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This was great, I think seeing one with Spike having a herd and its forming would be cool. Or honestly one I have been dying to read that no one has made to my shock is a Married Rarity but she is unsatisfied with her married life and Spike her young stud of a lover and true love. About their forbidden romance and how even tho they are deeply in love they can't be together out in the open. Or it could be just Rarity falling for this drake that isn't her stallion husband and she knows she shouldn't but he is just so.....amazing to her lol. Anyway idea over can't wait to see your next work.

Thank you! No plans for a Spike fic at the moment, but I'm finishing one about Rarity. (Darker than the rest of the stuff I've written though!)

Aww sad tohear that about Spike but maybe one day lol. And i will check out tje Rarity story even tho dark stories really aren't my thing

Yeah I like Spike but he hasn't really fit into anything I've had planned so far. Definitely understand not liking dark stuff, but my mind tends to head that way for whatever reason!

Finally read this. and boy oh boy everything is amazing.

Thank you, the weakest of the three imo but a fun sendoff!

I find them all strong in my opinoin

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