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Fluttershy has a problem. She is in love with one of her best friends, and has been for quite some time. She wishes every day to suck up all of her fears, and bleed her heart out to this mare. But she is too afraid. She may find the perfect opportunity, however, as a new tradition is begun in Ponyville. Perhaps if she cannot speak the words, she can sing them in Ponyville's approaching talent show.

I'm making this series into a comic series, along-side the fics. First Page!

(Just permissions 'n stuff)
Nyx is from Past Sins by Pen Stroke, as everyone should know by now.

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This might be me being a Twilight Sparkle Fan-Prinny, dood... but:

Even at the library, you risked to throw looks at her without anyone noticing. If you want to keep it secret, you may wanna be a little more subtle." Fluttershy sighed. When did Rainbow become so observant?

Made me think that Shy has a crush on Twi, dood.... but I could be wrong since it was never openly stated and this could be JUST like the Mare-Do-Well story where half of the world thought it was Twilight while the other half thought it was Pinkie Pie, dood.

I have to say, awsome story. And I love that you have rari-shy. I ship it like FedEx. Can't wait for the next chapter. And I know it isn't up yet but when it is, (probably tomorrow) pleas give a whack at my first story

3003326 The mane 6 spent the entire day together. They were all at the library. The reason RD brought it up was because the library was so confined and Shy could have easily been spotted checking out her crush. I'm not saying your right or wrong, it's a surprise :raritywink:

3003419 RariShy, huh? I guess we all see what we want to see. I wanted to kind-of drive Shy towards everyone but RD, so you probably just got caught-up in Rarity's moment. Not saying whether or not you are right. It shall be revealed in chapter 3!!!:pinkiehappy:
And thanks for letting me know. I would love to read your story.:twilightsmile:

3005351 Well i said RariShy because you wwrot it so in my eyes, obviosly not RD, she wuld know she wuld have no chance with Pinkie, Twilight is obviosly not going to have a relationship anytime soon, and because you said that ' "Absolutely! And all of our friends love your singing, especially her. You should totally sing something to her." ' and the only pony of the main 6 that love songs/singing other than Fluttershy is Rarity.:raritystarry: oh well, ill see :scootangel:

"Cheats and goes to see what groups the author is an member of"
Don't ask me why, but i suspect that Fluttershy has feeling for Twilight.

3006412 You know nothing!!!:flutterrage:
Haha, kidding. I shall never tell :twilightangry2: (until chapter 3:twilightsmile:)

900 words?! WTF brain?:facehoof: I could've sworn it was more than that.:ajbemused:

I don't want to wait until I finish chapter 3 to add this to the shipping folders. It is indeed a twishy fic. My integrity fought valiantly, but ultimately impatience won out:twilightblush:

Tsk, Rainbow Dash has no appreciation for the unexpectedly intriguing information that Twilight can impart. :ajsmug:

Well id have to say it's kinda sweet can't wait for the rest of it and what is the item.....my internet doesn't like google images(fucking korea search engines)

3030282 Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it:twilightsmile:
And the item is a secret ( it won't be officially revealed until chapter 3, which is some time away)
However, I was a little vague on the hints, so I'll reword them.
1. It appears in the show, but isn't focused on or even (directly) mentioned
2.It isn't an individual item, but instead part of a large set
3.NoPONY wears it
4.It is part of something bigger. That is, attached to a larger object/lifeform
5.Bear in mind, this is a TwiShy fic, so the item will pertain to the both of them
6. (This one would probably almost give it away) The larger object/lifeform was featured in a scene with Fluttershy and Twilight, but none of the other Mane 6.
...Okay, I'm done writing now.:twilightblush:

3030828Thank you actually that does clear it up a lot more and to be respectful I will not post the answer till u post the chapter

3033011 I would actually like to see your answer. That's the point of the game!:pinkiehappy:
I want to see who can answer it BEFORE chapter 3 is posted.:twilightsmile:
Though I appreciate the thought. Brohoof! /)

What could it be......:trixieshiftright:

3048258 It's ridiculously subtle.:pinkiehappy:
But there's plenty of time to contemplate it. (I haven't even finished writing the song for chapter three yet. :twilightblush:)

was it the feather she got from Philomina

it's Philomina's feather, isn't it?:trollestia:

That... would have made much more sense.:facehoof:
(To be honest, I completely forgot about that episode)
I might change it if no one figures the actual item out. (Haven't started Chapter 3 yet, so it's good) Anyway, this item holds a much deeper meaning primarily to Twilight. Thank you.:pinkiehappy:

So, aanywaay... Game's over!
It WAS a cockatrice scale (because Fluttershy saved Twilight from a cockatrice, and Twilight would be the only one who would recognize it as she would have seen it when the cockatrice turned her to stone), but after reading several comments, I realized this was bucking stupid.:facehoof:

EDIT: Changed it back. Re-considered things and decided the first would make slightly more sense in the situation.

Also, chapter three (and the remainder of the series) is going to feature (but not always focus on) a famous OC. Just had to get info on permissions. :twilightsmile:

ThaStrangr i got a question why dose it say that this story has update when they is no new chapter out

3504321 I unpublished the new chapter so I could throw in permissions for Nyx :twilightblush:
It's up now.

3504332 ok and please don't take a long time making the next chapter future chapters for this story and i like it

3504368 Sorry. I will not be so disappointing in the future.:rainbowlaugh:

I get the reference hidden in there!

Eh, just a little something a couple of fans wrote for me. Just about loyalty,

You sneaky son of a pegasus!

3504523 I have no idea what you're talking about,
And I'll have you know my parents are proud earth ponies.

3505840 Well then sir check it

:ajbemused: If you haven't heard this then you wouldn't get it.

3506086 :rainbowlaugh: I know. I was just messing.
That actually was a shout out to this song.

3506319 Oh you sneak. I srsly thought you didn't know and I'm pretty sure half of the brony fandom might've stoned you :rainbowderp:

All right! Already got the fourth chapter out. I'm gettin' better at this.:pinkiehappy:

3581179 yay and yes you are getting better at this :pinkiehappy:

All right! First book in the series is finished! :pinkiehappy:
I'm going to bed.

3620106 ok and is there going to be more in the future

This was quite cute can't wait for the next book :twilightsmile:

3620258 Oh yes. I have the entire series planned out, and it is ridiculously long. Expect at least ten.

3620847 I'm glad you like it. I look forward to writing the next one for everyone. :twilightsmile:

The story is over but...more TwiShy to come? *Pinkie explosion*

And, of course, my... incident with Smarty Pants. None of you knew I was late on my report. If I had discussed it with you, I may have avoided that problem entirely.

What? :rainbowhuh:

She DID discuss it with them, and they brushed her off

3626453 :facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:
I know that. Why did I write that? At that point, it was about midnight and I was really just trying to finish the story (I had to up and at 'em at 4), so I guess I just rushed through the dialogue. I guess I could rewrite it to state that she didn't actually explain it would have bothered her so much (as she technically didn't. I just rewatched that episode to ensure I didn't buck up any other deets :twilightblush:).
Thank you for pointing that out. :twilightsmile: And sorry this response was so long.:rainbowlaugh:

Oh, and uh, glad you're enjoying it. :pinkiehappy:

I would like to thank ShadowWing09 for pointing out that canon error in chapter 6. It should be resolved now. :twilightsmile:

Well this is very entreating so far looking forward to read more. :raritywink:
You seid you wear going to animate this? I hope you do this some day cuz we need more TwiShy in this fandome :twilightsmile: Of course you only need a stronger commuter to make flash not crash. :twilightblush:

4146796 Glad you enjoy it so far. Don't get your hopes up about story 2 if you haven't started it yet. It's kinda half-assed. The main issue I have with animating is that I can't animate multiple symbols at once. Once I figure that out, I'll give this a try, but animation takes a very long time. Getting a better computer at some point :twilightblush:. Thanks for reading, friend.:twilightsmile:

This ship story was cute though the beginning needed work cause I didn't know whose dialogue was what cause of the structuring of sentences

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