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Scootasynopsis: Following a potion mishaps at Zecora's, the Cutie Mark Crusaders accidentally spread a highly-contagious magical curse. It's an incredibly mundane, banal and tame joke-magic curse, but in Ponyville, that's enough to set ponies off in a Scootariot.

Written experimentally, with a premise but no planning, so the plot was written wherever the characters took it.

Day 1 of my Self-Imposed 28 Fics in 28 Days Challenge

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god speed

That was Scootalooney.

Not all Scootawords start with Scoota. Orphanloo is one example, and is far more common than Scootaorphan.

Dude, this actually feels like an episode of the show. It has a silly plot, characters in character, nice pacing, and a friendship lesson! You deserve an upvote, favorite, and a Scootafollow! I'm sorry about that (no I'm not).

Does Buffalo mean how the Buffalo Bills blow most of their games, thus meaning whenever a sports team blows a game they should have won, they buffalo it. That's how it's used in our house.

lol can't wait for 27 rest!

What is this challenge called. It could become the next nuzloke ... I know Candide was written longhand in three days, and that the average speed for longhand is 20 words per minute.

Well. That's Scootariginal.

That was a nice, funny and harmless incident :scootangel:. Appropriate in this Year of the Scootachicken, er, Rooster (close enough). Though poor Trixie, I wonder how many other ponies Twilight has foisted Pinkie off to (and whether they'll ever get revenge, sounds like Rarity suffered that too).

7913105 Well, thanks for the Scootacomments anyways :scootangel:

7913589 Thanks! :scootangel:

7913258 Ha, thanks very much for the follow. High praise saying it feels like an episode. I have another Scootaloo story idea I might be able to write this month that I actually did think could be an episode in its own right, so stay tuned!

7913512 It's my own self-imposed challenge since I had a document crammed with way too many story ideas, so this way I can get some of them cleared off.

7913291 It's actually a famous example of a grammatically correct sentence in English. See Wikipedia article. Technically _any_ number of uses of the word buffalo in a sentence is correct, so Pinkie could be going on for a long time. Twilight's been holding onto that factoid as a one-time get-Pinkie-away-from-me card, and since this story nominally takes place between Magic Duel and the end of Season 3 (just the way I ended up narrowing it down to since there's no mention of Twilight with wings or being a Princess)) she doesn't feel too bad about siccing Pinkie onto Trixie.

7913950 see above comment about the buffalo buffalo buffalo line. The cherrychimichangas thing refers to the gag ending of The Last Roundup.

7914328 I'm looking forward to it!

I can't believe I read the whole scootathing!

It was scootafun! But it felt a bit scootarushed. You don't think 6k in a day might be a bit scootamuch? I tend to find a story needs at least fifty percent of the time spent editing. :unsuresweetie:

But anyway, I wish you luck, and my condolences for the rest of your challenge.

Notes and other things you can probably ignore come after.

You are always welcome Apple Bloom, in my home, for you there will always be room.

Try: "You are most welcome, my dear Apple Bloom. For in my home, there will always be room."

Though Cheerilee seemed a little soft at times at disciplining certain troublemakers in their class that Sweetie Belle detested, Sweetie Belle wouldn’t trade her teacher for any other in the world.

"Though Cheerilee seemed a little soft at times, and failed to discipline certain trouble makers that Sweetie detested, she still wouldn't trade Cheerilee for any other teacher in the world."

Oh great, now you have me doing it again.

"Oh great, now you have me doing it!" She blinked, and then added. "Again!"

The baby dragon decided there was valour in not answering that all,


No longer feeling the alchemical charm lingering on her, she relieved.

relieved-- only pausing long enough to take a mental note to call Spike, with a mop and a bucket, once this was all cleared up. Celestia knows how sticky the place can get if she does it all the time.

She loved her friends, but some day these ponies would drive her to drink [more].


Thank good, that was totally not cool!


She then collapsed over.

O- over what? O.o

Now I'm just imaging how it could have gone when they got the curse off of Pipsqueak.

"You'll have to scootaexcuse me ladies, I need the scootaloo."
"Erm, she's standing right there..."
"Not Scootaloo! The scootaLOO!"
*Withering glare*
"What? I had 3 scootapints at lunch and now I'm busting for a scootaslash."

This is a good Scootafic. I think I'll add it to my Scootafavorites.

And that's how Scootaquestria fell to the Scootademic. Have a scootalike and scootafave:scootangel:

Okay that whole thing was pretty amusing and lifted my spirits during this time of stress about an upcoming test!

“Let me tell you a secret,” Twilight said in as loud a whisper she could muster. “Did you know that thanks to the many definition of the word ‘buffalo’, you can say it as many times in a row as you want and it’ll still be a grammatically proper sentence?”

No, It's not buffalo, the actual word is Rainbow Dash. Have the Sherclop ponies from friendship is witchcraft taught you nothing?

The unicorn sighed wistfully. “I miss the Scootarock farm.”

... We have lost containment.

I read Selfish Things/Unselfish Things a little earlier today. I'm going to decide that this is a direct prequel to that.

Scootalarious. This was funny. I just love Scootaloo's name and how everything sounds funny with "Scoota" in front of it. And poor, poor Trixie...Pinkie Pie talking for hours and saying the exact same thing. :derpytongue2:

28 fics in 28 days?

You are either going to love or hate me Monday. Excuse me, "Scootalove" or "scootahate" me on Monday.

And thus does the Scootacatastrophe begin...

7914581 Hi Sollace, thanks for the stuff you pointed out. I'll be doing a little bit of post-editing work again (I do in fact do a post-read of all my works regardless, but there are some of my stories that I read over five or six times and still don't catch everything)

7914720 It's always depressing in a good way when somebody comes up with a joke I wish I had thought of to use in the story proper.

7915500 Good to hear, glad you found some enjoyment out of it.

7915910 Ha, I had that fic added to my Read for Later list. Guess I'll have to look at it sooner than later.

7916703 Ooooh, a new FTP on Monday? Hopefully I can come up with some Scootalove for the contest if I can think of an idea to fit it which uses Scoots. Well, you might hate me if it's a prompt that I can write 7 fics in 7 days for*

*Note that I won't actually do this, regardless

Ahahahaha~! That would be amazing. But no, I dont think you could get more than one or two out of this, unless you really suprise us.

Did. Anyone else think this would end with Pinkie driving Trixie insane by saying the word buffalo 1000+ times and having her put into a padded room huddled in a corner mumbling stuff about buffalo with a discussion between two of the doctors of said hospital... wait, was that too grim. :rainbowderp:

“Twiliiiiiii—” The cry was punctuated by a blue blur flying through the open window, and crashing into the wall. The rest of the cry finally caught up with Rainbow Dash, sound travelling slower than the pegasus herself. “—iiight.”

This makes me wonder. If you say something while going faster than the speed of sound, wouldn't the person you're approaching hear the word in reverse? Because you are going faster than the sound you make, the sounds made later would actually arrive at that person before the sounds you made first... if that makes any sense.

7918934 A little bit late, but yeah, I see what you're saying. In my head when I was writing it though, Rainbow Dash was speeding up as she was flying. If she was starting from 0 velocity, then the sound would travel faster than she speaks, but once she gets to top speed, she travels faster than what she's saying. So the first part of her holler would have a large head start she wouldn't catch up with, but the second half of her holler would fall behind instantly.


In that case, wouldn't the word be chipmunked? (High pitched and sped up?)
(I'm not saying you did anything wrong, I'm just being theoretical.)

Poor Scootaloo! lol

I approve the scootahumor. :twilightsheepish:

This was very Scootafunny. Well Scootadone.

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