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The day before Hearth's Warming, Daring and Ditzy Doo are tasked with a crucial mission: rescuing somepony before the dinner is over.

For Sixes_And_Sevens.

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'Tis a great story, Mono. Thank you and happy New Year to you!

Oh, wow, I haven't read this yet, but I hope it's even half as adorable as it sounds! :yay:

Well that was cute.

Thank you so much for this story. It was sweet and joyful and everything I needed this holiday season. It was perfect.

A nice, warm little hearth warming story.

The Postman is a great movie. Ditzy in a rewrite would be comedy gold.

Adorable. And wonderfully written. Thanks.

Also, There's a Speajs where I think there should be a speaks somewhere around the dinner. Leftovers i think.

Once again: hOw DaRe :flutterrage:

My feelings can't take this blatant attack! :fluttercry:

More seriously; there is no better time of year to try and remember those we have lost as fondly as we can. Thanks for writing this, and have a good New Year.

Its not letting me upvote, so i'll just give one... textually[?]

you're textual upvote is worth a bajillion actual ones

What a sweet story! And the occasional Dr. Seuss style really helped set the mood for this.

The mail needs to be delivered through fair or bad weather, for within these envelopes rests the light of knowledge, free communication and the exchange of ideas! Without it, society would collapse! Crumble into dust until from the ashes arose a mailmare bringing with her the whisper of a message, a promise to all: “There is hope yet”.

Liberty. Reason. Justice. Civility. Edification. Perfection.


As for the story itself, wonderfully sweet and in keeping with the season. You should work with Best Pony more often. Of course, I may be biased in that regard. :derpytongue2: Thank you for this.


That was a sweet story. I think you mentioned somewhere that someone said your non-Rarity narration was starting to sound like Rarity, and yeah, I can see a bit of that here, haha.

This would probably make a good children's story! It's got a nice singsong-y rhythm to it.

Fun and silly. Love seeing the Dos in action.

But why are the ratings disabled?

Oh well I'll just say that I leave a like here.

I'm only not crying... Harder... Because I've cried a lot with stories recently and this is a rather mild pang in my already bleeding heart.
Thanks again Mono

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