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Oh night of Storms what hast thou brought?
An outsider so different yet so alike.
Oh lord of Change what hast thou caught?
A Paragon of Storms by thunder’s strike.

A Golden Empire Shining Bright.
The ruler benevolent and kind.
A Republic for those who love the Night.
The leader with a presence of mind.

Oh night of Storms what shall we do?
Don’t give in to hate, don’t give in to fear.
Oh lord of Change would you give us a clue?
A Paragon of Storms is growing near.

Is this a tale about one who fell?
When it comes only time will tell.

(Sonnet of the storm, written by unknown year 264 Celestial rule)

I believed that I knew how the universe worked. That my purpose in life was to enjoy it to the fullest and not look back. Not a bad life if you ask me although it seems the universe had other plans. On one night all that I knew took a drastic turn. Not only did I find myself in completely different world separated from my quiet life I found myself in that world. Armed with my foolish pride, my hidden self, alien knowledge and the art of deception I took my first steps on a journey with no end in sight...

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If anyone that has read the story so far have felt that it made strange leaps or that parts were missing you were right in thinking so. Apparently transferring it over from Google docs removed certain parts. I wasn't aware of the problem until recently but it has been dealt with now. Happy reading!

This is quite possibly one of the most underrated HiE fics out there.

Are you ever going to continue this?

1757544 I'm not sure, I'm currently bogged down with a lot of random stuff and other stories I had plans to write. I have the main story line for this one completely figured out though, it's just that I haven't found the time or inspiration to write on it for a long time. So at the moment I can't give you a clear answer but I do appreciate your comment.

1758736 Well, at the very least, you're still active.
I'll be waiting for as long as possible, it seems.

I keep refreshing, but I don't see the next chapter, why ? D:

Keep on the good work. So far you aren't letting me down.

Cliffhangers be damned!

{ ‘Please just let me think a bit.’ I replied a bit absently. }

This is a mistake I have noticed all throughout the fic.

The above should be this :

{ "Please just let me think a bit." I replied a bit absently. }

" " are for speach. ' ' are for thoughts.

Comment posted by Ariel Schnee deleted Apr 9th, 2013


I'm aware of this but currently I do not have the time to do a complete overhaul of the story. The later chapters have been written in the same style to keep it consistent, once the story is finished I will consider going through it fixing stuff like this but not before that.

2401362 wow you are good at huge ass plot twists like this and also good job with the foreshadowing of this event hell i should have seen something like this coming

will you be updateing soon this story is a good one

2887180 Expect a new chapter sometime this week. I've been swamped at work for the past few weeks, so I've had little time to write.

Well that is a mindfuck if I've ever seen one before. Does this make Tia a necromancer now?

Damn.....snap jackers damn! Why didn't i read this fic before?!:twilightangry2:
Dat ending 24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_me5v5ts3Xw1rn7420o1_500.jpg

Suddenly, Celestia to the resque!

Evil Pinkie -- You should be ASHAMED... Now you are going to have to teach him Pinkie Sense and admit that you lied to him about it not being teachable.

Surprised no one else has commented. I am enjoying this so far, and I'm glad hes not taking the switch to Equestria without any stress and managed ot hide it. This is definitely one of the better fics of this genre that i have read. Continuing to the next chapter now.

I hope that this isn't the end. I look forward to more.

3701208 The end isn't here yet. In fact, as I'm typing this I have the document currently titled ch. 13 open. And by that I hope that I might be able to release some time in January.

3913451 Not quite sure how to respond to that, but if I had to guess it's due to empty promises. Unfortunately I was stuck with a high fever during the last week of January. And smart as I am I decided to try and write while half delirious. I.e. right now I'm doing damage control on the new chapter, I thank you for your patience this far.

3914160 Well this is not the first and the last story I have to wait for...
I have been waiting for several stories from the beginning of last year.
Still a bit frustrate though....hope you get better soon and good luck avoiding and fending off your illness.:eeyup:

Gotta wonder why this story doesn't have as many views as it should, it's great.

4117636 Whaaat? How? Why? I'm confused but I'll accept it with grace I suppose.

Lol after reading the description I realized that the main idea of "I thought I understood the universe" was the same as a story idea I sorta started! Dangit creativity... :P

Great story so far. Cant wait until the next chapter!:rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

4167976 Technically it would still be a human in Equestria story, but discussing technicalities is a waste of time. You're of course entitled to your opinion regarding the frequency of humans turning into pony stories, I'm even inclined to agree. However the same can be said about regular HiE stories, there's certainly no lack of both categories.

Seeing how you've read through all the chapters so far there must have been something keeping you here. I'm afraid that I can't say more than that there's a storm brewing with the coming chapters, but it's up to you whether you stick around to find out what that means or not.

Lastly I hope that this isn't some poor attempt at a April fools joke.

In the immortal words of the great and mighty Gir...Make room for the tunaaa!

I am not afraid of thunder

With good reason. You can't get hit by thunder. :twilightsmile:

veeery nice chapter and if you think i just faved and not liked it was because i have liked it before but then lost sight of it in my to read list *cough*
i will wait for more from the great and powerfull Taldaer :trixieshiftleft: :pinkiehappy:

There are quite the few errors, but I don't have the time or right device to point them out at the moment. I'll get to it in the morning and PM them to you.

4225651 I'll gladly accept any help offered, this has been a one man show until this point. However keep in mind that it's unlikely that I'll go back and redo older chapters before the story is finished. If I do, it's likely that the story might see another great time gap between actual chapters.

Ok this story seems to be the narrator telling us his story. First the narrator says "I have always been human for my entire life." Then the story basically begins with him being turned into a Pegasus. That's a contradiction. You also need to pay attention to tense. The narrator uses past tense phrasing but at a few points you use present tense versions when you should still keep consistent win the past tense usage.

4284503 Hmm, yes I can see where you're coming from. However I'd like to think that I have evolved as a writer since then, seeing how that was written close to two years ago. It could also be argued that the narrator in this case is recounting his life up until this point by the way of phrasing.

The other inconsistencies are unfortunate mistakes on my part.

There will be more soon right?

4978197 Yes, for once I can promise that more will follow quite soon.

2904180 It depends... did she bind his soul with her own, or did she use the power of part of her soul to save him?

Awww... the content of Pinkie's note is missing...

4988661 Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The note is now back from whatever early vacation it decided to take.

4989964 It's related to Pinkie. You don't question how or why it went on vacation, only acknowledge that it did.

You shall burn for this treachery! :raritydespair:


If he is somehow immmortal or at least ageless, that would be hilarious

This is one of those stories that, to me, screams sequel in one ear and then screams for a sequel in the other.
What I'm getting at is please continue with your writing.

Truth be told you could just leave it here for good. It's written well enough that ending it here would be perfectly acceptable, though that will leave an empty feeling in me for as long as I remember this fic. Hence the favorite.

Am I mixing my signals up enough for you?:trollestia:

While I believe you could end it here I really do wish for you to continue. I enjoyed the quality that this story held in both character depth and plot development.

Plus WhomeverXCelestia fics are my weakness, so please give me my next fix.:fluttercry:


My weakness involves Luna/Nightmare X Human or whatever (human in Nightmare body) and cake (which is a lie)

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