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Radiant Dawn

Write what you know; write what you feel. Give life to that which lacks it, and mend the heart of they who need it most. Love, laugh, and cry. Never be afraid to be yourself. This is me.


This story is a sequel to Rise of the Elements Part II: Return of the Avatars

The trials of the past few years has left everyone with a need to get away for a bit and just kick off their horseshoes, so Frost decided that it would be a good idea to show his friends the world he came from, and some of the wonders it has. Of course, when has anything ever gone completely as planned? Needless to say, hijinks ensue.

Rated T for language, use of alcohol, brief, partial nudity, and suggestive sexual situations.

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Great opening chapter, and I can't wait for an update. I love just about all your stories and get childishly excited when a new one comes out. That said, I wish you luck in your writing, as it definitely isn't easy.

Awesome. I can not wait for new chapters.

This is just as great as I thought it would be, if not more so!

Hope you got plenty of inspiration, cause I am greatly looking forward to this. :yay:

Squee :yay:

And when they get to bronycon drew should get rid of the hair and eye colour disguises

And so it begins...

If this is a new story, I can edit it for you. Would you like me to?

You could put it on Google Drive for editing.

6128298 Also, plz moar. This story, it's my drug. I need moar.

I need pictures of these guys now if anybody could make one I'd appreciate it


me love the start of the new story i can't wait for the next chapter

:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:so excited for this story. Can't wait to see what hijinks the crew get up to in the human world. Note to self. When free time is available, draw that display in the sky.
6091266 I think that was part of the original plan, as in the second story he mentioned how the humans would think they were awesome cosplayers.

i am going to wait until there are 3 chapters to start reading this..... * looks at title of first chapter * "ugh so close just move the mouse!" "NO I need to wait..." ugh this is harder then I thought! We love the series btw!

Yes plzz moar plzz love this plzz

Awesome story radiant, can't wait until the next chapter to come out. It would be great to see what they do next, but I'll wait til the next chapter before I get too excited.

i remeber where i her

an idea is not like people. An idea cannot be crushed, burned, or imprisoned. An idea cannot be swayed by honeyed words and it doesn’t have fear or malicious intent. An idea, in its most basic form, is invincible; it is everlasting, and for those that hear and understand it, it can be either salvation or damnation.”

i heard that in V for Vendetta after V got shot to hell by Creedy and his goons thatb was awesome


Creedy: Die! Die! Why won't you die? *click, click* Why won't you die?

V: Behind this mask is more than mere flesh, Mr. Creedy; behind this mask is an idea, and ideas are bulletproof.

Still one of my favorite movies of all time.

me want new chapter i've reread this so much all i got to do is look at the folder i copied this into and i can see evey part of the story

Words are simply insufficient to describe the feelings I have to this story, so have my like fave and follow and hurry along with that next chapter.

Your public awaits!

Ya know for a while I skipped over the last few chapters, I had forgotten after so long just how much fun this story was to read. Glad I finally clicked it. Awesome job mate, I live in northern Cal... so more chapters... or else:pinkiecrazy:

Just kidding.

Uh oh, big brother is watching now.

Also, Hooray, an update to one of my favorite series. Been waiting for this for a while and it was worth it.

wow it's been too long since I last read this...........still looks great as ever

I just finished re-reading the last two books of this series last week. Great chapter.

Kinda worried what could be brewing tho. Seems like Frost & co can't get a lengthy reprieve.

Oh jeeze... Big Gubment gunna be lookin at them now. So much for a pleasant six months of relaxation.

it's been too long since I last read this.......but can the next chapter not take so long.!!!!!!!
#cool story:rainbowdetermined2:

really good chapter an i like the last part it makes it so we can expect something to happen soon like a government agent coming to who they really are:pinkiehappy:

Poor Fluttershy, that's why you don't chow down on hot peppers!

“You seem rather flushed, Rainbow.” Luna observed quietly, whispering into my ear. Her warm breath sent a shiver through me, and I’ll admit, it was thankful for the fact that humans couldn’t flag or “pop” like pegasus mares could.

What is this referring to?

7100230 It refers to pony biology and the obvious signs of arousal, as well as the lack thereof for humans.

There is only one thing that cannot be allowed to happen: Twilight, under any circumstances, cannot be allowed near a powerful computer. I say this mostly for the safety of the PC's health, as well as her own...(we've all seen what the internet can hide).

hope this still continues!:twilightsmile:

At long last, the Water park Episode.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

I kinda want them to get the seasons that they've missed only to see Princess Twilight, the 3 movies, Starlight Glimmer, Wonderbolt Dash, etc

Attack of the bold type!

Other than that, looks like things are heating up if the government is getting involved!

yeah, mister 'provoke a response', I hope you weren't attached to your bones. Or organs. Or soul. If you are planning on trying what I think you are, kidnapping one of them, you're G O N N A H A V E A B A D T I M E .
And the best part? Nobody's gonna be upset when you inevitably do have a bad time!

Welcome back thought you were dead not for real.

Thank you for including Donald Trump in this story.

I wonder what the Government's Trump card is going to be...

(I'm so sorry :twilightblush:)

In all seriousness, I cannot for the life of me understand why they don't just take the hint already. Mess with Frost, and you dance with death.

Yeah, sure...Provoke the aspects or avatars of nature. That said, I want to see if he can avoid the pitfalls and gain a happy ending for all parties involved.

wow these stories are incredibly amazing. I am amazed at the detail and thought you did in these. can't wait for more. and thanks again.

Hey not to be that guy but are you planning any updates for this soon?

me need more chapters for this story its so fucking awesome and the fact that the government is looking into them and most likely will try to pull them off the street and question them on who they are and what they are doing as the others in the group teleport in and go all power house on them to let them go lol

And govt fucks shit up...AGAIN. hmm, very curious to see more of this now. Oh, and why was stuff like the attempts or correcting Discord never written in the old ones?

no it isn't it just takes a long time

Holy Jesus, what's this? A surprise return?

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