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Discord is asked to return Trixie's hat back to her and comes across a rather difficult situation he wasn't exactly prepared for. Even after being a reformed draconequus, there are still some lessons to be learned in both friendship and empathy..Perhaps romance as well..

Please note that this story takes places before Twilight becomes the official ruler of Equestria and leaves Ponyville to live in Canterlot.

Contains Trixicord Shipping ;)

Thank you to Antonia for making the cover art for this as well! 💜

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Aww that was a nice story having Discord and Trixie talk about how they felt how people or ponies and creatures talk about them behind the back or even saying right to the face yes words can hurt specially what they did back in the past won't change but they can still make a better future for them and I like that moment between Trixie and Discord this was a very sweet story and pretty good job on capturing how the characters are

This is such a brilliant concept, but I do feel the syntax is a bit awkward. The story line and plot feel so real that it felt like I was right there with them in the story.

Keep up the great work, mate!:raritywink:

Ah yea, I probably should of used another app to proof read my fanfiction before I uploaded it. :twilightsheepish: Thanks for the feedback though and I'm glad you enjoyed it. ^^

well that's a ship I haven't seen before interesting

Indeed. It was a random crackship a friend brought up to me not too long ago and I liked it a lot so I decided to make a fanfic off it. :P

Very Cute 😁
I'd love to read a smal sequel 😋

I was thinking about making a sequel actually so perhaps. :twilightsmile:

Also holy crap, I was not expecting to see a MLP reactor here who appreciates Discord as much as I do. Thank you dude, this means a lot.

This is a very unique fic. :twilightsmile:

Well, I'm happy to know that. Trixicord is a pretty underrated crackship so it makes sense.

Very good ship, I like it. Takes a realistic approach to the two "reformed villains" (neither were actually evil, so to call them formed is kind of silly, as it likely just causes further prejudice due to assumptions that they're worse than they appear. Discord was definitely the worse of the pair, but he was never really evil, just extremely chaotic in a way that began to hurt others) and their relationship. Honestly, this is now one of my favorite ships. They have great chemistry, a rivalry to rival Dash and AJ's, numerous pre-existing experiences together, and histories with the mane6 that aren't completely different.

They really make a great pair, and I find it incredibly amusing that you refer the pairing as crackship, when it literally is better than numerous rarepairs. Very nicely done. I think you definitely could have written the progression of the relationship a little better, but even as swift as it is it's very nice and a fairly natural, moreso if we take into account the possibility of previous semi-romantic encounters. Nice job with this.

That's actually what I really like about the ship and why it's one of my favorites. Their rivalry and over confidence makes them work really well together and I like that. On the emotional side as well, it's what makes them easy targets to the public so they can relate with each other and be able to boost the other up because they understand.

Also, I mostly refer it as a crackship because they haven't had much interaction and mostly the big source of their canon interaction was just To Where and Back Again. That episode made me absolutely love the idea of them being shipped as a couple. However, I suppose it could be considered just a ship itself if someone really wanted to. The term crackship means different things to different people so-.

But thank you for the feedback! ^^

You're welcome! I really liked the fic, and figured that it's only right that I comment!

And yeah, terms in fandom can have a few different meanings. I thought you were using it as a self-deprecation thing, and everything within me just said stop. But, I can see what you were trying to say, lol. I mean, I affectionately use the term crackfic, so I can defiantly understand. I just really don't see it as a crackship, since it's actually rather sensible and reasonable (unlike, for example, Discord x Discord, or other ridiculous ships that are more befitting of the crackship title). Either way, Love it, I wish you good fortune, and may your path lead you to warm sands. :heart::pinkiehappy:

woww this was super sweet!! Never knew Trixie and Discord made a pretty good ship. I liked it a lot :heart:

Discord also had some really wise advice lol

Aw, thank you so much! :twilightsmile: I'm happy I've made more people enjoy Trixiecord as much as I do.

I love this story. I wanted to make a Discord x Trixie story since I first came to Fimfiction a few weeks ago and this story captured exactly what I wanted to do with my story of it :)

Wow, that's a pretty interesting coincidence! Of course, don't let me stop you from making your own Trixiecord stories! The ship is severely underrated and it needs more recognition so I'm always happy to see others creations of it. Also, I'm glad you enjoyed it ^W^

Yeah I love this underrated ship :)

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