Warm Fire - Stories with a Nice Spitfire.

Anyone else notice a trend with stories involving Spitfire? If she's not a tyranical drill sargeant who demands the impossible from the poor saps at Flight School, she's the kind of abusive crush/girlfriend few would actually want IRL.

This is a group for all the stories out there with a nice, kind, good Spitfire. Maybe she's like a cool older Sis to Rainbow Dash, or she follows the 'A Father To His Men' trope, or the kind of crush/girlfriend somepony could actually fall for and stay with for more than a few nights, or even her as a genuine badass , but one that doesn't believe 'Mean to everyone and uber short-tempered'=Bonus badass points. Or any other possible interpretation of Spitfire and her character that doesn't result in her character becoming a colossal raging [Insult redacted].

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haha same, though I think she is my first:twilightsheepish:

I wish FIM didn’t make her look like a screaming freak...I bet she is really nice
this group is awesome

FINALLY!!!!!A group of a NICE Spitfire.I hate it,when people make her a b****.She's my second fav pony:3

385022 Good to know. Basically, a lot more eloquently and with many more words, I said...

What is unique to the Brony Fandom?

Even the terrible fics are good.

Harry Potter has My Immortal. But we? We have Fallout Equestria, Fall of Equestria, The Conversion Bureau, Cupcakes.

And you can spend hours on websites arguing with people over whether or not these are good. (Fallout Equestria is good, if a bit overdone, Fall of Equestria is a bad porn story with a mildy interesting premise, The Conversion Bureau is one of the most eye-rollingly anti-human things I've ever read, and Cupcakes is a bad attempt at a horror story. A horror story should evoke feelings of fear and horror in the audience, not merely make them roll their eyes or frown at the screen and frown harder at the author.)

Even our terrible writers are good. I'm currently writing a comedy story about the trend of bad alicorn black-and-red OC stories here. Me, writing comedy. To put this into perspective, I'm the guy who wrote Naruto: Ryukatsu's Ambition. And hid several secret references to MLP in that story, along with an upcoming big one that everyone should be able to get, even those who usually don't notice things.

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I did reply to this comment. Where is that reply?

384828 You seem to know your fandoms. Is there anything that is unique to the brony fandom?

384279 Thanks! I made this group because I noticed that a lot of fanfics interpreted Spitfire as... well...

Anyway, it necessitated the creation of this story.

I don't want this fandom to end up like the Naruto fandom, where EVERYONE hates character X, except for the people who love character x wholeheartedly for stupid reasons and hate a different character for certain reasons.

Harry Potter may have invented the "Ron The Death Eater" trope, but sweet Celestia it's definitely spread to the Naruto fandom. Though it seems to be getting a bit better as of late, now that the pairing debates have finally been settled.

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