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Radiant Dawn

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One wish, one night, and the entire world changed. Follow one man as he is given the chance of a lifetime.

This is a harem fic, and is rated T for violence, use of alcohol, and suggestive sexual themes.

Please leave comments to let me know what you think.

*This is a rewrite of my own story from fanfiction.net. Yes...it is me. This version will be edited and will be a much better read than the original, with part two to follow afterwards.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters associated directly with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, nor the original story. Any and all original characters are owned by their respective creators.

A/N: A note to my readers: this is technically a harem fic, but there will be NO lemons in it. The story will instead focus on the connections the characters share, as well as some other things later that I will leave to you to discover.

Cover art is thanks to WhatTheScoots, used with full permission.

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You need a Human tag

I liked the story so far, the only thing I wanted to point out is the thing with his family, Isint it wrong for HIM to choose their future? just because HE doesn't want to leave them doesn't mean they should be forced into another world... Besides that, I prefer HiE where they remain in human form, more akward and funny situations that way :P

anyway, will be keeping an eye on this one!

Might I suggest changing the title? There's already a "The Lost Element" story here... :twilightsheepish:

1910514 Oh don't worry, he'll be dealing with that hurried decision in the near future.


Good! That conflict might actually make it more funny being ponies too I guess, cant wait for what his brother will do,I have a feeling he will freak out :P

1910518 There's about forty of them across all the fanfics. I show difference in the content, not the name.


Hey Drew, glad to see the next story of yours hitting the front page, seems to be doing rather well. It is a nice refresher to see just how far you've come from reading this first chapter here, and I think its bout time I gave it a reread.

Favorited and Thumb'd Up!

1910558 Yeah, I edited and updated it. Just 29 more chapters to go...:fluttercry:

I like it already can I have some moar sir please will give you my finest vodka in return

1910565 Not much of a vodka man...but I'll take some schnapps if you have any.


Yikes. I'm hating doing some major editing to my chapters, and I'm only 6 in at the most. I feel for you. Will be kind of nice rereading with your edits though, I will admit that. Guessing no plot structural changes, just grammar and stuff?

1910579 Righteous. Next chapter is coming in a moment here...just putting the finishing touches on it.

1910590 Well you've read the original. This is going to have a much more polished look and flowing feel than the first write.

1910613 Well there's 26 more chapters to go after the one you read, as well as 3 other stores I'll be posting and updating at some point. You'll have plenty to keep you busy.


Are you saying that you have the story complete? or planned...

1910634 Complete, but rather rough. I'm transferring it from fanfiction.net to here, but I'm editing it first. The version on the other site is rather unrefined, so I'm going to make it look pretty and flow better before I post all of it.

I'll have your stories and my story plus alot more stories to read until February when I leave to California for buds training.

hmmm, I remember reading a story exactly like this on fanfiction, the same?

1910656 If it's written by Frostbreaker, yes...that's me. Same guy, same story.

Never really liked the layout of text on fanfiction so i'll just wait for this to update, reading as much as I do makes me want to swap from light to dark backgrounds, change size of text as I try to variate with my "face-length from screen" :P

1910669 This story's already finished on fanfiction.net. This is a rewrite of the same one, but edited and polished to be more immersive and altogether better. I'm working on chapter 2 right now, so stay tuned.

awww a new chapter but I really need to go to sleep...maybe a li...no...*sigh* You win 'smart-side-of-the-brain'...sleep it is.

Will read tomorow!

This... I like this.

I'll be watching for future updates...


1911653 It is possible another chapter may be coming tonight. Keep an eye out just in case.:ajsmug:

Holy shit, you update a lot... UPDATE FASTER!:flutterrage:

1912055 This story is already finished. I'm just transferring chapters from fanfiction.net and editing it. So, I don't actually have to write them. 25 more chapters to go...:yay:

Yes your updates are fast vodka and schnapps for you comrade

1912094 If it's not peppermint schnapps, I'm punting a baby at you.

I hate babies seriously I really hate babies so you get 10 cases of peppermint schnapps if you kick a few babies through a field goal post

1912108 So long as they're cute babies. I don't touch the ugly ones.

I find this story good. continue.:moustache:

Oh... Well fucking edit faster! :flutterrage:

1912379 Patience, my young padawan. You know what I do when I'm waiting for a story to update? I write...

Perhaps you should try it.:facehoof:


I have a Fic, but I'm to lazy to continue it at the moment. :twilightsmile:


face-to-floor :facehoof:

I feel your pain Drew. Just spent an hour with one of my editors with my first attempt at sex. Yeah. Took an hour for 1,000 words. :raritydespair:

I swear, I've read a story with this exact same premise before. Literally, the exact same wording and stuff. Have you posted this on FF.net before?

Cool, another chapter! NOW PUT OUT ANOTHER ONE!:flutterrage:


He's cleaning this up from Fanfiction, his username over there is Frostrbreaker. Same story, just with editing done.

1912587 he said that he was editing out mistakes from it on fanfiction.net and posting it on here, which was why the chapters were coming out so quicky. :moustache:

1912587 I'm the author Frostbreaker on fanfiction.net. This is my story, so I'm just re-posting it on this site to get better visibility in the community...along with some editing.:twilightsheepish:

so, when's the next update planned to be uploaded? eagerly awaiting the continuation of this story!

1911666 Oh and btw, I have the same thing with my eyes, except towards the center it's blue and on the outside it's green. I think it looks cool, but idk about other people...

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