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This is where my filth goes

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I am not sure what ashing means, unless Rarity gets the skin condition associated with African skin in humans.

Ashing = Using a Submissive as an Ashtray

If people are getting tied up there should be a CW for bondage.

But other than that good work

WE WANT MORE:pinkiehappy::rainbowwild::yay:

Getting featured might help with that ;p

This was soooo Fucked up! However I loved it, it seems fitting for Rarity to get arousel for being abducted, rape and be into bdsm.

This is just... wow.... amazing!

She does have a thing for theatrics, doesn't she?

Thank you, you're too kind.

It's so rare to see some genuine dark role-play . Most is just dark with no inflection of humour or love. Have to wonder what Twilight's thinking while Sunset's on this long weekend. It's rare to see things like ashing and waterboarding being used for kink, something unique and fun, loving that. I have to wonder where things will go from hear? Perhaps some simulated long term Stockholm syndrome? Perhaps Rarity will suffer all weekend. Hope we get to see more of this.

Wow, I don't think I could put to words fully how much I enjoyed this piece. I'll do my best though.

The initial scene setting everything up was getting the kindling ready and lighting it, the scene actually kidnapping Rarity saw the flames rise and fully coating the medium which it clung. The part where Flash violates Rarity while Rainbow and Sunset watch saw the fire completely consume the kindling, and the violence throughout only added explosive fuel. When Rarity had to kneel down and piss on the ground, I couldn't contain my sneer. That was mean, and I felt mean for enjoying it. When you had her stay outside in the rain, desperately pleasuring herself as Sunset made her lick her muddy fucking boots I almost hyperventilated. By the time you set up the camcorder and fucking almost killed Rarity while waterboarding!? The fire then was an inferno that consumed everything around it, myself included.

This is all to say, the story gripped me almost from the first word, and only continued tightening this clutch on me. Everything built off itself, going deeper and deeper in levels of depravity and I followed like metal to a magnet. When Flash filled an unwilling Rarity, I wanted to be him. When Sunset washed a joint into her victim's mouth, I rejoiced! When you dominated and brutalized the poor girl, I was along for the ride, wishing instead that I was Sunset. You captured the mindset perfectly, while also grounding it with consent checks, and lapses in the barbarism. This was a truly scorchingly hot, evil chapter! You did a fantastic job! I seriously look forward to the sequel chapters

Oh don't worry we will totally get to see more. Glad you've been enjoying it though!

Ahhh you are far too kind, Ruby. Really glad you've been enjoying it. Your liveblogging of it in my DMs was honestly a really nice treat that i've been missing out on.

Why did I read this :rainbowhuh:

Because you like porn?

N-no... I guess the plot is interesting?
It ends with her getting waterboarded and enjoying it -that’s a first in any story I've read.

Well i do love to innovate, glad you enjoyed!

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