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Just a girl from a strange world. An artist, writer and video-editing as an hobby. Full of passion, sweets and quirky zaniness.


Set After ‘Best Gift Ever’. Fluttershy catches up with Discord after Twilight’s Hearth Warming Party, neither of them noticing a mistletoe suddenly above her heads. When Discord asked about it and what it’s for, Fluttershy finds she has the hard time finding the words.

Submitted for #FluttercordWeek

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Comments ( 5 )

This really needs an editing/proofreading pass.

Aw that was sweet! Who knew Spike likes to play matchmaker?

This was absolutely AMAZING!! I feel... feelings!!
Warm and fuzzy inside! Great job!

Dawww, I love how things slowly progressed in this little romantic one-shot^^ You gave a great sense of time despite how short this story was, excellent work!:D I loved it so much^^

Then with a gasp, he exclaimed excitedly, “I have an idea! How about next Hearth’s Warming, you can come spend it with me and we can make our own traditions. I can even invite you to come with my parent to see the Hearth’s Warming Pageant--- If I’m not casted in it again.”

This part confused me a bit. The pronoun made me assume that Discord was the one speaking instead of Fluttershy. Also, she has parentS not a parent.

Oh, Spike, you sly dog. :rainbowlaugh:

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