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Blog 14 I guess? · 7:41am Feb 23rd, 2018

Hello, hello! Not saying I'm back proper or anything, but I'm still alive and mostly well, so.... yeah. I may finish those stories I've got, I may not. I dunno. It's been years, I've changed a fair amount, who knows?

I definitely don't. But hey, that's the exciting part, yeah?

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One big question for you. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO CONTINUE Okami: Equestrian Legend?!?!?! :rainbowhuh: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :rainbowhuh:

Most people say I'm fun, but they haven't seen my true side.
I agree with your theory. Sanity was never fun.
Only those who can see the future can tell you what and who you will hate, I hope you seek enlightenment for your questions and I bid good day to you sir:pinkiecrazy:

You seem fun. But insanity always prevails.:pinkiecrazy: Besides, the power of hate, the power of love, who can tell which I prefer?!

You try to hid your emotions, yet you let them control you.
You say you are shattered, but I see a whole.
You say that you are many and also one, but you can't control those many forms.
You can see through time, but time watches your every movement. You have no power, yet you are worthy. Ask questions, and you shall receive answers that your mind can't comprehend.
Memories is what one holds true, but my reality is not in question. I see you everyday, and you talk to me everyday. So ask yourself one question. Can you hold the power that I give you?
One questions your sanity, and many love you. You hope, but your dreams are quickly destroyed. You say you love, but you also hate.

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