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This story deals with heavy topics, I would not recommend reading if you're easily disturbed.

In the world of Ifera ByFlame, the sun and moon move on there own and its princesses, Princess Aphrodite and Princess Regalia observe the realm stilly. However, when an ancient evil long sealed centuries ago is reawakened by a unsuspecting innocent, Ifera ByFlame is in major threat of being consumed by fire and unstoppable death.

"His mind clouded by turmoil and darkness, he vowed to strike the one down who threatened to change his reality and unleash her power upon him. Neither friend or foe, she remained in a conflicting stance of whether to bring down torment or embrace the lost soul."

Cover art drawn by Noodlezss

This is a rewritten version of a story me and a former best friend worked on for almost two years before things hit the fan with him and I. I was a co-writer of the story therefore it still has right to me as it does to him. A lot of the concepts are reworked and reimagined with my own ideas. Consider this an emotional piece that talks of feelings I'm not truly able to physically speak. Hopefully someday I'll look back at this in a much better mind space and be proud.

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Oohh Ifera is the name of the place they live. Ifera ByFlame. Ifera is just a shortened way of saying it.

Flusk halted and Drizzle turned his head to gaze back at her. Her ears were folded to her head and she glared down at the earth, refusing to look him in the eyes.

AWwww.. <3!

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