he does that to his penpal as well?

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