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Kodi Arfer, psychological scientist


A series of short stories exploring themes in the psychology and philosophy of human sexuality, but with horses instead of humans. Each story focuses on a different pony. It's sort of like the My Little Pony fan fiction adaption of my book Empirical Sexual Attitudes. If you're looking for porn, you're going to be disappointed, but hey, you might learn something.

1. In "Nature", Rarity learns that beasts aren't so different from ponies—or are they?
2. In "Fear", Fluttershy confronts something that makes her deeply uncomfortable.
3. In "Identity", Pinkie is asked a rude question, but finds she isn't sure of the answer herself.
4. In "Performance", Rainbow Dash and her male clone are infatuated with each other, but find themselves unable to win an important contest.
5. In "Contamination", Applejack, while trying to increase her sales at the market, opens a much bigger can of worms than she bargained for.
6. In "The Unknown", Twilight makes it all complete… or tries to.

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...Not the typical sex tag. Yes, I did read the description and read through this with the intention of learning something new in regards to -ologies. Didn't get what I was expecting even still, however I'm hoping this post stays interesting.

Sorry, I dont get it. What is the main purpuose again?

7636155 of the whole fic. Psycology is not my thing.

7637168 There you have it: the purpose of the fic is to entertain and educate people who are interested in the psychology of sexuality.

By Empirical you mean the Empire from Star Wars, right?

7799307 No, that would be Imperial. Although I do usually hum the Imperial March when somebody says "imperial" when they mean "empirical".

That was interesting :)
Gave me a quote too! Gonna have to read that Cromwell article later though :P
I hope others pick up on posting like this; using a familiar surface to highlight more complex ideas. I'mma put this right on the bookshelf with the other 'relatively best material on the site' posts :pinkiesmile:

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