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Kodi Arfer, psychological scientist


It takes two to tango. After a particularly manic morning demands she split her attention between aiding Apple Bloom and prepping Princess Twilight, one bold brew ensures there's enough Zecora to go around. No worries that her heterozygous halves are both a bit… "off" in their own unique ways. Zecora's head had enough wit and wisdom in it to be portioned out without side effects, right? Since when has invoking her apothecary arsenal ever over-complicated an already existing problem?

This was a collaborative effort between Casketbase77 of "Three Bolded Words" fame and Kodi Arfer. Casket wrote White's chapter and Kodi wrote Black's, with the opening and closing scenes done jointly. Two authors, two Zecoroota. Let the bipolar buffoonery begin.

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Took a couple months, but we did it! The longest fic I’ve ever had a hand in.

>Excited co-author noises.<

I haven't even read it yet, but I'm already giving it a like for the interesting concept.

Fast forward a bit... read it, loved it! I liked seeing how the two halves handled things differently. And the implications with Screwball at the end were great.

How did you pick Zecoroota as the plural of Zecora? This question is what I get for never studying Latin or Greek.

According to some random web pages with no citations, "zecora" is Oromo for "zebra", and "-oota" is a plural suffix in Oromo. So, "zecoroota" might be the word for "zebras".

I'm glad they said "solve for x" instead of "find x" where Applebloom can circle it and proclaim "here it is!"

That horsey detail about sleeping standing up was very cute.

Spiffy! I made it the cover image.

The source still links to the old cover.

I started reading Twilight’s dialogue as if it was in verse.

This feels like it could be an episode of the show.

Casketbase77 is the only author I've ever seen who's developed Zecora's character. I also liked the little worldbuilding details, such as ponies believing in a pantheon and accessible door handles.

Why is Wecora called a homunculus?

Is Eff Stop a parody of something?

The 'homunculus' label is Wecora grasping for some sense of self-identity. It's also a key word Twilight calls back to in the final chapter.

Eff Stop is actually a canon character, being one of the Pegasus reporters in Green Isn't Your Color. For the purposes of the fic though, he's just a polite blank slate that exists exclusively so Wecora can yammer away at him and embarrass herself.


The source still links to the old cover.



Why is Wecora called a homunculus?

I prefer the explanation Casket gave when I asked him earlier: she's a pseudo-person created by alchemy.

I stumbled upon this through a reddit comment of Casketbase77.
It was a fun one and I quite enjoyed it. This had quite a Show Episode feeling. If we had a Season 10 I could actually see that more or less as an episode.

Huh, why isn't this way more popular? Well written and a great concept, nice work!!

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