• Published 17th Oct 2018
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Moonlit Waltz - Carapace

A young woman catches the eye of a stunning vampiress and finds herself transfixed, longing for the undying embrace of Twilight Sparkle, the former Regent of the Night.

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5. On Eternity

Much though she did portray the picture of a high-society lady, Rarity wasn’t exactly a stranger to that delightful feeling of waking up in the arms of a beautiful woman. A warm body, silken-soft hair upon her skin, a delicate nose nuzzling into the crook of her neck and teasing warm breath across her body, perhaps a bare leg wrapped around her hip and gentle arms holding her close.

Rarity awoke the morning after the Winter Solstice Gala with a mighty shiver and had to bite back a squeal as her own body registered the icy touch of the beautiful woman holding her so.

She smiled sleepily, bringing a hand up to gently caress her lover’s knuckles with her thumb. Perhaps this was a bit out of the norm for her fairytales. Wasn’t the main character supposed to be awakened by her lover, after all?

Then again, this had all played out more like a whirlwind of events. Certainly more so than those stories. As the sleep slowly receded from her eyes and mind, Rarity allowed her thoughts to wander back to what Twilight had told her before they’d retired.

It hadn’t quite been providence that guided the vampiress’ steps up to Rarity’s front door. No, it was she who drew the eyes of a gorgeous vampiress during her fashion shows and some occasional nights spent at the clubs to relax after a long week. That, coupled with a need for a dress and a rather meddlesome princess, drew them together.

Twilight let out a contented sigh, her hand drifting lower and cold fingers trailing along Rarity’s bicep. “Mine,” she murmured, smiling into the back of the young woman’s neck, no doubt delighting in whatever dreams her mind had conjured.

Maybe it was a bit more like a fairytale than Rarity thought. Maybe, dare she think it, this was what it was like to be on the other side of the story. From the point of view of the one for whom the main character so longed.

Chuckling softly to herself, she leaned back into Twilight’s embrace, and was rewarded by a shiver as icy breasts pressed into her back. And to think my teachers thought I let my mind wander to silly things when I was in school. Eat your heart out, Miss Persnickety.

Rarity made to settle in and drift straight off to sleep again. And why not? For all intents and purposes, this was her happy ending—wrapped in Twilight Sparkle’s arms, the one true object of her affections, able to pierce through who knows how many centuries of isolating herself out of fear of loss.

Fear that one day, she might wake up without her beloved by her side and have to carry on her undying life alone once more. Unless, of course, certain changes were made.

Suddenly, sleep was the last thing on her mind.

Going from life as a mortal to that of an undying vampiress herself. If Rarity had to be entirely honest with herself, it was a prospect she wasn’t entirely sure she wanted.

Nor was it one she was certain she didn’t.

Her sapphire eyes opened slowly as a little frown tugged at her lips. Of all the things to interrupt such a perfect morning, why did it have to be such a troublesome line of thought? And while she was so comfortable and content and … well, not warm in body, but the warmth in her chest definitely counted!

But what should she do? Change or remain a human? Accept the gift of immortality, and with it, all the pain of watching her friends and loved ones die while she carried on? Or should she refuse and enjoy her lifetime with Twilight, knowing her lover would someday lay her to rest?

Such a morbid thing to consider. Yet, at the same time, Rarity simply couldn’t deny the sweetness or affection in the gesture. Still, that didn’t make her decision any easier. How in sanity’s name could it be made so?

Either way she looked at it, the result would be steepled in selfishness—a want to avoid watching her little sister, annoying and wonderful as she was, grow old while she didn’t, and the seductive whisperings in the back of her mind which spoke of endless affection in Twilight’s embrace.

Eternal life and love.

To Hell with fairytales, Rarity could write her own on that alone.

She blew a sharp breath through her nose, her nostrils flaring. Damn it all, I need to take a walk or something. I just can’t think through this while wrapped in her arms.

Of course, such a need would force her to fight both Twilight’s mighty embrace and her own desire to further savor it. A battle won with nothing short of an effort and strength of will worthy of the Founders themselves, despite that temptation. With a motion somewhere between a shimmy and a wriggle, Rarity began the arduous task of escaping a vampiress’s clutches.

It was a long and difficult battle. Twilight tried to hold her tight even in her sleep, and let out an almost pleading whine from the back of her throat at the loss of precious warmth. But still, she didn’t wake.

Her toes touched the carpeted floor, spurring a little hiss at the coldness. Carefully, Rarity slid off the bed and took a step back as she stood to her full height, letting out a deep breath. Though her escape wasn’t near as elegant or stealthy with all her squirming and struggling against both Twilight’s grip and her own desires. The latter all the more apparent as a stinging cold breeze drew a gasp and forced her to cross her arms over her chest, and sent shivers down her spine.

Clothes were definitely a must, she decided. Her eyes flitting about to locate everything, Rarity allowed herself a sheepish smile and crept forward to pick her crumbled gala dress off the floor.

Wearing the same dress she’d worn and designed specifically for the biggest social event of the year the morning after she’d disappeared with a Lady of the Night Court in the middle of the festivities, and in the middle of Canterlot Castle no less.

She was practically begging to embarrass herself.

Logically, Rarity knew full well she was quite out of the public eye as she crept through the empty halls of Canterlot Castle’s West Wing.

The gala, of course, had long since ended. There was little chance some nosy gossip might see her and start whispering about the young woman bold enough to go to bed with Lady Sparkle and wander the castle in a wrinkled dress, even less that some vulture from the paparazzi or one of those columnists might jump out from behind the busts or spring from the shadows to hound her with questions. Rarity knew this for certain.


Unfortunately, anxiety, especially that of the more social sort, is a funny little thing. A funny little thing that so happens to possess a great skill when it came to bashing logic in the head with a snow shovel and stuffing it into a trunk. All the more easy to whisper insidious things into the ears of innocent young women.

Rarity could feel her skin crawling, she could feel unseen eyes watching her from the walls, through the stained glass windows. Every which way she turned down the winding corridors, it was like the castle itself knew she didn’t belong and knew she’d committed a major faux pas, and had the audacity to wear it like some badge of honor.

Ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. What sort of child was she, fretting over being watched?

It wasn’t like anyone who saw her leave with Twilight couldn’t have drawn the same conclusions anyway. The gossip train had long since left the station. Oddly enough, that revelation served well to relieve her of that blasted feeling.

Though that relief came with a nice void for all that lingering feeling of awkwardness. What if one of the staff from the gala happened upon her like this? Or worse, what if Princess Celestia did?

Rarity might just go right ahead and die on the spot in that event. Maybe she could be a bit sly, though.

Maybe she could slip out, get a change of clothes, and sneak her way back into Twilight’s bedroom. Unmissed, unnoticed by the other princesses or staff, and with plenty of time to consider her options. Truly, the perfect plan.

Then, she turned left at the next corridor, and her heart leapt into her throat.

Before her stood Princess Cadence and Queen Chrysalis, the fey Queen standing nearly a full head taller than the Princess of Love as they held hands and gazed into one another’s eyes. Nearby, that pair of fey boys seemed content to inspect their surroundings for anything that might be fun to alter or break.

“Shiny will complain about you leaving so soon,” Princess Cadence said, mirth tinging her voice as she stood on tiptoe to brush her nose against the fey Queen’s. “I’ll have no choice but to comfort him for days. He always mopes when you leave while the sun is up.”

If she thought her words might spur guilt, she was quite wrong. Queen Chrysalis smirked, her fangs glinting in the sunlight. “As well he should. That man deserves to be brought to heel every now and again. You’ve let him grow far too insolent and glib since we last embraced.”

Humming throatily, Princess Cadence stole a kiss and said, “You love making him ours though.”

“I love it when he remembers his place,” the fey Queen corrected with a sly grin. Her emerald eyes shone with mischievous delight. “If I find this pattern continues, I shall have no choice but to take drastic measures. You’ll both learn, once I have you in my realm.”

“Or you could just take our invitation and stay with us.”

“You’ve been asking for nine hundred and twenty-seven years.”

“Nine hundred and twenty-seven and a half.” Princess Cadence beamed. “And I’ll ask for nine hundred and twenty-seven and a half years more until you finally accept the offer.”

That fanged grin became a smoldering little smirk. Queen Chrysalis let out a purr and wrapped her arms around the smaller woman’s neck, drawing her into a deep kiss.

Rarity averted her eyes just as she noticed Princess Cadence reaching up to cup the fey Queen’s cheeks and arched her back. Some things, she’d learned, didn’t need to be seen by an audience.

The muffled croon and telltale smack of lips before a rather bubbly giggle told her that decision was correct. Definitely some things for which couples—or would this be two-thirds of a triplet?—didn’t need an audience.

“Making out”, as Rainbow Dash would so eloquently put it, in the middle of the castle was one of them.

“Insolent woman,” the fey Queen purred, drawing Rarity’s eye once more. Her smirk had spread into a smoldering smile as she leaned down. Her long, turquoise tresses draped down to frame the princess’s face. “You’re not exempt, you know. I’ve little problem disciplining you as well.”

“Now there’s something I’ve been hearing but not seen since we met,” came Princess Cadence’s reply.

Though Queen Chrysalis scoffed, it did little to hide the warmth in her eyes. Then, her gaze flitted just past her lover, and those slitted emerald eyes captured Rarity’s and held her in place. A flash of recognition flitted across her face, then gave way to mischief.

The poor woman’s instincts screamed that she flee, but her feet simply refused to cooperate, even as she watched the fey Queen lick her fangs.

“And it seems that the little pet project of yours and Luna’s comes to steal your attention away,” she said, just loud enough for Rarity to hear.

“Oh?” Turning, Princess Cadence met Rarity with a bright smile and half-lidded, knowing look. She stepped back and leaned against her lover, humming happily. “Oh, yes, yes, yes she has! Oh, dear, we might have to talk about a stay in your realm after all. You know how much this one means to her.”

“If not for that and how much she needs it, I just might call it your debt.” Wrapping her arms around Princess Cadence’s shoulders, Queen Chrysalis buried her nose in those tricolored locks and planted a kiss atop her head. Then, she released her embrace and gave the Princess of Love a gentle push toward Rarity. “But you have business. I, on the other hand—”

Suddenly, the fey Queen snapped her fingers. A spark of emerald magic flashed and split off into twin bolts which darted around and behind her, and latched onto one of each of the fey boys’ ears just before they managed to topple a beautiful vase from its stand.

The boys let out twin yelps and sprang back from their prize. They howled and hopped about, clutching their ears and pleading with all their little hearts for their mother’s mercy.

“We weren’t gonna break it!” the one with green hair cried.

His brother writhed and pranced on his toes. “Mom! Please! Thorax and I just wanted to see the pictures!”

“Then perhaps I’ll invite some mortals to your room, Pharynx, and allow them to play with your favorite ice sculptures,” the fey Queen replied cooly. She strode forth, her steps confident and stride unyielding, and made a little beckoning motion with her fingers. Her magic tugged her sons forth by their earlobes. “A fitting repayment, I should think, if you’d broken one of Luna’s vases—no less one of that age.”

Rarity watched dumbstruck, blinking at the sight. The fey, noble and wise amongst the fair folk, and they still acted so much like regular mortal families. In their own strange way, of course.

A bubbly laugh jolted her from her stupor. Princess Cadence shook her head. “Those two boys, I swear,” she said with a sigh and a fond smile. “Sometimes, I wonder if either of them ever matured past thirty.”

The dressmaker drew in her breath. “I’m not sure if you’re having me on, or—”

“Not at all!” Beaming again, Princess Cadence stepped forward until she stood just out of arm’s reach. “Pharynx turns fifty-eight in three months, Thorax turns forty-seven in two. We’ve got plans in the works to surprise them both, but don’t say anything.” She winked. “It’ll be our little secret.”

“You … Er, Your Highness, you do realize I don’t know them, right?”

“Not yet you don’t, but that never stops Pharynx from finding his way into trouble. Or Thorax from going right along with him. In the meantime, why don’t we take a little walk together? You certainly look like you’ve got something on your mind.”

Something, indeed. “Am I so transparent?”

Princess Cadence shrugged. “When you get to be my age, you learn to read things.” Her eyes flitted down to Rarity’s dress, a bemused smile spread across her face. “Perhaps we might find you a change of clothes first, though. Would you like to borrow something, or shall we covertly make our way to your famous boutique so you can change into something more your own?”

Her cheeks flushing, Rarity fought the urge to cover her face and forced herself to squeak, “I-I think I’d prefer my own clothes if you don’t mind!”

The Princess of Love feigned a sigh. “Such a pity. I knew just the dress to sneak from Twilight’s collection. Oh well.” Quick as a flash, she caught Rarity by the wrist and tugged her down the same hallway Queen Chrysalis and her sons had gone. “Come along, dear! We’re burning daylight, after all, and we both have vampires expecting us this evening!”

Rarity couldn’t deny the prospect made her heart flutter so.

Something about being expected by a beautiful woman made the most innocuous things all the more wonderful.

As it so turned out, Princess Cadence’s definition of “covert” was quite a sight different from Rarity’s.

It wasn’t so much one thing that hinted at the fact as it was several all happening in series.

No, it wasn’t just the way she beamed and hummed an old, nameless tune and held Rarity’s hand in a loose, friendly grip all the way through Canterlot Castle until they stepped through the grand entrance into the warmth of the late morning sun. Nor was it the sight of the chariot with two white stallions and a dapper gentleman in a black coat, though that did give her some inkling of what was to come. So too, did the way the heads of each man, woman, and child turned to track its progress through the city, through Platinum Terrace until they reached the border of Clover Terrace.

Or so she’d thought.

Nothing could have prepared her for how quickly the crowd of familiar faces emerged from their houses when the carriage turned into her neighborhood and slowed to a halt before her boutique, or how they gathered around in a semicircle, just close enough to gawk and stare as they eagerly awaited who might emerge.

This time, Rarity did bury her beet red face in her hands. “I think we need to discuss your definition of covert, Your Highness!” she squeaked for the umpteenth time.

Through the cracks in her fingers, Rarity could see the impish smile that flitted across the Princess of Love’s face before she hid it and feigned an innocent tilt of her head. “I was thinking it would be so overt, we’d be covert,” Princess Cadence sang. She winked and opened the door with a snap of her fingers. “Think of it as a little introduction into life dating a noblewoman. You’ll need to get used to this sort of thing.”

That little introduction, as she called it, was quite a bit more than what her words implied. This wasn’t some formal event she could prepare for ahead of time, let alone one at the castle or distant villa—this was her neighborhood, right in front of her own home.

And as she followed Princess Cadence and ducked through the door, the gasps and whispers all around her nearly made Rarity try her hand at a teleportation spell for the first time in years right then and there. She hurried up the path, all but dragging the beaming princess up the pathway leading to the front door of the Fount of Fantasies.

Rarity fumbled to retrieve the key from her purse, and upon finally locating it, missed the lock thrice before she managed to slide it into place. “You’re not making this any easier,” she muttered to the giggling princess.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Princess Cadence shoot her a grin and run a hand through her hair. “When you’ve loved a fey Queen for as long as I have, you pick up a few things. Or just make old habits more pronounced.”

With a tiny frown, Rarity turned the key and pushed the door open, gesturing for Princess Cadence to enter first with a little motion of her hand. Once inside, she hurried to close and lock the door again.

She let out a sigh. Who knew there could be such a thing as too much of the high life in such a short time?

A few steps away, Princess Cadence let out an approving hum. “Fount of Fantasies, indeed,” she said. “Very nice décor. Did you design it yourself or did you consult someone?”

“A little bit of both,” Rarity admitted. “I gave the basic sketch and concept, the designer took it and did a wonderful job bringing everything to life.”

“Ahhh, very nice. I don’t suppose you’d mind giving me her name later. I’ve been wanting to have a little work done on the sitting room in our villa and, no offense to Shiny, but my daughter has a better eye for interior decorating and she’s more wont to blow holes in my walls.”

Staring blankly seemed like an apt response. A baby who could blow holes in the wall. Why not? Things hadn’t gotten interesting enough in her life.

Rather than pause in silent mourning as her more dramatic side demanded, Rarity turned to climb the stairs leading to her room up on the second floor, with Princess Cadence following in her wake. They moved quietly down the hallway until they reached the master bedroom, more because Rarity wasn’t sure if Sweetie and the girls had stayed the night rather than walk back to their loft and didn’t want to garner the attention of three squealing singers before they launched one of their little investigations than anything.

Because if there was anything she needed on top of the questions fighting for space in her mind amidst the nerves at having one of the royal family in her home, it was those three pestering a princess.

That would be a surefire way to send that goodwill she’d somehow garnered up in flames.

Fortune smiled upon her and gave Rarity a moment’s reprieve. As her fingers brushed against the doorknob, she paused and turned to fix Princess Cadence with a sheepish grin. “You’ll have to forgive a bit of a mess. I tend to brainstorm at my desk late at night and don’t really clean it until the day after.”

“That’s fine.” Princess Cadence shook her head. “You should see my study some days. It’s a warzone.”

With that note of comfort, she twisted the knob and entered, her eyes found that mess of sketches and design notes littering her desk like a flurry of fallen snow. The wastebin was overflowing with the crumbled remnants of failed ideas she simply hadn’t thought to actually do away with properly, with several laying about on the carpeted floor.

“Mmm, yes, that’s a good start for a chaotically busy workstation,” the Princess of Love noted happily. “Though, the spider’s web of profiles and strands on my wall puts that to shame, dear. So, don’t feel at all like this is anything I’d be bothered by.”

She seemed to glide over to Rarity’s closet and opened it with a waggle of her fingers so she could inspect what lay within. Again, she began to hum that old tune again, idly pulling outfits off the wrack to compare, then setting some aside while putting others back in place.

All the while, Rarity stood rooted on the spot, unsure if she should try to slip between the princess and her closet to make the decision herself. This wasn’t quite what she had in mind when she was thinking about slipping out for a few hours to find a change of clothes and think.

One of her dresses from the previous autumn for the Nightmare Night Fright Formal, a sleek black number that reached all the way down to her ankles and hugged her hips in all the right ways, floated up to hover before her, held aloft by a shimmering cerulean glow. The hemline and shoulders were her favorite on this piece, she’d fashioned them with black lace and woven them to look like spider webs.

“Er.” She blinked. “Princess, it’s not Nightmare Night.”

“You slept in Twilight’s room, for that girl every day is Nightmare Night.” Purple eyes shone with mirth. “She might even start asking you to wear something with bat imprints, or perhaps a nice crimson.”

Rarity’s eyes lit up. “Oh! Like, for blood?”

“I was thinking more that it would contrast your hair quite nicely, but it would make you more enticing to her, wouldn’t it? I like the way you think!”

Puffing her cheeks, the dressmaker rubbed at her forearm. “I was trying to come here to think about things too, you know,” she muttered before she could quite stop herself.

“Yes, I noticed. And you were thinking of what to wear for her when you returned, weren’t you?” came the counterpoint. As Rarity looked up and made to reply, Princess Cadence laughed. “Oh, honey, I’ve seen that look on so many lovestruck girls over the years, you’ll have to forgive me if I seem like I just read you without an effort. Hell, I can remember when I’d catch myself thinking about Shiny while I brushed my hair.”

That was right.

Princess Cadence was certainly more playful and whimsical than she’d expected, but she was still the Princess of Love. Not to mention a peer of Twilight and Lord Armor themselves.

Fidgeting in place, she looked down at her heels and kicked them off. The silly things had long since worn out their welcome anyway. “You make it seem like you just have all the answers, Princess,” Rarity said as she shot the princess a wry look.

A snort of laughter and shake of her head. Princess Cadence replied, “No, I’ve just seen that ‘but what should I wear for my darling’ look enough over a thousand plus years to know it. I’ve no idea what else was on your mind, just that something was. And, there’s a bit of a selfish note.” She tilted her head and gave that warm smile again. “Auntie Luna got to see you before with Twilight and you spent time chatting with Auntie Tia yesterday morning. We barely talked last night and that was more that I wanted to meet the woman who picked the lockbox Twilight kept her heart and stole it so and give her a little shove toward that balcony.”

“So … if you wanted to meet me last night, why did you want to come with me this morning, Princess?”

“That? It was chance that we met and I could see you were in thought even after you bumped into Chryssi and me.” She shrugged. “Not a proper plan, really. Just one still-smitten girl helping another. Also, call me Cadence or Cady since we’ll be seeing more of one another. Actually, make it Cady. Formality is just going to make things confusing or drawn out when we’re all together.”

She forced a weak laugh. “I-If you insist. Er, Cady.”

The approving hum which came in reply at least eased that reflexive anxiety a bit. Though only just.

“So,” Cadence began as she floated a white gown back onto the rack, “what had you in such state earlier? I can only assume last night went well, given the—ah—state of your attire, when we bumped into one another.”

It took a mighty effort to ignore the heat rising in her cheeks at the memories that implication stirred. “Twilight and I talked at length last night,” Rarity said softly.

“That’s good. Did she tell you about when that little crush of hers started?”

She reached out to take hold of that black Nightmare Night dress and held it close to her chest. Just as Twilight held her as they drifted off to sleep in the early hours of the morning. “I think she made it sound more than a crush. Like I was some siren calling to her.”

Cadence shot her a sidelong smirk. “On one hand, there went my chance to tell you it was more than just a crush.”

“And on the other?”

“You can’t imagine how proud I am that she finally faced her fears, or how relieved.” Her eyes lit up at the sight of a sleeveless burgundy dress with slits going up either side of the leg and a low cut top. “Not crimson, but I think you might want to keep this one handy. Especially for vampire court events. So, conversation went well, but you seem torn on something.”

Rarity snorted before she could restrain herself. Torn wasn’t quite the word to describe how she felt about Twilight’s offer. Torn implied that she’d been pulled only in two directions and found benefit to either side.

Becoming a vampire, though, didn’t just leave her torn. She felt she’d been shredded and the pieces spread about to linger on everything she knew and held dear. Family, friends, connections, her business, how much would change and what would she need to prepare herself to lose if she said yes? Could endless time with Twilight balance the grief she’d feel laying her loved ones to rest?

Where’s the fairytale where the main character has to sit and mull that, of all things?

“She talked to me about her fears,” Rarity said softly. “Then she asked if I’d consider letting her turn me so she could have me with her forever.”

“Mmm.” The playfulness she’d grown so accustomed to seeing on Cadence’s face washed away. In its place, a knowing look. “Well, I stand corrected—I know that feeling just the same.”

“Do you?”

“Oh, yes. I wasn’t born like this, you know.” Cadence gestured to herself. “I was mortal, like you, when I first caught Auntie’s eye and became her student. I met Shiny because Luna was teaching him at the same time, so we’d always end up eating dinner together.” She paused to chuckle and shake her head. “He’d always pretend try to sneak the meat off my plate and switch it with the ‘rabbit food’.”

Something about the image her words conjured made Rarity want to croon. Just the thought of the vampire Lord purposefully dumping his vegetables on her plate and flipping a few pieces of stake onto his with all the stealth of a minotaur in a China closet, and the subtlety of a mime on the street corner.

He had seemed quite affectionate with their daughter last night. Why shouldn’t he be like any other boy when he was younger?

Twilight was surely a woman beneath that coy smirk and predatory gleam in her eyes. A powerful figure to be certain, but one with all the worries and insecurities of a mortal woman.

Thinking on it like that a moment made it a bit easier to see Twilight as she stood in the West Wing—all that fidgeting and fretting, how she kept brushing her thumb against Rarity’s knuckles.

Like she had to make sure Rarity was still there.

“He offered to turn you?”

“On my thirteenth birthday,” Cadence confirmed. “Oh, he didn’t want to turn me that day, of course. Turned vampires age just as slow as the rest, but we were already in love and he couldn’t wait any longer to ask. I told him that I’d let him when I turned eighteen and we’d just go from there.”

Rarity raised a brow. That wasn’t quite what she’d expected at all. “But … you’re not a vampire.”

“No, I’m not.” Huffing, the Princess of Love turned away from the closet and stepped over to take a seat on Rarity’s bed. “To be honest, for about a century or so, I barely spoke with Auntie Tia over it. And it’s still a bit upsetting.”

Curiouser and curiouser. Rarity approached slowly, unable to resist the urge. “Forgive me if I sound callous, but why would that be upsetting? You have a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, and … er …”

“A wonderful lover and adorable half-sons?” Cadence offered.

“Yes, let’s go with that.”

The Princess of Love nodded once. “I did say a bit upsetting. I love my family and I’m happy with how things are, but at the time I found I couldn’t be turned, I was, to quote your generation, quite pissed off that the wonderful gesture my suitor wanted to offer had been made impossible just prior.”

Rarity made to speak, but thought better of it and closed her mouth quickly. Her uncertainty gave itself voice in a low uneasy note in the back of her throat.

Enough to earn a snort of laughter from the princess. “You’re wondering why I’d be angry at Auntie Tia for so long, right?” At Rarity’s nod, she sighed and said, “I was discussing it with her one night, going over my reasoning and finally worked up the courage to say that I would accept it and be his forever. The phrase ‘walking on sunshine’ summed up my mood, right up until I learned that vampires couldn’t change one who was already immortal.”

“That doesn’t make sense, though,” Rarity protested.


“No! It doesn’t! You just said you weren’t born immortal, so you should’ve been able to accept! It’s not like someone could just—” it hit her like a horse at full sprint. Details from two separate conversations began to match up.

Two conversations held with two separate princesses—one here, one at Canterlot Castle the morning prior.

“She just can’t stand the pain of watching them wither away. Something else she picked up from me, I suppose.”

“Princess Celestia,” Rarity whispered. “She made you immortal.”

Smiling again, Cadence rubbed at her forehead. “I’m honestly not sure which part infuriated me more, looking back,” she admitted. “Was it the fact that she’d ruined the single most romantic gesture a vampire suitor could give? One by a boy I’d been infatuated with for years? Or the fact that my beloved Auntie performed a ritual while I slept through dawn on the Summer Solstice, when her power would be at its peak, so she could wield all the magic at her disposal to sensure it was never undone?”

Silence fell heavy over the room. Rarity licked her dried lips, unable even to begin to reply. There wasn’t exactly any way she could try to sympathize, short of having Twilight’s offer unceremoniously ripped from her grasp.

Her heart clenched at the mere thought. This, after such a short time, love at first sight or not. It just couldn’t compare to what Cadence must have felt at that time.

“So,” Rarity murmured, “how did you decide you could handle it? Even though it didn’t end up happening.”

“Going from mortal to undying?” Cadence asked. “Accepting that I would have to watch friends and family pass on while I endured with Shining?” She set her cheek upon her palm and shrugged. “Rarity, I was already in love with Shining. I knew what I wanted. As much as I could, and would love, to go on about how the two of you have a red thread more vibrant than some married couples, I understand why you’d hesitate. You have far more ties than I did, really, so you probably shouldn’t put too much stock in me saying it was easy. I could be a little selfish without having to put in as much thought.”

Whether the wording or the tone, Rarity wasn’t certain which made her laugh despite her worries.

Cadence rose and moved to take hold of her hands, and offered a crooked little smile. “You’re not doing yourself or Twilight any wrong thinking on it. Honestly, I’d be worried if you just jumped and called it easy.”

“Well!” Rarity sputtered through a smattering of giggles. “At least I know I’m not insane!”

“Not at all. Like I said, I thought too and I knew Shining for years.” She squeezed Rarity’s hands tight. “What did you tell Twilight when she asked?”

“That I couldn’t promise that I’d accept her offer, but that I’d happily spend the rest of my life with her at least,” Rarity recited. “And she said that she couldn’t promise she wouldn’t keep asking if I said no.”

Cadence beamed. “Oh, you’re a woman after my own heart!” Her eyes flitted to the closet again, she snapped her fingers and summoned a cream white dress from the rack. “Hmm, not too formal, not to casual. With a coat, it could work in this weather.”

Rarity allowed herself a moment to think on something other than her vampire dilemma, something familiar and simple, yet all too important. Which dress to wear for Twilight when she awoke?

Nightmare Night black, a deep, rich burgundy, or snowy white?

She hummed, smiling slowly. What else would a vampiress’s lover wear?

With a shake of her head, she gestured toward the burgundy dress. “I’m blaming you and your lover for this, Cadence—”

“You’ll call me Cady someday.”

”—But I’m going to live dangerously and be bold enough to entice the most powerful vampire in the land,” Rarity finished, ignoring that impish smirk. “Maybe just diving headfirst into this will help me decide, no?”

Suddenly, she was caught in a princess sized hug. “Exactly right,” came Cadence’s whisper. “No one but you can know how you get to a point where you’re ready to answer.”

“… You were waiting for me to realize that, weren’t you?”

The bright, toothy grin Cadence gave before she released her embrace and beckoned Rarity away to shower said more than any words could. And all Rarity could do was roll her eyes and smile.

Maybe these meddlesome princesses were onto something.

The butterflies in her belly that whipped into a frenzy didn’t seem to care how Rarity thought she felt more confident, secure, and stunning as she left Cadence’s company and walked through the West Wing once more.

Who could blame her though? Wasn’t this the same any love stricken woman after a night like the one she’d shared with Twilight?

None of the guards posted along the entranceways had tried to stop or question her, though one with a slight graying to his hair had given a polite cough and gestured toward the corridor on the left when she looked down the right. Had someone instructed them to ensure she didn’t wander or get lost on her way to Twilight’s chambers?

Either way, she returned his gesture with a nod of thanks and altered course.

Her little chat with Cadence had certainly helped her organize her thoughts, even if she still wasn’t entirely sure whether she wanted to turn or not. Much like the Princess of Love had so helpfully highlighted, she did have a lot of ties anchoring her. A lot of people to think about. And each time she started thinking about those anchoring her, Rarity found her mind wandering back to that bright, happy smile spread across Twilight’s features.

And each time that visage came to mind, she found herself grinning like an utter fool as warmth flooded her very being.

With a snap of her fingers and sparkle of sapphire glow, Rarity tugged the door open and slipped inside as quietly as possible, unsure how early Twilight might awake—for a vampire, anyway.

Though Cadence had done a bit to delay their return, six o’clock in the evening, while the sun was still out and quite happy to burn any vampire caught in its light to ash, might be a bit out of the question. Regardless of whether or not Twilight’s chambers were perpetually darkened.

The door hinges squeaked as she tried to ease it shut. Rarity bit back a curse and shot a glare at the door, pursing her lips. So much for entering quietly.

Soft, cold hands encircled her shoulders in a loose embrace. An icy breath stung and teased her ears. “And here I wondered if you’d slipped away to make me come looking,” Twilight teased in her throaty purr. Planting a kiss right where Rarity’s neck and shoulder met, she mused, “You went and changed.”

Only her considerable self-control saved Rarity from arching her back and just melting beneath her ministrations. She could feel the vampiress’s naked form pressed against her, holding her close in the same way one might some great treasure.

“Y-Yes,” Rarity squeaked as those soft lips brushed against her skin again, and brought with them the tickle of fangs. “I thought it might seem a bit rude of me to just wander in last night’s clothes.”

“Fair point, that might have gotten some gossip going.” She could feel Twilight smile against her skin. “But you could’ve just stayed and asked me when I woke up, I could’ve found something for you until we visited your boutique together.”

Oh. Right. Squeezing her eyes shut, Rarity reached up to take hold of Twilight’s hands and leaned against her forearm. “I didn’t think of that. My mind was … elsewhere.” She turned just enough to gaze into those crimson eyes. “How long have you been awake?”

Twilight shrugged. “Only just long enough to wonder where the beautiful woman I went to bed with was before I heard the door open and caught her scent.” Her smile began to show teeth, she took a step forward, deftly turning Rarity and guiding her back toward the wall. “Just long enough to see her clothed in such a fetching color, looking all the more delectable, like she didn’t learn her lesson last night.”

An anticipating shiver ran down her spine. “H-Have I mentioned I’m a bit of a slow learner?” Rarity asked, fluttering her lashes.

Another purr. “A slow learner, you say?” Twilight took another step, her hips swaying slowly with each movement. As Rarity’s back gently touched the wall, she leaned in close, her hands cupping Rarity’s cheeks and lips brushing together with every word she whispered, “Did any of those stories you found of me tell of how I love teaching little vampires?”

“I can’t say they did.” Rarity let her arms slide up Twilight’s sides, caressing that perfect, cool skin until she wrapped them around the vampiress’s neck. “They all talked about what you did as Regent or in military.”

“Well, that’s irritating.” Stealing a quick kiss, she murmured, “You should wear that color more often.”

“Because it makes me look enticing?”

Twilight shook her head. “You wear it perfectly, and it’s a beautiful contrast to your hair.” Her eyes glittering, she added, “That it’s the same color as blood is only a bonus to what already makes you look so delectable, silly girl.”


Oh, well then!

There was just no hiding or disguising squirming in her current state. And, frankly, Rarity was just fine with that. She’d be just fine if she could feel this forever.

Then again, couldn’t she? All it’d take was just a little selfishness. Just this once.

Just like Cadence.

She buried her face in Twilight’s shoulder and took a deep breath to steel herself. Yes. “Are you hungry?”

Twilight drew back, blinking. “Famished,” she replied. “Why?”

For whatever reason, that look of innocent confusion upon her face just made Rarity giggle. After her offer, she didn’t think to draw the connection.

Rather than answer aloud, Rarity simply took a deep breath and brushed a stray lock of hair off her neck and shoulder, then tilted her head to bare the left side of her neck.

Slitted pupils widened as though to fill the vampiress’s eyes. Those gleaming fangs lengthened, her lips twitched and began to tug into a hopeful smile. “You know what happens if I—”


“And you—really?”

I’m a silly girl? Rarity stood on tiptoe to plant a lingering kiss upon her lover and nuzzled her softly. “Eternity with you, I can be selfish just this once,” she whispered. “And this is the most romantic gift I could have imagined, even if it might ruin this dress.”

Biting her lip, Twilight leaned in and kissed Rarity soundly. Her cold fingers running through those regal purple locks as she crooned into the kiss. “Be still, my unbeating heart,” she whispered when they parted. “For you, a thousand of those dresses and more, my love. Tilt, please.”

Rarity would swear later she didn’t shiver or prance on tiptoe. She would spin some tale about how she did so with a kiss on the lip and dignified smile as she awaited the bite.

They both knew the truth, though.

Both knew how she first flinched as Twilight drew close, then let a startled yelp turn into a happy hum as Twilight kissed just beneath her jawline, and began to trail a slow line down her neck.

She whined in protest and bounced on tiptoe, trying to press against her fangs. “Twi-light! Please!”

“Mmm, well,” Twilight purred, her fangs tickling against Rarity’s neck. “Since you beg so sweetly.”

Pain bit into the side of her neck, lethal fangs pierced deep, into her jugular. She felt Twilight press her lips against the skin, sucking hard and running her tongue along the skin to lap up her precious lifeblood. Fire spread through her veins and into her heart, the vampiress’s venom working its wicked games to put her on pins and needles and slowly bring her across the threshold between night and day.

Her eyes fluttering shut, Rarity tilted her head back and let out a soft moan as her canines began to ache and lengthen.

The first night of eternity together began with blissful rebirth.

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RariLight by Carapace? Screw the plans I had for the day, I'm reading this now.

Is this story based of off Castlevania?

Okay, the romance element is hampered by the fact that they only share three scenes, but otherwise pretty good.

Okay...I'm just going to toss this out there. I've read slow burn romance erotica that wasn't this flipping hot! Great Celestia that was positively STEAMY!:twilightsmile:

You broke an italics right there at the end.

That sid aside, this was just lovely. Rarilight always gets my blood going.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph that was amazing. And hot, very steamy hot. I wow

That was such a good read.

Damn, Cara. A good read, as always with you.

Ah, I love this AU so much!! All of the realms and possibilities. The visuals were amazing and sensual. I would definitely love to see more from this, amazing work!!

Good stuff, but Twilight didn't feel especially... well, Twilighty. (Twilit? Twilesque?) Even allowing for centuries of refinement and experience to smooth out those adorkable edges, her connection to Bookhorse felt tenuous at best. I don't think there was even a bookcase in her room, and I'd expect her to want to document at least a bit more of her life. She even seems surprised that that's not the case. Plus, the whole turning issue got resolved pretty darn quick; some input from Rarity's family and friends might have been nice.

It's a nice read, but the pony feels a bit painted on at times. Not a bad thing per se, just an observation.


“To be honest, for about a century or so, I barely with Auntie Tia over it.

What does that mean?

So, do ALL people who get bitten turn into vamps, or did Twilight do something special for Rarity?

Also, who is Rainbow Dash in this 'verse?

It's meant to be "barely spoke with" but it looks like I derped on the line. >.>;

Great to see this up here, Cara. Glad I could help with it. :twilightsmile:

(although Sun Sage might put me out of a job at this rate)

I'm pretty sure that, as pre-reader, I have brought at least a couple of generations worth of shame on my family for missing these... :unsuresweetie:

At first read, I thought this was done by Mono, then noticed your notes. Yup RariTwi lives (well sorta in this case). I wouldn't be opposed to more in this universe. Very nicely done Cara.

One minor thing:

Please R. S. P. V. with your intent as soon as possible. Her Majesty looks forward to hearing from you and hosting you in Canterlot Castle.

Shouldn't that be R.S.V.P.?

Holy shit that pettiness over being denied the romantic gesture is singe handedly the MOST CADENCE thing I think I’ve ever seen written.

...Why is this not longer....

Love the new coverart.


If the sun is fatal to vampires, how can Twilight be around Celestia?

9240466 It's the sun's light, not the sun itself. Also, Celestia is not the sun.

Dood. I've edited professionally. And I say that not to brag (it's boring as Hell to edit for advertisers), only to say this: no one catches everything. This is quite clean overall; those are all pretty damn minor. Thank you for helping bring it to us!

The prose and characters are all wonderfully done, this was an extremely enjoyable read. Thank you for sharing.

The romance aspect felt very rushed, especially her choice at the end, though.

Okay, that genuinely makes me feel a lot better. Thanks man. :twilightsmile:

Also, even if it was for something boring, the fact that you edited professionally is super cool.

the result would be steepled in selfishness


flipping a few pieces of stake

Okay, this might be a vampire pun, but uh... steak.

disposal to sensure


this the same any love stricken

as (missing word)

All of these are things I could be wrong on, if I'm misreading... certainly a possibility.

Anywho, unanswered questions aside (who is vampire, you tell!), this was a lovely read. I adored the little touches of Twilight that came through in the character while keeping her such an alluring, confident presence. Chrysalis... well I expect fun take on her, given who I'm reading, but this... well now. Assuredly... a different take on her dynamic with Shining and Cadance. So many others were fun, too, even in cameo (dat Appledash...).

But none of that measures up to Rarity here. Some of Rarity's best canon lines are silly, and they work because of set up and delivery. Her telling Fancy 'you suck'? You nailed it. Further, loved her inner monologue. Kid and teen her beating the crap out of her inhibitions, or attacking them with a shovel, was it? Perfect touches for her.

This was a really good read. You should revisit it sometime maybe after finishing the changeling Twilight story whenever the mood strikes in a timely manner.

Mmm... What a wonderful story. There can never be enough vampire(pony) stories, and this one is one of my favourites so far.

Umm, more please? This was a great story!

This was most definitely a lovely read!

One seriously has to wonder: how do vampires even feed? Is their will strong enough that over their (pretty long, so it would seem) lives they do it just select several times non-lethally, if that?

Bleh. I feel the story would be better off without that one last TF bit. The idea of 'yeah they can feed but it doesn't do much/does have 'effects' (enabling it as a specific kink), and actual TF is a much more involved and complicated process, basicly impossible to be done by accident' would make much more sense, due to how openly the vampires live with others, and how frequent is the contact.

Besides, unlike everything else, at this particular moment in the story, going through with this is a horribly poor choice by everyone involved.

Ignoring that, a fine read. Points for a sane Chrysalis version, in permanent relationship with ShiningDance. That's always nice to see.

This is only the third time they've met, and they're already pledging themselves to each other for eternity?

A whirlwind of lust and infatuation does not a healthy relationship make.

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Very nice story, incredibly well written, great pacing, absolutely lovely. I do hope you explore more of this universe though, it sounds very interesting, and that's ignorning the obvious differences like Twilight and Shining's ages, or the good relationship with Chrysalis, lots of interesting differences here.

Now with that said, I will point out that the last chapter could use a bit of going over, I caught two minor spelling errors (pf instead of of and sensure instead of ensure IIRC having read this a few hours ago), and this:

Rarity fumbled to retrieve the key from her purse,

So what's wrong there? Well, that'd be this quote from the previous chapter:

Had she thought to bring her purse

Not really hard to fix, you could simply have her struggle to retrieve her key from a magically protected hiding spot.

No matter, none of that changes the fact that this is simply a great story.

This was absolutely fantastic! Honestly it was so well written and paced perfectly, just enough to keep me on my toes.

Would it be bad to beg for another tale like this?!

cover pic reminds me of 'karens' mother... from the anime 'karen' (vampire anime)

So good!!! This world needs more stories. You've built such a rich background so quickly, I'd love to see more of it. Well done!

Pharynx and Thorax!!! My sweet bug boys come to life!! And I adore you Chrysalis. Just overall what a cool background and story, so intricate with all these hidden subcultures.
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Preferably a one shot just to show how everyone reacted to Rarity's.... Yeah

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Ahhh... Always love a good re-read of this one. This AU is truly marvelous. I've gotta say, this is one of my absolute favorite stories, and it being so short just means I can read it whenever I want! :twilightsmile:

Delightfully written, as always dear Carapace, since I first sank my teeth into "Twilight, Good Night".
I really enjoy your writing style and your eloquence with words. Rarely have I seen such talent.

The only thing I did not like was the way Rarity was turned. Don't get me wrong, the feeling conveyed in that last scene was just right. But how it technically seems to work: by just biting a mortal.
How would vampires be able to live if they had to turn (or kill) each person they drank from? While it might be a possibility to extract blood without biting and then drink it, that is not how I prefer universes with vampires in them to work.
Also, you seem to have hinted Chapter 3 that an exchange of blood is needed: "Rarity, imagine if you could change that—remove the possibility of dying with age. Like a vampire can with little more than a simple trade of blood for blood"

“You slept in Twilight’s room, for that girl every day is Nightmare Night.”

Every day you say.


Bit of a gigantic necro, but after re-reading it I was wondering the same thing. The best explanation I can think of would be, this is the temporary side-effect of feeding. Unintended and largely harmless, and it would be much more involved to progress into actual transformation.

Otherwise though, yeah, this is a bug, not a feature.

This was incredibly cute and sexy. Very well done, take a well-earned favorite and upvote.

Will you please stop writing prequels to sequels you're never going to write!

Damnit! I really want to know how things go from this point. sigh.

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