Let There Be Peace.

There are many stressful things in life. There are many stressful things, and people, on this site. This group is your escape from all of that.

If you wish, you may make requests of peaceful artwork and music. Anything that helps you to calm down will be necessary.

Site rules apply here as well, albeit more strictly as this place is for peace.

Group rules are just that you must let there be peace.

If peace is broken, you will be confronted by me or any other administrator who runs this with me. If peace is broken between you an another member, then settle it here, let not the sun set on your anger.

If problems continue, you will be banned.

The group is currently undergoing a testing phase. Depending on the first week or so of our life, I'll decide whether to open the group up properly to the public, or to delete it and never try it again. If it fails, I may just keep it here. Consider it a piece of FiMFiction's convoluted history.

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  • Viewing 1 - 2 of 2
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