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Element of Power

Witness me, Bloodbag! Witness me!


A tool. That is all he is to them.They changed him, improved him, while taking what makes him human.
Just a long cycle of tests and experiments. Now, they need him for an important test. Teleportation. For better or worse, he ends up a bit farther than expected, like a lot farther. Now, he needs to learn to coexist with these technicolor "ponies", or try to survive on his own.

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unfortunately, that scene shall disappear soon. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Obviously the quote is theJoker from Batman. I just dont know which of the many Batman's it would be from.

Nice to see this story back up again, please update soon.

It is great to finally see this story being brought back .

Another great chapter! Can’t wait for the next one :pinkiehappy:

Just had a thought of E-30 possibly having little spider-like drones which come out to repair his mechanical parts when damaged.

whoa, Twilight is using logic in going to go see the animal expert for advice instead of gathering the others and going to go confront it. She's putting that pragmatic thinking title to use.

Yeah, I wanted to make her significantly less crazy than she is usually portrayed.

Though these were extremely cool, like some kind of superhero, it made him feel like he wasn't himself anymore, like he wasn't fully human. More like near human.

He said it! He said the thing!

That is great! I hope to see more level headed Twilight in the future! :twilightblush: Also, good read so far, keep it up!

Why isn't there a sci-fi tag?

By the fire that moves the piston, by the tranny on all-high! By the cam and U-joint, blessed be... There she lies... The Magnum Opus!

Fixed. Thanks for reminding me.

Wow :pinkiegasp:, I’m really liking it so far. From the “super hero” landing to sliding (than running) down the mountain and than accessing his internal computer :pinkiehappy:. So cool.

I was actually expecting him to disable the “remote shocker” system (I guess you could call it that) during his internal travel but I guess that will be something for later :twilightsmile:.

Thank you for this cool story and hope to see more soon :raritywink:.

Dayum! What an intro these two chapters have been.

I'm hooked

Ooooh, love the author note. Loved that show

Oh, those are some reasonable dogs! Make best friend already.

They like being good bois.

Bois... are u an Ork

whoa, even the diamond
whoa, even the diamond dogs are being more reasonable than in the show. This gives me hope that his first meeting with Rainbow dash won't lead to her attacking first and asking questions later.

This intro is amazing! I know for sure that E-30’s stronger and more durable. But is he magic-resistant?

This author's notes quote brought to you by subnautica

Don't worry, you have the technology, you can rebuild her, stronger, faster, smarter than she was before.
She can become the six billion bit mare.

"Could you wait in the room while I get some sandwiches from the kitchen. I'll be back."

Derpy comes home from her mail route to see that, in a pink apron and chef's hat, Spike cooking next to him.

Haven't read the fic, but seeing the fics thumbnail, I think i got gotted.

Yes, it is the perfect trap.

Damn, I was actually excited for an update :'(

Whelp, this is Canon now.

Just one change.

the six billion bit muffin mare


Oh, don't worry. I'll be back. Real soon.

A eso le llamo estrategia, ese tipo si tiene el iq a 2000

is there any chance of him having the ability to fly.

Not likely, but I don't know if I'll change my mind somehow.

felt like i had to ask when he broke out a flamethrower attachment.
Glad to know his feet turn into jet boots and allow him to take to the sky.

For he will walk among us, and he will smite the evil from this earth. For he who comes in our time of need is not of mortal breed, he is the Destroyer, the right hand of our Creator and the one who brings fear where there is no hope.

I can't help but imagine its genos :rainbowlaugh:

Hehehe, your profile pic is the same face I made when I read this. Honestly, he just happens to have similar qualities. He won't be incinerating a mountain anytime soon.

Honestly I don't think I would've minded gotta love power fantasies right? :twilightsheepish:

Bruh I was like NANI ?!? then she was fine and I was like NANI ?!? and then I read the A.N. and I was like NANI?!?!?!?!?

just curious I'm guessing he doesn't need food or water right?:rainbowhuh:

Nope. For one, the first chapter cleared that away with enhancements. Two, I didn't feel like dealing with that issue at the moment. He might randomly need to eat in the future of something. I don't know. Maybe he can go longer without food? It looks like I have this planned out, but I am literally writing this chapter by chapter. Whatever happens, happens.

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