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Self-care is not selfishness. It is not the same as thinking only about yourself. It's not about gaining popularity. Self-care is about looking after yourself because you have to take care of yourself before you can help others. If your body can't handle doing something that hurts you, just walk away from it. You're strong because of what you need to do to survive and taking care of yourself does come before taking care of others. And it is possible to do both, so there is no selfishness in self-care. Ever.

As of now, there is a lot of chaos in the world, especially in countries such as America, North Korea, and Syria, and just thinking about everything going on makes me feel sorry and it sometimes hurts to care. But just because I take no action doesn't make me selfish. There's a lot going on out there that needs support and I can't help everyone at once. So I move on with my own life because I can't possibly handle going through what those less fortunate than me are going through.

This is a sanctuary group where you can come to relieve yourself of any burdens, hardships, and such and just be you. Start caring about yourself because it can be healthier for you, thus giving you the strength you need to help others. If someone chews you out for self-care by comparing it to selfishness, that someone is weak and not you. Caretakers and caregivers will be welcome here.

"Everyone deserves a little piece of mind and little time alone to think and relax. It's a hectic life and with a hectic life you need some self care. There is no shame in treating yourself right, remove the toxic things making you feel bad and just be happy. Hope you find some peace today." - Sonar15 from deviantART

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Well, in any case, welcome.

It's been a while, so I don't remember sending you an invite. But you're welcome anyway.

You are most welcome. I thought you as a person would be interested.

I thank you for the invitation :twilightsmile:

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