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I was a scrub at being a homeless jew and now I'm reinventing myself. No longer am I NTSTS the shitty mod, or (((darf))) the greedy plagiarist, for I am DarfsydePhil, here to save your souls.

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So let's get some shit sorted. (A useless Q&A, based off questions I was already asked) · 7:15am Nov 7th, 2016

A: You know it, puddin' pop. Let's do hand stuff like the old days.

Q: Why aren't you on your old account?
A: This applies for all my accounts: I forgot the password, and I can't do Forgot Your Password because I sold my last email address to a phisher for food money. No, I lied, that money was spent on meth, not food. Don't worry, I've long stopped using it! I'm coping with heroin addiction though by smoking weed.

Q: What was it like being homeless?
A: Terrible. I still remember crying myself to sleep.

Q: Will you finish my commissions?
A: No because I never was an author. I plagiarized anime fanfiction. So yeah, sorry guys. On the bright side now you'll never think to commission me to write about your shitty ships!

Q: What about the fics that were taken down on your old account?
A: :raritywink: Not sure why you want it given how creepy my fetishes were, in all honesty. Just use FiMFetch, but fine I guess I'll do it

Q: I have my doubts about this!
A: I have my doubts about whether or not I can resist hanging myself to get away from the traumas I experienced, so I guess we're even.

Q: You seem awfully jokey about all this, why?
A: I have no other way to cope with it. Sorry if that puts you off.

With that out of the way, a few things.
1. No more Twitch streams, I hereby admit I will never git gud. I'm just a scrub that everyone will forget about.
2. Feel free to request what you want me to reupload. It's pretty easy to do it but I'll be honest, it's boring and copypasting shit gets old fast. It's all plagiarized anyway, as I confessed.

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Comments ( 11 )

NOTE: I didn't post this too early, what are you talking about? I-I didn't fuck up. Yeaaaaaaaah, haha.

EDIT: OP is not darf. Hooray for trolls wasting everyone's time.

You talk about being homeless in the past tense, so hopefully that's a good sign.

I hope coming back here helps you find what you need. You kinda burned your bridges on the way out, though I suspect that was the point. Being famous, even #horsefamous, comes along with the weight of a lot of expectations that were causing you pain. I suspect a reset is the best thing for you.

Still, I can't help but have mixed feelings. Bridges were burned, and I feel like mine was one of the ones you tried to set on fire. Not just in the commission (though admittedly I'm still disappointed there), but in that you had needs I couldn't meet, and in the opinions you still seem to hold about some of the things I care about.

I still hope that things get better for you, and I genuinely don't know whether I can help with that with the weight of everything else dangling over our heads. Hell, I'm not even entirely sure what your message on my userpage was intended to say (if only because there's no algorithm for wringing level-of-irony out of text, and the message seems far more important as a vehicle for that invisible implication than it does for the literal meaning). So, idk. If you wanted to open up a conversation, I'm listening. If you wanted to announce your presence, consider yourself noticed; I'll follow you if you'd like, but my default will probably be to abstain and let you go in peace, out of concern that I'm part of what you wanted to leave behind, and/or that you're going to have needs that put me in an awkward position.

Frankly, I'm not even sure that me trying to think this through out loud is helping, so I'll end this here.

4289728 Gonna do fast replies, sorry to not match your effort.
Yeah, it's a good sign.

I'm just gonna kick back, given that getting my deleted fics back up isn't as simple as I thought.

You have every right to feel that way, for many reasons. I won't try to kiss ass, I just want to live quietly.

No need to bend over backwards for me. The message was about how I'm 99% sure I once mentioned I would totally have your gay babies. That was you, right? You don't have to follow because I'm not gonna be doing much anyway.

It's alright, fam. Stay loose.

Good to hear. Be well. I'll be around. /)

4289803 You too.
(-(\, baka

4290000 It was okay I guess.

i guess it wasn't meant to last ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

4292011 It wasn't darf lol. Confirmed by the mods.

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