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Pinkie is ravenous, but circumstances forbid her from eating anything in Sugarcube Corner. Then Rainbow Dash comes to visit, and Pinkie has her for lunch, kicking off a cannibalistic rampage that only Twilight has an idea how to stop.

(I wrote this story at the request of a friend who's a big fan of vore.)

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Comments ( 6 )

Well this was bizarre. :rainbowhuh: I've read worse, but it's still pretty weird even for a Pinkie-voring story.

I don't think I've ever read a vore story before, for what that's worth.

As a whole they're all strange to a certain degree. Sometimes, in their own odd way, they even make sense.

If you go on Youtube you can find pony-vore animations. So why did YOU write this and not your friend?

For the fun of it, of course!

Twilight sighed. "Nopony cares about Spike."

feels bad

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