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Princess Celestia has a vast nation of subjects, hordes of admireers, scores of friends, three fellow princesses, and a vast harem. Out of all of these, there is one pony whose company she seeks when she just needs to be held and hear a reassuring voice.

For CategoricalGrant's CuddleFic Contest

Credit for the cover goes to Auroriia.

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What's the dark tag for?

Philosophy. Read and find out? :pinkiehappy:

Well done. Bravo.


Thanks. What did you like about it?

It's deep and short. A combination that's really hard to do. Angst and anguish, corundum and comfort in equal parts.

Hmm killing 3/4 of the world and expecting it to recover seems a bit optimistic. Especially if first you need to kill off the population for them to start considering space travel. What would probably mean esentially making the planet uninhabitable i guess. So yeah...

And so I wrote the most unconventional cuddle fic ever to grace fimfic.

Unconventional is good! I certainly liked it, and the choice to make it more drama then clop was a good one.

Thanks for the submission :D

Lovely worldbuilding in such a short scene.

About Celestia's choice... We're not given all the facts to make an informed choice. If the choice is some sort of "deal with the Devil", as in, actually ritually sacrifice 3/4 of the population then uh, that's obviously a bad thing.

But if it's more like "push the Industrial Revolution" with the knowledge that doing so will cause massive casualities due to pollution in hindsight then it seems more forgiving? But it's hard to assign casuality numbers to something that affects the society on a long term.

Like right now we know combustion related pollution (whether from exhaust or coal plants or similar) is causing health problems yet there's no denying that without it we wouldn't have arrived in the modern information age.

I'm assuming it's the latter kind of choice Celestia faces, it sounds like that's actually the good kind of thing to do. Keep pushing forward and when people ponies are actively being harmed then try to fix that particular thing. An example I'm thinking of right now is asbest, it's an amazing all-around material for building stuff until we realized its fine particles cause a specific kind of cancer, then you ban it.

Seems like a no-brainer to me, but then again for Celestia she has to choose her paradise right now vs taking the risk for an even better future for her ponies later.

Something like that anyway.

Not bad.

VERY philosophical and long winded, but it was a good read.


"Cellotape" got me, haha.

Good story though. Very real and down to earth.


Thanks, Mocha. But long winded? Nay, I kept the style purposely terse.

Thanks. I don't know why people have the 3/4 figure, though. I never said anything more exact than millions and billions. It's not an usher revolution scenario, but a bit more like agreeing to burn down the garden so Adam and Eve have to go elsewhere and begin civilization in earnest. There is also implication that these are the ancient halcyon days of myth and legend. I intended the choice to be far more doubtful and contentious, given that extinction would likely happen even with it, just sooner and far more tragic.

I hope you all like it. :)

The big fat red section makes me doubt the gamble, but all the comments being positive, especially yours, do make me smile.

Not quite what I had in mind, but your interpretation is definitely interesting. I was aiming for the idea that ponies resurging from millennia of ignominy would change them, make them daring and ambitious, perhaps enough to seek even the stars. Where did your impression come from? :pinkiesmile:

Solid cuddling, solid treatment of theme. We'll see how things turn out, but I'd be confident.


These awful things, if I roll the dice, will be in your lifetime

Meaning withing the century or more likely a few decades since the pony as is is entering the "old" stage in his life. Or maybe its meant to be more along the like of "will start" rather then "be" within his lifetime?


I was thinking sooner rather than later. I quoted three years before the fall of Canterlot, but the worst will still be to come. Imagine within twenty years, at most, before diaspora.


I am very glad to hear that. I am hoping to add to and refine this before the deadline comes, assuming it is allowed?

2 decades to get from paradise where all are content with the way things are to "omg abandon ship asap!" takes a giant cataclysmic event. As mentioned the main issue then is also will the ponies be able to accelerate their development of what would probably take hundreds of years to those few years (if that) they will have after the cataclysm Celestia plans happens. Since they have no reason to start even thinking about it let alone be ready for it. I mean if Celestia could just "force" them to develop into a spacefaring species she would have no need to orchestrate a world ending event.

For you wondering why people mention 3/4 its because you said it yourself.

Three quarters of ponies will be dead within ten years

though im now not sure if its "3/4 will die if i dont kill a bunch of them but less then that first"

Absolutely! All changes will be factored into rankings, as long as they are made by Nov. 24

Welcome to the world of auto-downvotes then.

The chain of events is meant to last millennia; a diaspora takes a loooooonnnnnng time. I even said more than once that it would be a very long agony and transformation for ponies.
I didn't say kill 75% of everyone either, I said that would be the initial casualty rate but a smaller population would endure and regrow very slowly.

LOL. I have my theories.

Lacking lesbians will get you frowns from most folks.


Hilariously, I always lack lesbians. Is there some kind of lesbian store I can buy them from?

Lesbians 'R' Us and LesbianMart, obviously.

So definitely not at Dick's?


All changes were made on the 23'rd. Consider this submission final. :)

"Step right up folks! Come and grab a tin of Kalash's Phantasitc Philosophy Wax! Just a dab is all you need as you ponder living and existing; progress and stagnation; life, love and loss."

My headcanon view of Equestria is one that's able to grow without the diarchy having to manipulate things into being. Things aren't always sunshine and rainbows either as there are things outside of Equestria that can affect the ponies. Nonetheless, this is quite the thought provoking piece. Certainly gave me a poke in the "sad" feels. The ability of a writer to evoke emotions from their readers is a key skill to have. It is for these reasons the story gets a like from me. That and the caring cuddling Celly and Fact share is downright comfy.:heart:


I like your ideas. Sorry for taking so long to reply.

It's a wasted opportunity that I didn't think to really give the idea that the princesses are the chief limiting factor on Equestria and I wish I had thought of that. I'm writing a much less heavy sequel to this and I'm thinking that idea may be presented there. I deliberately make my prose with an eye for vividness and emotion. If you haven't seen what I mean already, just compare my style to the stuff Sparky puts out in Herding Instincts. The interactions between Celly and Fact are meant to humanize the both of them. One of them is an ageless goddess and the other is a hardassed refugee with a tendency to take a very steely pragmatic look at things. Both of them have the tendency to adopt rather inhuman viewpoints -- Celestia taking the long view on the scale of millenia and Fact only caring about which outcome is more likely to be recoverable from. He's a bit like Ulysses S Grant, knowing that bringing on the war and fighting it hard will SAVE lives in the long term by ending the source of bleeding sooner but at steeper momentary cost. She's being a bit like McClellan here, in contrast, having a personality far more steeped in compassion and somewhat removed from the very harsh realities of life outside of Equestria. It's academic to her in a way that it just isn't for him. But still, on a fundamental level, both of them are people who just sometimes need to be held, loved, validated, told that they matter, and enjoy some pleasure. They share a very unique bond different from the usual ones between a princess and her consorts. What do you think it is?

I also deliberately made him ugly, because I wanted to emphasize how crucial his mind is to his involvement in the harem. He's an unattractive son of a bitch to put in a harem -- scarred face, gravelly voice, sharp tongue, a foreigner, a hardass, not a natural in the sack of a marvel of nature down below. Celestia, however, sees past that to such an extent that she values him as one of her dearest consorts because of his intelligence, pragmatism, and frankness. He also has a genuine heart of gold and knows how to return affection and kindness. I've asked a few people what their relationship is. Sparky thinks it's love, citing that she keeps a pretty colt tucked away whom she visits just because she's a carnal being. Okemos thinks it's friendship. What are your thoughts on this?

I am sad to report this lost the contest without even a mention. :ajbemused:

In terms of the sequel, I'm thinking something lighthearted, or at least mostly lighthearted. Luna, Celestia, Fact, and that unnamed gorgeous consort just hanging out on New Years together getting shitfaced. It's a comedy. Go for it or not? I'm about six hundred words in.

Thanks for the great comment. I hope to see more on my other stuff. :pinkiesmile:

No worries. I've been away from the site for a couple of weeks; time with the family during the holidays and all that.

I believe there's different forms of love and they are not mutually exclusive. In fact, the ancient Greeks had at least 6 words to define the different types "Love". I get the sense that Celly and Fact share a combination of Pragma, Eros and Philia. Pragma would be the largest share in my mind. It's the kind of a deep understanding that forms between a couple who have been together for a long time. The conversation they had is evidence enough for me. Then, of course, Eros; the sexual passion and a little bit of Philia; friendship. Letting my imagination wander in the story my mind can see the Philia starting when Fact showed up, probably seeking asylum or someplace to retire peacefully and his wit piqued Celly's interest. Maybe Celly asked him to return every so often to speak to her and her military advisors since he's come from a battle weary land. Over time the meetings became informal just between Celly and Fact and the Pragma began to take root with the Eros shortly after. So, to sum it all up, it's Love. It's all Love.

Also, I like that Fact is not some Adonis. People often forget that physical attraction isn't the only factor in romantic relationships.

I'm sorry to hear the fic didn't get a mention but do continue if you feel the mood. A fic as you describe with Celly, Luna, Fact and pretty colt #1 would be a good example of another form of love, Ludus. It's the playful, flirtatious love or, as the article best describes, the banter shared between drinking buddies or the frivolity of dancing with strangers.

I look forward to reading more of your stuff. I picked "Comforting.." first mainly because it was short and recent and I wanted to get at least one of your fics under my belt before too long. Thanks for creating and sharing it.

I have reviewed this story as part of the Reviewers Café!

As always, thank you for the time, effort, and hard work you have put into the creation of this story. I sincerely hope that this review has been at least somewhat helpful to you. :twilightsmile:


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