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Meeting up with Rarity at a coffee shop, Twilight was all ready to cram for finals. She thought it would be a brilliant and nice idea to study together. Of course, it would probably have been better if Rarity wasn't her girlfriend and wasn't more interested in studying Twilight rather than flash cards.

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A lovely little story but I'm a little confused by the beginning. Why did Rarity ask her to wait outside if she late on purpose.

Was it because she wanted to make sure she paid for the coffee instead of Twilight or did she want Twilight to be cold so that she wouldn't complain when Rarity leaned against her?


Oh, she wasn't late on purpose. She was just joking about being late on purpose. Perhaps I should have been a bit more obvious.

Ahahahaahah YESSSSSS.


But then why did Rarity ask Twilight to stay outside while waiting for her?

Also I think it's oay the way it is, I had thought she was just teasing Twilight.



Oh, wow, I forgot I had said Rarity specifically asked her to wait outside. Iā€¦ honestly don't remember why I put that, but let's pretend it was because yes, she didn't want Twilight to buy the coffee in advanced?


Okay for me, I just get hung up over these little things. Makes trying to write my own story a bit of a problem.


It's completely understandable. I get hung up on a lot of details as well, especially on larger stories, but since this was just a drabble, I suppose I was a bit careless in that respect.


Well thank you for clearing that up and I hope to see more from you later.

But what about the A+? Did they get it? The suspense is killing me!

OMG ....why i haven't read this sooner !!!!! another glorious rarilight fic!!!:heart:
i love how easily rares embarrass twi :rainbowlaugh: :yay:

Ohhh!! I LOVE IT! We need another short story with them! :duck: <3 :twilightsheepish:

Naturally. Twilight cannot be swayed by mere kises alone when there's studying on the line.

2nsfw4me Mono :rainbowwild:


I know right it's just SCANDALOUS!!!

7460484 So saucy! I'm just blushing at the explicit content. :duck:


Now, Star, honestly I thought you were a lady and a lady doesn't read such saucy things!!!

7460497 Ahhh, but Mono a lady doesn't write such risque content...heehee.

I never said I was a lady.

7460519 Shhh...we're all guilty here. Of something. Like cute RariTwi.

Have to read both stories now that I found your second account. I'll admit I don't understand why this one is on here since it's actually just a normal fluff piece between your standard ship. The last half of the story is very amusing though. It's like the most cliche setup but it's just great. Better I found this late then never.

Huh... I'd swear I read this before, but I hadn't voted on it. Odd.

This story combines three of my favorite elements: Twilight, Rarity, coffee (...not necessarily in that order, but...). I'm not sure it'd be possible to downvote it without some fundamental loss of self on my part. Just to be safe, I'll go ahead and upvote... also it was a cute read, so there's that. I think the dynamic between these two is what makes this ship my favorite. They play so well off each other in so many different situations, even the most basic of set ups just seems to Sparkle:facehoof::raritydespair: ...heh, I'll show myself out.

Twilight and Rarity being so lovey dovey, I love it!

Well, this is it. The fic that made me realize I love Rarity stories and started me on my present Rarity fic-reading bender.

I hope you're proud of yourself, random author whose identity I'll never know

This is why Rarity is kind of amazing.

They studied books on kissing

perfection xD

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