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A young woman catches the eye of a stunning vampiress and finds herself transfixed, longing for the undying embrace of Twilight Sparkle, the former Regent of the Night.

Inspired by a conversation between Monochromatic and myself ages ago.

Preread by Meridian Prime.

Cover art (added late because I'm a scrub >.>) by GlancoJusticar.

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RariLight by Carapace? Screw the plans I had for the day, I'm reading this now.

Is this story based of off Castlevania?

Okay, the romance element is hampered by the fact that they only share three scenes, but otherwise pretty good.

I should be working on Uni stuff but im reading this instead. Woops.

Okay...I'm just going to toss this out there. I've read slow burn romance erotica that wasn't this flipping hot! Great Celestia that was positively STEAMY!:twilightsmile:

You broke an italics right there at the end.

That sid aside, this was just lovely. Rarilight always gets my blood going.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph that was amazing. And hot, very steamy hot. I wow

That was such a good read.

It was she, after all, who ruled alongside Princess Celestia for a thousand years, keeping the Midnight Throne occupied until such a time when Princess Luna returned from her imprisonment. It was she before and throughout her own princess’s banishment who commanded the Night Guard and Legions of the Night—vampires, ghouls, goblins, nameless creatures and even daring mages who dabbled in old magic—to defend the realm from the monsters who lurked and preyed in darkness.

It's funny I'm replaying Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt and I actually just killed a vampire

Damn, Cara. A good read, as always with you.

Ah, I love this AU so much!! All of the realms and possibilities. The visuals were amazing and sensual. I would definitely love to see more from this, amazing work!!


She reached up and laid a hoof on the newly returned books and said

Why does she have a hoof? I thought everyone was human-ish.

Good stuff, but Twilight didn't feel especially... well, Twilighty. (Twilit? Twilesque?) Even allowing for centuries of refinement and experience to smooth out those adorkable edges, her connection to Bookhorse felt tenuous at best. I don't think there was even a bookcase in her room, and I'd expect her to want to document at least a bit more of her life. She even seems surprised that that's not the case. Plus, the whole turning issue got resolved pretty darn quick; some input from Rarity's family and friends might have been nice.

It's a nice read, but the pony feels a bit painted on at times. Not a bad thing per se, just an observation.

Yeesh, why aren't I following you? Eh, shortly remedied. For now though, what an engaging beginning. You certainly know how to set a stage. One thing real quick:

Please R. S. P. V. with your intent

R.S.V.P. or "Répondez s'il vous plaît".

might make other receive her,


More importantly, have another upvote while I have another chapter.


...Hmm. It's adorable and sweet, but a little quick, isn't it? Rarity just met her, and Twilight was...kinda stalking her?

Also, if Shining's a vampire, what does that make Cadance? Or Flurry? Can undead reproduce?

9238993 Next chapter reveals a bit of Cadence and Shining's backstory.


“To be honest, for about a century or so, I barely with Auntie Tia over it.

What does that mean?

So, do ALL people who get bitten turn into vamps, or did Twilight do something special for Rarity?

Also, who is Rainbow Dash in this 'verse?

It's meant to be "barely spoke with" but it looks like I derped on the line. >.>;

Chapter 2:

Thought they were common


Sugar Bell

Belle... and yeah that's really minor and borderline picky, I admit.

Chapter 3:

Quite a bit, yes.Your business partner

spaces between sentences



Story so far:
I find myself driven as crazy as Rarity is by the world building hints that I can't be sure I'll get answers to in a story this short. Because I want those answers, all of them, and probably a few more after that.

For now, I'll take solace in pondering the irony of Celestia's faithful student having a lethal allergy to the sun. ...Wait, that doesn't help at all! That aside, really looking forward to the rest of this... when I can finish it. No point going into specifics when the rest awaits, but much like Luna I gotta work at night, sooo...

Great to see this up here, Cara. Glad I could help with it. :twilightsmile:

(although Sun Sage might put me out of a job at this rate)

I'm pretty sure that, as pre-reader, I have brought at least a couple of generations worth of shame on my family for missing these... :unsuresweetie:

At first read, I thought this was done by Mono, then noticed your notes. Yup RariTwi lives (well sorta in this case). I wouldn't be opposed to more in this universe. Very nicely done Cara.

One minor thing:

Please R. S. P. V. with your intent as soon as possible. Her Majesty looks forward to hearing from you and hosting you in Canterlot Castle.

Shouldn't that be R.S.V.P.?

Holy shit that pettiness over being denied the romantic gesture is singe handedly the MOST CADENCE thing I think I’ve ever seen written.

...Why is this not longer....

Love the new coverart.


If the sun is fatal to vampires, how can Twilight be around Celestia?

9240466 It's the sun's light, not the sun itself. Also, Celestia is not the sun.

Dood. I've edited professionally. And I say that not to brag (it's boring as Hell to edit for advertisers), only to say this: no one catches everything. This is quite clean overall; those are all pretty damn minor. Thank you for helping bring it to us!

The prose and characters are all wonderfully done, this was an extremely enjoyable read. Thank you for sharing.

The romance aspect felt very rushed, especially her choice at the end, though.

Okay, that genuinely makes me feel a lot better. Thanks man. :twilightsmile:

Also, even if it was for something boring, the fact that you edited professionally is super cool.

fit of giggles as a couch


Practiced restrained


Well now... there's a bit of the adorkable Twi under the fangs and 1200 years of poise, isn't there? Despite the fact that every time I hear 'Regent of the Night' I get an image of Twilight sitting on a dimly lit throne, leaning forward on a sword, and looking at a petitioner through glowing eyes half shaded by her hair. And yes, I now want to know more about her 'keeping her friends forever'. Here's hoping I find out in the final chapter... or by cajoling one way or another.

the result would be steepled in selfishness


flipping a few pieces of stake

Okay, this might be a vampire pun, but uh... steak.

disposal to sensure


this the same any love stricken

as (missing word)

All of these are things I could be wrong on, if I'm misreading... certainly a possibility.

Anywho, unanswered questions aside (who is vampire, you tell!), this was a lovely read. I adored the little touches of Twilight that came through in the character while keeping her such an alluring, confident presence. Chrysalis... well I expect fun take on her, given who I'm reading, but this... well now. Assuredly... a different take on her dynamic with Shining and Cadance. So many others were fun, too, even in cameo (dat Appledash...).

But none of that measures up to Rarity here. Some of Rarity's best canon lines are silly, and they work because of set up and delivery. Her telling Fancy 'you suck'? You nailed it. Further, loved her inner monologue. Kid and teen her beating the crap out of her inhibitions, or attacking them with a shovel, was it? Perfect touches for her.

This was a really good read. You should revisit it sometime maybe after finishing the changeling Twilight story whenever the mood strikes in a timely manner.

Mmm... What a wonderful story. There can never be enough vampire(pony) stories, and this one is one of my favourites so far.

Umm, more please? This was a great story!

I started listening to my Castlevania Symphony of the Night soundtrack while reading this. Dance of Illusions fits with Rarity and Twilight's meeting perfectly.

Only seven more days before Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night drop on P.S.4. It's a good year for vampires apparently. And I want to say that this is both intriguing and inspiring.

It makes Flurry a half vampire in all likelihood. Vampire myths are really odd creatures in their own ways and such unions are know to produce children in many cases.

That said I'll have to wait and see what happened in the next chapter.

This was most definitely a lovely read!

One seriously has to wonder: how do vampires even feed? Is their will strong enough that over their (pretty long, so it would seem) lives they do it just select several times non-lethally, if that?

Bleh. I feel the story would be better off without that one last TF bit. The idea of 'yeah they can feed but it doesn't do much/does have 'effects' (enabling it as a specific kink), and actual TF is a much more involved and complicated process, basicly impossible to be done by accident' would make much more sense, due to how openly the vampires live with others, and how frequent is the contact.

Besides, unlike everything else, at this particular moment in the story, going through with this is a horribly poor choice by everyone involved.

Ignoring that, a fine read. Points for a sane Chrysalis version, in permanent relationship with ShiningDance. That's always nice to see.

*insert grubkle stab "now This right here is good" photo*

This is only the third time they've met, and they're already pledging themselves to each other for eternity?

A whirlwind of lust and infatuation does not a healthy relationship make.

Oh my goodness I am hooked already. Wow!

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Oh my word this is teased out to perfection! :heart:

Very nice story, incredibly well written, great pacing, absolutely lovely. I do hope you explore more of this universe though, it sounds very interesting, and that's ignorning the obvious differences like Twilight and Shining's ages, or the good relationship with Chrysalis, lots of interesting differences here.

Now with that said, I will point out that the last chapter could use a bit of going over, I caught two minor spelling errors (pf instead of of and sensure instead of ensure IIRC having read this a few hours ago), and this:

Rarity fumbled to retrieve the key from her purse,

So what's wrong there? Well, that'd be this quote from the previous chapter:

Had she thought to bring her purse

Not really hard to fix, you could simply have her struggle to retrieve her key from a magically protected hiding spot.

No matter, none of that changes the fact that this is simply a great story.

This was absolutely fantastic! Honestly it was so well written and paced perfectly, just enough to keep me on my toes.

Would it be bad to beg for another tale like this?!

cover pic reminds me of 'karens' mother... from the anime 'karen' (vampire anime)

So good!!! This world needs more stories. You've built such a rich background so quickly, I'd love to see more of it. Well done!

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