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Pen Stroke

A fan-fiction author and game programmer that lives in Glendale, CA.


For a Crystal Empire tradition, Rarity helps Twilight learn The Winter Wind Waltz. Yet, as the pair dance together, Rarity begins feeling something new. Is this the beginning of the fairy tale Rarity has always dreamed of?

Jinglemas 2018 story that was written for Monochromatic, an unstoppable juggernaut of RariTwi shipping.

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Comments ( 17 )

Not one of your better works in my opinion.

I enjoyed it. Hoping for a sequel where we see them doing the tango as mentioned.

This was a fabulous story and I enjoyed it immensely! It was very beautiful and intimate and really showed how well these to interact. Quite delightful, indeed!

>β€œIs there a reason Princess Cadence and Princess Shining Armor are not doing this dance?”
>Princess Shining Armor
Kek. This reminds me of the story "Family Matters" where Rarity and Applejack insinuated that the Royal Guard was oddly effeminate and that Shining Armor had shapely legs and longer eyelashes than Rarity. Perhaps this line was a slip of the tongue by Rarity.

I loved this RariTwi story - everything fits in together nicely.

I think it could use another pass with the editing comb (at time of commenting there's even a typo in the description), but it was a very sweet and well contained little one-shot.

Nice work :raritywink: :heart: :twilightsmile:

*Reads description

That's funny, it says it wasn't written by Monocromatic

*Reads long description.

There it is.

Was the typo in the description being that fairytale should be two words... because otherwise I sadly do not see what you mean. And yes, a bit rougher... but such is my weakness. :fluttercry:

Heh, saw Rari/Twi, and thought, "Oh, Mono is at it again," then saw Pen Stroke and was surprised. That didn't last long.
Well, nice little story besides. Good job.

Short and sweet and suitably RariTwi-y. Good stuff. :twilightsmile:

Very well paced with a natural feel to it.

I'm guessing it refers to this:

Rarity beginnings feeling something new.

I love this story! This is really good! :raritystarry: :heart: :twilightsmile:

A very sweet story. I always enjoy RariTwi stories. The two seem natural together.

This story was mystical, marvellous and magical. It feels like its building more lore with the Winter Waltze as well as the budding relationship of Twilight and Rarity.

Loved the Story! "Dancing in the Moonlight" :raritystarry:

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