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I'm a college student and member of many fandoms, including MLP. I'm a total Fluttercord shipper.


Everypony knows how much Fluttershy and Discord love each other. Nopony can stand the fact they aren't together yet.

With some help from Cadence, Spike gives these two a little Hearth's Warming help.

Takes place right after the holiday special.

Day Seven of #FluttercordWeek

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Comments ( 6 )

So cute! Long live Fluttercord!

Daww that ending:3 That's the kind of ending that can make any Fluttercord shipper giggle and squee aloud with glee:3 <3 XD ! Lol! My only critique for you going forward is to break up into separate paragraphs and such when the characters are having a conversation with each other, instead of putting them together in the same paragraph together.

Okay, the confession was a little fast. I would have thought that they would avoid talking about it a little longer.

This is beautiful

Such sweetness!

Too much cuteness šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜

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