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Writing wrongs.

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Wow!! Pom has dog that doms intruders......

where would full pic be? cant find

I don't know if it's publicly posted anywhere. I can ask about posting it to derpi or something, and get back to you.

Akataja #4 · April 23rd · · 51 · Arizona ·

Wow, I wish I could downvote this more :D not because of the rape or the beasty, but because I think a story posted here should really really be mire related to My Little Pony :D

I don't think there are too many stories that take place in swamps.

Awaiting Oleander!

Great story, tried finding the picture on aer0 zer0's archive and no luck. Then tried my luck on the archives(rule34, e621, derpibooru, newgrounds, twitter) and the only picture similar(differnt angle of whatver seems to be happening) to this one is 1737429 from derpi and from another artist. Which left me confuse because Aer0 Zer0 doesn't have a patreon or anything like that... or does he?

Unless it is a new picture made for TheOneWithoutAName for its story about Velvet and shadow wolves.

Either way. Great story.

So... according to the description, this isn't really MLP related, is there a reason the MLP:FiM tag is there?

Just because there needs to be a MLP tag.

Yeah, the picture, as far as I know, isn't available publicly. I'll see about getting it put on derpi, but I'm only gonna do that with his permission. If it gets posted, I'll get back to you with a source, but this is a different picture, and it is by Aer0 Zer0. I had to crop out his signature, since that was in the corner below the naughty bits.

Got permission and uploaded, it should be id:2600745 on derpi.

I was like "oooh, yes, this is my sort of thing that I won't let my friends know I enjoy" and then! Then I saw who wrote it.

Good job, and don't tell anyone I loved this and hope there's more on the way. ^^

Lol. Most excellent.

It's ironic how you've managed to get more dislikes on 1 comment than the story has :facehoof:

What should I say? I am good at what I am doing :D

Well, I, for one, upvoted your comment.

That was crazy.
More please.

Painted my hands white thanks

You have my attention good sir

Always be careful with paint.

Paint may, or may not, contain carcinogens; always remember to wash your hands with soap and lukewarm water! :trollestia:

You know, I decided to give this a read. It was pretty decent so I decided to look up your other stories...

I regret everything. :raritydespair:

This is everything I've ever wanted in a comment. Thank you so much.

I love this story. It would make me happy to continue this story for my 24th birthday(July 10th) or even finished it by my 24th birthday.

I find it funny that I enjoyed the fight scene way more than any of the smut lmao.

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