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I was a scrub at being a homeless jew and now I'm reinventing myself. No longer am I NTSTS the shitty mod, or (((darf))) the greedy plagiarist, for I am DarfsydePhil, here to save your souls.


I'm already feeling wistful. · 8:50am Nov 7th, 2016

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2337060 Imagine if it turned out to be the real Darf.

2337060 Oh. Explains some of the weird behavior. Odd day today.

2337046 He impersonated darf, and did so in a really shitty way. I caught him in a lie, as shown in his blog.

EDIT: Whiiiiiich looks like the mods deleted haha. Probably for the best; he made an ass of himself lol.

  • Viewing 28 - 32 of 32
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