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Also by Silent Whisper who kept my eye on the prize and firmly reminded me that there are limitations to misbehaving (I one day look forward to sitting again).

Glad I could be of service! This was a wonderful fic to read!

On top of the porn being top-notch, I just loved the banter between the two. It was a lot of fun to read and I love your portrayals of Fleur and Stygian.

Stygian drew in a breath and lifted his hoof, resting it upon her plush little bottom. It was a nice rump, firm, muscular, but not overly fatty. Any stallion would’ve been lucky to have a round with such a fine a piece of ass like this.

You said it!

Thank you so much for the comment and all the help you provided. Honestly couldn't have done it without you.

Honestly TBH the character dynamic was more interesting than the actual sex imo. But that's just between you and me.

She sighed softly and looked at him. “So, what do you have in store for me. A book club where we review the work of Cutie Marx?”

“Not a bad idea,” Stygian said before shooting her a coy smile. “But, in all honesty, I didn’t think you could read.”

Fleur’s gaze narrowed. “Hardy Harr Harr…”

I can't tell whether I'm enjoying the clop or the banter more. :rainbowlaugh:

Would that have been the first Towertop to come out of political discourse? Possibly, though Fleur highly doubted it.

The banter. Definitely the banter. It's so off-the-wall amazing Fleur feels the need to safeword out of it. :rainbowlaugh: This is brilliant!

Stygian cooed softly. “Cum for me, Miss De Lis. I want you to remember that the best orgasm of your life came from a filthy journalist who wouldn’t think twice about dragging your reputation through the mud.”

Though Stygian's surprising savagery is giving the banter a run for its money. By Celestia. :rainbowderp:

Whoa, that coverart came out really good. I've read some of the other CTS stories and enjoyed them, but I think this is a bit too much for me. Still, congrats on the fave and what clearly had a lot of thought put into it.

Also, I think there's an error in your short description:

Fleur De Lis struggles to find a stallion who is willing to put her in her place. Sadly, few ponies are comfortable with a little good old fashion sadomasochism.


I think. I could be wrong though.

Oh, and that title is one of the best of any I've seen in a while. Seriously. Love it!

There is only one who can make her pursuit a success

Nice oneshot CTS story, I enjoyed it thoroughly. The bondage scene was not that heavy though, I think.

How is a mare suppose to separate herself from the masses if she can not be allowed to breath and distinguish herself”

Three things:
1) *Supposed.
2) *Breathe - when you breathe, you take a breath. That last 'e' changes the meaning quite a bit.
3) No question mark at the end of this question. Oops.

I suppose I’ll need to do this the old fashion way


I don’t know what it is: the prissy little attitude problem or the fact that being Daddy’s Little Diva made you unable to follow even the simplest of instructions

A problem all too many women have these days; since they were never taught the value of submission, they turn into bossy, unlikeable bitches, the absolute scum of humankind. There's very few things worse than an egotistical, self-righteous woman.


And nothing less outdated than pompous, self-loving men

Is Cutie Marx a pen name of younger Starlight Glimmer? :rainbowlaugh:

The bastard butchered her native tongue.

Little she knew that his accent is just a millenia-old standard pronuncation.

Wat? Probably best not to engage in BDSM if you have a hate boner for women :U.

Starlight Glimmer's penname was the Mare of Steel.

This comment was so stupid it almost gave me an aneurysm. I would say "please do not propagate" but the chances of a woman willingly touching someone who unironically thinks like this is so low that I probably don't have to.


Propagation and multiplication are different actions in nature. The former can be done vegetatively.


Some people mistake ritual banter (or roleplay) for a genuine disposition. Wholeheartedly agree, bdsm implies mutual respect, both to each other and to each other's comfort zone. Love your story, btw.

That name might have dubious meanings...

what no pussy does to a mfer

Luckily, I have no worry about him passively creating more from himself either.

Fleur goes into bookstore, and looks for Stygian's books.

Fleur: Oh my. This is who he is? I... I shall go ask Rarity if this is all true. I just hope she's at her Canterlot shop today. *canters off*

(Hoping for a sequel)

I'm rereading that oral scene for the third time because by Celestia it's the Michelin star full fat thick cream triple caramel marshmallow cheesecake of rough facefucking and I can't get enough.

“Won’t find something like that at Neigh-Kea,” Stygian said.

You're evil, you know that?

You've managed to combine the exact sort of political dynamic I like in discourse, which I love, with a Clocktower story that goes far closer than nearly all the others into what I like, which is definitely a rarity. The banter is top-notch, as others have said, and while I definitely understand that this is a one-shot and I can't imagine where a sequel might go in terms of unique places, I nonetheless feel the desire to cry out for one as well.

The whole sequel will be a SFW adventure about her rocking her new manecut.

TFW you reallyyyyyy need to force the horsepun.

Thank you so so much for the kind words. And i won't lie, i am very interested in the idea of working on a sequel. Though idk if i'll stick with the same characters or move on to a fresh pair (or group). On one hand these characters are great but i really don't know how to escalate the fetishes in something that was already really intense. And maybe with some fresh CTS characters i could try and tell a different story.


Ah, the Clocktower Society.

The top secret conspiracy that LITERALLY EVERYONE IS IN ON

Reason i didn't play into the secret angle any :P

Binging With Babish? Ah, a fellow man of culture.

The author of this piece is a woman, but otherwise correct.

Gara this is my favorite thing of yours I've ever read and I'll probably write about why at some point when I'm more alive.

One of the few cooking channels i watched. Haven't made one of his recipes since gnocchi though.

EEEEEE! i'm really glad you enjoyed it Scarlet!

Good story. A bit too compressed but I guess that’s commission work.

The whole use of pain is a little wonky though since horse/pony hide much tougher than human skin, but fantasy porn I guess.

“Which one?” Fleur asked.


Maybe you don’t need to escalate it. I love the dynamic of the two. Aside from the occasional scene, maybe dipping into the voyeurism you noted or the pampering, I would enjoy a story focusing on their relationship.
Bdsm, even extreme bdsm, is equal parts emotion and sexual encounters. I think it would be nice to have a story that explores this.

Egotism and self-righteousness are deplorable in any human being. Not just people with a uterus.

Please do not engage in BDSM, you seem to be the kind of person who would not read their submissive’s body language or not value their emotional state. You would hurt people beyond help and thats worse than someone being egotistical.

"Too compressed."

It's 16k words my dude. Also not a commission XD.

Maybe, maybe, i am always a fan of examining more domestic BDSM. Just don't know how much interest there would be in that.

You could have just said "No one will fuck me" or "I'm a whiny sexist cockbag". There was no need to type all that out.

This is great holy shit—everything from the plot progression to the way the clop is written to the characters and the dialogue. Well done.

“I’m a journalist, we’re known for telling the truth,” Stygian replied.

Funniest joke in the entire story.

This story gets right what many other BDSM stories on this site get wrong. Specifically, in this story, the person in complete control of the situation is the bottom.

Is that counterintuitive given Fleur's pronouncement that she only wants to be used in any way Stygian chooses to imagine? Yes, it is. Does Stygian want to have vaginal and anal sex with Fleur? Of course, he does. May he do so given Fleur's declaration? Not unless it can meet her true desires.

What Fleur is truly asking for is to be used and humiliated in ways that are creative and evoke a specific emotional response from herself. If Stygian can't provide that, Fleur will leave him just like she has done for other failed tops. Stygian does this while communicating and obtaining consent throughout each bondage scene. Stygian promises early on to reduce Fleur to begging for mercy, which never happens. That isn't an issue because he does provide Fleur with what she wants.

Also of note is how strong Fleur's 'center' is. After the completion of each scene or 'part,' Fleur returns quickly to an emotionally stable mentality. She gets her fix then recovers during after-care before providing consent to continue.

Mmmm comments like these give me strength. It really does mean a lot when people tell me that i'm getting BDSM "right" because that's something i really strive for when creating this kind of content.

There is so much more to it than the standard Clocktower Society trope: Step 1) degrade a female, step 2) she’s ecstatic.

Gold. Solid gold. The storytelling was well done, too often these types of stories read like a porno rather than a literary piece. The fact you keep the bondage grounded is another big plus, why some authors insist on extreme/absurd positions that would cause severe injury is beyond me.

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