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Alright, so I don't know what to really say here, I'm a fan of TwiShy and I feel the appreciation for the Book Princess and the Shy Tree Pony is very hit and miss, so (quite a while ago) in a span of 3 exhaustion-filled hours and 2 hours of editting by me and a good friend, I am publishing this story that quite honestly began as an exercise in character-writing. Well, hope someone enjoys!

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Dude you made me laugh :rainbowlaugh: i had to admit it, but this has several errors.
Just an example, you jumped between calling Twi an alicorn to a unicorn. I know there are more but i'm just in my cellphone. I hope that this doesn't come across as insulting, just trying to help.:twilightsheepish:

6521449 Nah, not at all :twilightsmile: Frankly, once in a blue, I kinda forget the whole alicorn thing with Twilight, call it a problem that I stumble onto once and in a blue :derpytongue2: but thanks for the compliment and I'm glad I could make ya laugh, also I went in and rectified my error (Hopefully I caught them all). :raritywink: Thanks for noticing that for me, have a Spike! :moustache:

Part of me wanted the reason spike was trying to stop twilight from confessing to be because he was dating fluttershy amd he know twilight had a crush on her and didn't want to break her heart.

Love this. Sequel required.
6526972 Well hey there Satan!

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