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Two hundred years ago, Luna disappeared, and a few hours later, so did Celestia. Twilight explains the real reason why, and what it had to do with what Celestia had discovered in the vast and brutal world of the humans a thousand years prior: a being far more ancient, powerful, and inscrutable than anything Celestia had ever known.

Sequel: Celestia Wanderer

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Well, logically, YHWH and Azatoth are essentially the same, just that YHWH is more malevolent. Was hoping to see some more well known things, like Hastur or stuff like that, but the story is still good. Have a like.

The core idea behind this story was "What if the religious beliefs of far-right American Christians were true?" So there's no Lovecraftian cosmology here, except to the degree that you find this belief system Lovecraftian—which, it turns out, is easy to do.

Yeah... it's the logic-warping thing that makes it lovecraftian in my opinion. It's just that weird barrier that can't be overcome for any "mortal mind".

Every thought is actually His thought
This comment is actually His comment
Your fanfic was born in a mind of YHWH in a timeless instant/eternity, and it was written because He wanted it to be written.

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