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This story is a sequel to Still No Signal

To the point: Human in Equestria, Cheerilee decides to make a move on him and it works? Kind of? Something like that.

Anyways, I was writing a story about a blatantly self insert I mean... a human going to Equestria, but thinking about reasonable reactions and interactions ponies and the human would have (You know, the most cliché stuff you could ever imagine, but it was a guilty pleasure to write). So, I was avoiding ANY romance at all, focusing on language and culture learning and adaptation but then, last year Valentine's day came and I decided to throw everything trough the window and write a silly romance one based on it and... well, let's say it's on time this year! Kind of, because is not finished yet, but I suppose I could post it as incomplete and go from there. So, I will publish this cheeky cheesy incomplete story here and see what happens...

It may contain human x pony romance, references, fluff, traces of memes and other allergens, including subtle RGRE moments.

Added 'Narcotics' because there is a description of a hangover, and better be safe than sorry, I guess.

Lazy cover image screencap from derpi

NOTE: The 'prequel' is about the setting for this story, but is not required to read to understand this one. Actually, this one was published BEFORE the 'prequel'.

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Probably in random bits of cute and fluff... I have no schedule for this one, just a couple of ideas and prompts I want to try. Glad you liked it.

This is good stuff! I hope you write more!

Thanks. I’m not the fastest writer, but it’s still going.


Seriously though, the idea of them having a false vegetarian object o. the menu is absolutely something I could see the griffons doing! Loved this chapter!

Yay! Update! Glad to see this returning. Cheerilee expanding her cultural horizons is great to watch.

I did notice this line: Coincidence, or that Princes Moon doing astrological shenanigans that I would shove into the ‘don’t think too hard and just roll with it’ pile of things.

One, probably should be “Coincidence? Or that … things?” Two, you lost an “s” on Princess.

Another section that could be improved: “The elitist and exclusive unicorn society of Canterlot was nowhere to be seen here, in this small part of the city. Probably the only place where they could live in peace in the city, able to commute to their jobs but at the same time out of sight of the more idealistic projection of the city’s society.”

The phrasing makes it read as if “they” in the second sentence are the unicorns mentioned in the first sentence. An easy fix would be to swap the order of the sentences. Otherwise you could change “they” to “the non-unicorns”.

… because that’s implied by the Human tag?

Or are there canonical humans (not EQG) in FiM? Do tell.


Corrected, I hope. Well, thank you for the catch.

“And that day… the Omnissiah made me understand the weakness of the flesh…” He muttered.

Wisdom comes in many forms. (*][*)

Talk about Greek mythology I may be rusty Hercules was doing a Quest from Zeus I don't remember what he was supposed to do with the horses when he found them they were just normal horses or at least that's what happened Hercules had to fight them back because they were attacking him and trying to eat him these were man-eating horses I think there were four in the end Hercules kill them

But I may be wrong it's been a long time studying Greek mythologies

I just have bits and pieces, but I know for sure there was a lot of really weird stuff. I remember searching something about mythology on Wikipedia and following the links and there was really crazy stuff like a horse being a son of a god or something (gods that were represented as human looking). And MLP has a lot of creatures from myths and legends, so it makes sense that Smarty and Cheerilee would discuss something at some point.

So, are they a permanent couple now? Did they actually have sex? I feel the end could have been clarified better.

And poor Lyra, she was a little too late.

That’s kind of the point, I wanted to keep the sex tag away to avoid anyone thinking this was clop. If someone says that even implicit sex should grant the tag, I wrote it to have the plausible deniability card. To answer your question… probably they had, and probably they are a thing now, I wanted to leave it open for the reader to imagine what is most comfortable to them.

They are going to be a thing for sure if I write a sequel tho…

Please write a sequel. Finding a nice love story like this that's human x pony isn't all that often. I like how the guy is making Cheerilee happy.

I started working on a 'bonus chapter', but it's not very high on the list of priorities. Right now, almost all my writing energy is going to 'Still no Signal'. Cheerilee will appear there sooner or later.

I'm just grateful you're receptive to my comments. I like your work. Keep it up!


I guess this man must be an Indian.

Came back to re-read this story. Still love it. Human X Cheerilee. They need to get hitched pronto.

At the word ‘scrunchies’, Cheery seemed to tense up slightly for some reason. I gave that nickname to a particular pony expression. It was a weird thing, the best way I could describe it is a dignified Flehmen Response. It was similar to that weird face horses from Earth do sometimes but more controlled, showing just a little bit of teeth, scrunching their muzzles and combining it with a smirk. In human terms, it would look halfway between a smirk and someone who just had licked a lemon. It was adorable, but also a little creepy because it gave the impression that the pony was plotting something.


After that, we remained silent for some time. My brain was experiencing a slow-motion train crash between the ‘But she is a horse!’ train from Earth station and the ‘Well, she is kind of nice, why not?’ train from Horse Land station.

Love this imagery and description

Wish it were longer, but it was still a very nice story

So, just imagine a pony giving you that face after dropping a cheesy one liner about your rear.
Well, it had to be cut at some point to mark it as complete. Bonus/extra shenanigans chapters are still a posibility, and I'm already working on something... and yes... that something is, for the surprise of probably no-one, an extra chapter.

A cute story, and I like the musical tonal conlang - it's a bit weird and alien but it fits a weird and alien world like Equestria. I have to wonder if the kids would be satyrs or pony-centaurs...

I have a feeling the kids would be like Anthro ponies.

God I love this story, hope you write more romance, for some reason it speaks to me

Love me some romance hoers words

Thanks! And yes, it comes from a long conversation with a friend about aliens long time ago, and I found this matched the ponies so nicely. Also... about the offspring... it's a complex and unsolved mystery (Totally-not-the-case-of-I-didn't-think-about-it-and-left-it-to-the-imagination)

Everything I write with humans and ponies in it has a tendency to become a romance in my mind... This one is to scratch the itch that was nagging me while writing the original 'Still no Signal'.

I'm really happy the herd thing was out of the question. Seeing how competitive she was with Lyra, I'd imagined she wouldn't bring this up. I was gonna rage quit if he said yes.

Please more of this!!!

Whimsy indeed. Well, that looks like... The Long and The Short of It.

I'll probably write a blog about it, but my stories tend to be inspired by what I wanted out of a story but didn't get. For example, a human saying no to a herd because he wants to, and ponies being unable to convince/drag/corrupt/whatever him into one.

I've reading a lot of that recently. Wanted to add a something as a reference.

You're speaking of the Man-Eating Mares of Diomedes; Heracles was commanded to tame them. He did so very simply; he fed Diomedes to them!

she could handle a bunch of wild children in a dairy basis

Is she dipping the kids in milk or something?

Just dislexia... I thought I've caught all of those 'dairy', seems like there are still some out there.

Googled it... welp... so ancient Greeks were an interesting bunch of people with some... interesting myths...

That was nicely done.

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