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This Too Shall Pass · 11:14am April 6th

Last night, my dog, a brother of 17 years, had to be put to sleep.

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A Tip Jar · 6:22am Aug 9th, 2023

Just in case anyone is feeling particularly generous, I have started my own Ko-fi account. No particular goals or pressure, just if you wanna show appreciation, this is an outlet, as well as the likes you give, your libraries and the comment section.

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Eviction Update · 6:35am Jul 11th, 2023

I was lied to. Three weeks, not four. I have to be packed up and move out back to my Mum (towards which I felt feelings of self-harm, suicide and homicide) by August 1, despite both of us agreeing this is not good for us. My aunt doesn't care and is no long diplomatic about anything.

I don't think I like her anymore.

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Eviction · 9:39am Jul 4th, 2023

As the title says, I'm getting evicted. The house I'm staying at is going on the market and at the time of publishing this blog, I only have four weeks to pack and leave. I don't know where I'll go, hopefully not back in with my mother (who was the reason I put myself in the hospital), but not many places or share houses accept unemployed, chronically depressed, welfare-receiving man-children as a tenant, and because I'm unemployed I can't afford renting a full-on appartment or anything.

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I think I hate birthdays · 2:27am May 5th, 2023

That is all.

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Another Jolly Jinglemas · 12:42pm Dec 27th, 2022

Not happy that I've only managed to push out a single story in the whole year, or that it took a deadline to do it, rather than a personal desire, but some achievement is better than none.

EA Spark Between Us
Some bonds take longer to form than others. Some require quite a bit of pressure. Some happen whether you like it or not. Some need only a spark.
Freglz · 4.7k words  ·  64  1 · 684 views

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Birthday Blues · 12:23am May 5th, 2022

One year older, one year closer to death, and I've missed my personally set deadline to release my most ambitious story to date, not to mention severe constipation, indigestion, headaches and queasiness, and overdue university work I was too lazy to start weeks beforehand.


Yay, depression!

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Delays · 2:54am May 2nd, 2022

As much as I hoped it wouldn't come to it, unfortunately I've been forced to postpone the release of my next big story due to various issues. Foremost is that I'm ill and might not have the time or focus to complete a final pass of edits. I don't know how long it may take to recover from, and university will demand more since the second half of the semester is upon me, so I can't say when release will happen.

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The Big One · 3:25am Mar 29th, 2022

Four years ago, I became a FiMFiction.net member on March 17th. On the same day, I published a story I had been working on since the middle of 2017. It was meant to be a swansong to the Friendship is Magic TV series, which at the time was rumoured to be coming to an end. I forget what my original sources of inspiration were, the exact story I planned on telling, and because of that sense of being directionless, I eventually decided to put that story on hiatus, before

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'Tis the Season · 4:53pm Dec 24th, 2021

New story about Cadance and Shining and what it means to have given birth to a demigod.

EAn Equestrian Nativity
The birth of an alicorn is a truly blessed occasion. Or so some ponies believe.
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Cover art by my good friend, Redruin, written for Pen and Paper as part of the Jinglemas 2021 collaboration.

Go read it, have a laugh.

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