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Sometimes I write words but mostly I just sit around like a big sack of meat and read.


A brony gets sent to Equestria, but it isn't what he expected. He never thought the world of My Little Pony would be so literal.

This story is dedicated to Karna, because it was his idea. Really.

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Welp, only thing left to do is to starve to death nah, just starve. Hopefully you can eat the trees.

And this makes me debate with myself if this is worse than hell... :pinkiesick:

I was trying hard not to laugh...

I failed.

Nightmares, there you are.

Death seems to have learned well from her love Deadpool.


Glorious. Short, sweet, and silly.

Not quite how I had been thinking of it, but got me laughing anyway.

"Because you touch yourself at night. Yeah, turns out there is a God, and he doesn't like that."

And the moral of the story is: Touch yourself during the day, because God likes to watch and prefers an unobstructed view.


This story brought me to tears. Fucking hilarious


You found the hidden moral message! I would congratulate you with a cookie, but you probably don't want to eat any cookie I made, judging by the moral of this story.

"Well, at least I can continue touching myself at night"
*puts on sunglasses*


Great job on the dialogue, and you delivered a pretty funny story without that many words. Good job.:pinkiehappy:

And so, the brony spent the rest of eternity in a world where every pony was a mute lump of plastic with brushable hair and no articulation.

Except for Lyra, who was a suspiciously-equipped plushie. :trollestia:

All because he touches himself at night...

"Because you touch yourself at night. Yeah, turns out there is a God, and he doesn't like that."

This has to be the GREATEST line in the history of EXISTENCE!

I was stuck in an Equestria where everything was a toy!

Regular brain:PLOT TWIST!

Analyst brain: But that makes no se-

Regular brain:PLOT TWIST!

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