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Skittles are Equestria's latest trend, but when Rainbow tells Twilight that she doesn't like them, the studious unicorn comes up with a rather bizarre theory: maybe Rainbow tastes like Skittles herself, and is therefore immune to the taste. But are they ready to find out if her theory is correct?

Editing by Sharp Spark. Preread by Rasael.

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Niiiice. This was quite the enjoyable read.

Felt a little off in a few places, but otherwise alright.

Nicely done.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Well, that was . . . interesting. I'd say one of the weirder romance plot hooks, but, ya know, you set the bar pretty high with the mouse cursor.

Y'know, it's not until I read this that I realized that Skittles are missing the color blue.

Unrelated, your brain remains a mystery to me, bbq. A wonderful, wonderful mystery.

I used wikipedia to find that out (I've actually never eaten Skittles. Too much sugar and other additives). I thought it would make a nice little detail.

twidash... Twidash... TwiDash... TWIDASH!!!! One of my favorite ships of all time!!! I hope this isn't complete. It needs more!!!!

Haha same here. It's crazy. My entire view of skittles have changed.

‘Oh Celestia, she’s staring at me with those huge eyes! Those big... blue... beautiful– Come on!

Twilight's eyes are purple. :twilightoops:<



I never liked Skittles either.


lol. must have slipped through. that or I must have opened the one Twilight image where someone miscolored her eyes or something.
Thanks for catching that one, it's fixed now.

EDIT: although the alliteration is somewhat weaker now :c

3000876 never eaten skittles because they're too unhealthy? what next, never eaten bacon?

No. There's actually one (or more) of those additive thingies they put in pretty much all candy that I react really strong at. I seldom eat candy for that very reason.

Taste the rainbow muth...ah that's too cliche.

The title and synopsis of this story was far dirtier-sounding than the story itself. Kudos for not giving into the easy way out.

Well, I must say that was a good read. Not usually a fan of romance stories, but the concept intrigued me. Very original, sir. :moustache:

:moustache: I approve of this story

Everyone !?!?! okkkkaaayyyy.......

How the BALLS is this an Everyone story? :applejackconfused:

This I gotta see.

Why the hell is someone downvoting every comment?

Was something implied there? I have a feeling that them going to the bedroom is a bit more than just kissing. Please tell me I`m wrong, that it`s not moving that fast.

Okay, that wasn't actually raunchy, but I think it might qualify as Teen regardless. Implied after-story fucking probably shoves it up a rank, methinks.

3002263 Nothing wrong with it. They're adults, they can make their own decisions. Besides, they've been buddies for years. Not like it's someone they just met.

3002365 I know that, but still, it`s moving way too fast in their new relationship.

3002392 Not if it's a casual sex relationship it ain't.

3002397 Thanks for telling me something I didn`t care to hear. Those kinds of relationships are just disgusting. The two should be in love.

3002408 My. You're just full of... opinions, aren't you?

News: Just because something isn't to your taste doesn't mean it's wrong.

3002417 Yes, yes I am. I must say, it`s called 'making love' for a reason.

3002422 There are many euphemisms for that activity. I could list some additional ones if you'd like. I'd of course take that to PM so as to avoid cluttering the comments with it.

You need to grow up a bit, mate. You do not prefer this thing. Others may. They are not bad or gross or wrong for that.

The only wrong opinion is one that tries to take something away from someone else.

Hello? Fed-Ex? You've been replaced by the bronies.
:moustache:Deal with it.

How in the HELL did you actually use this plot and keep it rated everyone? You truly are a wizard.

On a related topic, amazing read. Honestly one of the best happy one-shots I've read in a while.


Technically Skittles and Rainbow Dash are also missing the color indigo which comes between Blue and Violet.

3001623 well what's wrong with being addicted to candy? isn't that normal?


Additive not addictive. In other words, there is some chemical in Skittles and most candy that s/he is allergic to.

First of all, I have to commend you for actually keeping this relatively clean given the plot at hand. :raritywink:

Anyway, it was a good read overall. I enjoyed the plot of Skittles and Rainbow Dash and how the romance novel was tied into it. The fierce makeout session was both expected and unexpected to me. It was more unexpected for how much each of them enjoyed it. I could only wonder what they'll be doing in Twi's bedroom now :twilightsheepish:

Great work, loved it! :twilightsmile:

Additive. There's an ingredient in many candies that Porky here doesn't react to well.

AND THEN THEY had coffee.


Good story, congrats for the featured, and I agree with the others, for that end this should be Teen rated.

3003470 Is that what they're calling it now?

LOL, totally saw the title of this fic and thought it'd be a Trayvon Martin crossover.:rainbowlaugh:


That moved fast.

By the way, the story was okay, but the biggest flaw was that you kept writing 'the pegasus' or 'the unicorn'. Sometimes it worked when you were comparing them to the book, but on the whole it doesn't make sense. There's more to their characters than just their race.

Also, this miiiiight warrant a teen rating.

First thing that I thought of when I saw the title:

3004364 Am I a bad person for laughing at what you said? :applecry:

Unfortunately, I can no longer hear "Taste The Rainbow" without thinking of Cupcakes or shipping.
Not sure which one I'd prefer.

3002512 Indigo's not really in the Rainbow. Isaac Newton just preferred that visible spectrum be a set of seven colors and fudged something between blue and violet.

Oops, thought this was 2 years ago 'skittles' with best innuendo I've ever seen. :pinkiecrazy:

‘How can they claim you’re tasting the rainbow, if not even all the colors are there?’

Rainbow has a point;why are there no blue skittles?


3005270 Nope.

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