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Metal Gear Solid and My Little Pony, writing, having fun with my best friends. I love all of those things.


Hello people, Jack Kenway is the name and gaming is my game!

So you won’t believe what happened to me. Here I am eating a pizza when all of a sudden I heard a big 'bang' coming from my backyard.

A normal person would have called the cops but I’m not a normal person, so I went outside to check it out.

What I found was something that completely blew my mind, I found four multicolored horses laying in my backyard.

But the strangest thing was that one of them began to talk to me!

Yup I’ve gotten myself in one big mess. How the hell am I going to keep this a secret? How the hell are these four 'Princesses' as they call themselves going to get back to their home?

Why did it have to be me?

Well I don’t know about you but,

God, I need a drink.......

( Warning! This story takes places after the season four finale.)

Chapters (10)
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Comment posted by RandomDudeNumber005 deleted Oct 27th, 2014

Hmm...flow and pacing is like watching a malfunctioning robot merrily poking a live wire over and over. Could use a fair bit of refinement to smooth out the plethora of jagged transitions and odd wording. Underneath, the ideas are interesting at least. Seems rather base level, however. Between observations and inference, it makes me think you're young, not native to english, or both. Forgive me for being blunt. It's hard to assemble my words more gently after my brain has been trying to process so many uneven jumps. Needs some work but I see potential.

(Long description):

But the strangest thing was that one of them began to talk to talk to me!

But the strangest thing was that one of them began to talk to me!

Hmm... Yes I like where this is heading continue:moustache:

This story is really cool, its not rushed its explained perfectly and i just love it!! Dont you dare make me wait long for new chapters :D

This story is great so far can't wait for more

Why is this in human in equestria? Because the description makes it out to be equestria in human.

Well the chapter was interesting as the first one.
I like how It has been so far and I like to se how It'll go from here.
So the only thing left to say is...

Bring on the next chapter!

5205492 Equestria in Human?

But on a more serious note; I enjoyed the chapter. My only minor hang up was the reaction to war part, but then that's a 'meh' issue.

Here we go with the whole "humanity is a terrible warmongering race", thing.

Really? A GTR? not saying it's bad just, you know :D kinda pricey car c:

5205627 I know but i just thought it was a cool car

A new chapter yesss!! Loved this chapter just as the other one keep up the good work!

Yay general grievous is the best. Great chapter I hope his friend shows up again soon.:eeyup:

Comment posted by SolidArc5542 deleted Oct 30th, 2014

So lets see. we have this,

All of them looked at me in disgust.
"Y-You eat meat?" Twilight asked.

, and this

"Well we Humans have done many good things…..But those good things did come with a cost." I said in a down voice.
"What cost?" Celestia asked.
"War." I replied.
They all gasped at this information.

First the meat thing, they really shouldn't react like that. There are sapient races that live in the in MLP world that do most likely eat meat. Such as gryphons, dragons, minotaurs, and the diamond dogs. Not to mention that the ponies keep carnivorus pets, or care for carnivores and omnivores.
As for the war thing, that is such a tired out chiche. Also it doesn't make since because war is also a known concept in the show. Yes war is a horrible thing, but them acting like it is virtually unheard of is just plain silly.

Just finished the second chapter, and I don't really have any huge problems with it. The biggest thing here is just the spelling and punctuation. I'd suggest getting an editor to help you out with that. It's still good enough to not feel like a chore to read, so that's always a plus.

And try to really think about how the Princesses would react to certain things. For example, him eating meat shouldn't have really fazed them all too much seeing as how they have a world of Griffins and other races that I'm sure eat meat.

Keep up the good work!

Impressive so far.

The errors are small enough to look over, so I give you props for the interesting idea currently.

Once I read the second chapter, hopefully I will have found that as entertaining as this.

Good job sir.

Pewdiepie... UGH besides that great chap

Eh, pewdiepie? I don't really like him, I've never really liked overreactions.

5222611 In my opinion lol alot of things the fact her over reacts to everything but still thats not what this story is about is it? pluss i do hope that his friend actully meets them lol

You should've chose a Montage of pewds

A lot of diolog is missing some brackets, also I never got into Pewdiepie's videos, I think he's WAY overratted.

Let's not talk abour Pewds anymore but about the story alright? I don't want this to become a Pewdiepie hate or lobe comment section :rainbowlaugh:


da fuck......I never have a friend say like this...well if really do then facepalm every time.

What they didn't know was that a certain best friend was listening to their conversation.


5225796 If you remove N if will became Steve on Minecraft, don't talk much. but also secrets.
I think N is bad luck.

5227298 Alright but I'm gonna stay with Steven because I like the name and one of my high school friends name is Steven.

5227305 Steve - Steven, ummmm, Some people name's saracen. but until i know personally.
Well good luck with you story.

5205492 dont yah mean equestria in earth?

equestria in human means equestrian in human world.

5222985 Love this story XD. Also BROFIST! And good luck on the rest of your story man :D

...*And then he got back up and opened his closet to take out his assassin robes, hidden blade, and BA attitude. Kenway then opened his window and parkoured down the outside of his house, determined to kill a contract he was made aware of.*......

Continue story...

You should have the ponies watch alchestbreach imagine how hard they would laugh

pewdiepie is okay... though that self intro screech of his always grates against my ears for some reason.

Human salads being better than Equestrian. That's different. Got to admit though, for a moment I though Celestria was after his blood :twilightsheepish:

he must be with Luna!!! not candance! idk but it dont seem right... anyway great chap!

"Well ok Cadence, sorry if my breath smells horrible." I said while moving my head towards hers.
'Oh nothing can be worse than Shining’s morning-breath.' Cadence thought while shuddering at the thought.

Shining had "Dad Breath?"

Out of curiosity...
Who's ruling Equestria and the Crystal Empire with these four gone?

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