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When Luna's teachings on entering dreams ends up revealing Fluttershy's crush on Twilight, Twilight had no idea how to respond; she even suspects the feelings are mutual. So when one thing leads to another and the two ponies find themselves alone, they decide to share a simple dance with one another.

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Very mushy and sappy, I liked it. :twilightsmile:

Daww that was just adorable. A++

I like this. Especially your interpretation of Discord being a misunderstood person but a big fluffy softie at heart.

While I am saddened from the seemingly short length of this, I really enjoyed reading it.

:twilightsmile: Favorited and upvoted :twilightsmile:

Ugh, I love Twishy, but putting DISCORD into the mix to force them into a date kinda repels me. In all honesty, though, I do like the fic as a whole and the concept of discovering love by accident has always been a favorite plot of mine.

Really liked this story.

Are you well?

I thought that would mean you would rip into them. :[

7852802 10/10 best review I've ever recieved

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