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Wellp. There went my heart. I'm just going to go ... um ... drink one for North.

This was hauntingly beautiful. In truth, I was never all that into North Ridge in TEK, but now I've got a whole new outlook on him.


I'll drink to that. Sláinte!

Majin Syeekoh

That was pretty neat.:pinkiehappy:

Bonny before it was published, bonnier to see it out in the wild.

Thank you for this. :twilightsmile:


North you magnificent bastard, I love you.

Also, Mono, once again an amazing story for an amazing world :ajsmug:

I'm afraid the greater context is lost on me, non-TEL-reading cad that I am, but I still greatly enjoyed this. Thank you for a wonderfully bittersweet read.


Don't worry about TEL. I've read it and its sequel, and reading them makes no impact on this story.

*scarfs down like seven coffees at once*

Nice backstory for North Ridge.

I like Tangerine and wish we could draft him for TEK. Marmalade cats are great, and I can only assume that's his coloring.

I have a feeling North Ridge has long lived during Interesting Times. The poor bastard.

Thus I dedicate my next coffee to Frost Flower, and the one after to North Ridge... and the third to Tangerine, just because.

Lovely glimpse into what were no doubt fascinating, exciting lives. Nicely done.

There was something about the description that made me read this, I don't know what. but I'm happy i read it, I loved it, even the sad parts.


North's very plain spoken but obviously heart felt statement of almost being haunted by his Frost Flower immediately made me wonder about the pony behind that sentiment. Even though he seemed older I suspected that it was more experience than the years which had aged him. He had mentioned 32 years of travel and that his wife had shared his travel but it had also been implied that she had been gone for quite a number of years and this made me sad to think that to allow for time to meet and then the time since her passing possibly meant that they had all too few years together.

To see this moment made me a little happier as it is obvious that their attachment was obviously so strong as to keep two such dissimilar individuals bonded through such troublesome adventures. No 'simple' travels as North seemed to imply to Rarity but a life and death struggle which had obviously cost them friends. Makes me think that the gold was the proceeds from the 'job' and now that North does not have his life's companion to share it with, he is content to settle a debt with the whole sum just to add to the 'story' that he believes all ponies become.

Now I just wonder what the story is behind Tangerine.

And Discord was the one who killed em!

(Because anti-Discord propaganda) :trollestia:

Is the image you added with the story from an Elder scrolls game, like Oblivion?

Dear Author, I your humble reader pray to you. Please grace us with more of your creations.
(In all seriousness though, great story and I can’t wait to see what you craft for us next.)

Very well done.

You should do more like this, it was done very well indeed.

That's Skyrim. I could tell because of the style of the interior.

If Eventide Isle is in the Undiscovered West, then Equestria must be just east of Hyrule.

This is an enjoyable side story.

It sounds like North led quite a rough but fulfilling life. It's a shame Tundra Leaf never got to see him again or receive his repayment in person, but I'm just glad she managed to survive that raid that happened, I wouldn't think the Commander would take too kindly to her letting them get away.

A nicely written short story! :pinkiehappy:

Damn Mono, my feelings. This was beautiful :pinkiesad2:

So sad yet, my god so warming, I so want to hug North.

Adorable and sad.

How the hell have you made a character who turns up in like one paragraph a chapter an instant fave in my heart
Mono what is this witchcraft

Shit, that was sneaky and good.

North has had quite the interesting life, so it seems! Now we know why he is traveling back to Equestria. At least he has a kind and wonderful traveling companion in Rarity.

I would so much like to see stories about North and Frost!

Very nice, Mono!

Quite honestly, I'm addicted to your writing NEVER STOP BEING THIS GOOD OKAY

And I'm not crying my eyes out YOU ARE

*raises a tankerd* Skål.

With a moniker like Commander, I'm wondering if perhaps North or Frost were in a military operation of some sort (desertion perhaps?) Just a hypothesis mind you, without more details I can't say for sure. I hope you write more side stories about North Ridge. Keep up the good work.

I see that cover art...

Oh yeah, amazing story by the way.

This was a nice side story piece

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